Halloween Beauty Trends – Plus, Expert Tips and Tricks from a MUA

With Halloween just around the corner, we analysed hashtag views on TikTok for 30 spooky makeup trends to see which were the most popular, as well as analysing which were the fastest growing (and therefore likely to be key trends for Halloween 2022). As well as this analysis, we also asked our resident MUA Saffron Hughes to share her tips and tricks on everything to do with Halloween beauty looks. Read on to find out more…

TikTok Trends

As of 22nd August 2022, the Halloween makeup hashtag (#halloweenmakeup) had a whopping 5.6B views. In prep for Halloween, it seems that people are also watching TikTok videos to give them ideas on spooky makeup (#spookymakeup - 55.7M views), creepy makeup (#creepymakeup – 45M views), gothic makeup (#gothicmakeup - 34.2M views), and gory makeup (#gorymakeup – 22.7M).

Most Popular Trends

According to our analysis of hashtag views on TikTok for 30 spooky makeup trends, the 10 most popular Halloween-themed makeup trends were revealed as:

  1. Clown (#clownmakeup) - 1.6B views
  2. Disney (#disneymakeup) - 538.6M views
  3. Barbie (#barbiemakeup) - 195.5M views
  4. Joker (#jokermakeup) - 180.7M views
  5. Chucky (#chuckymakeup) - 113M views
  6. Pop art (#popartmakeup) - 105M views
  7. Elf (#elfmakeup) - 103.7M views
  8. Mermaid (#mermaidmakeup) - 96.2M views
  9. Fairy (#fairymakeup) - 92.3M views
  10. Devil (#devilmakeup) - 89.3M views

Fastest Growing Trends

Based on the trends that saw the fastest growth over the two-week period spanning 8th August and 22nd August (and therefore likely to be key trends for Halloween 2022), the 10 fastest growing Halloween-themed makeup trends were revealed as:

  1. Fairy (#fairymakeup) – 8.59% increase over 2-week period
  2. Black swan (#blackswanmakeup) – 4.17% increase over 2-week period
  3. Witch (#witchmakeup) – 3.01% increase over 2-week period
  4. Elf (#elfmakeup) – 2.98% increase over 2-week period
  5. Spiderweb (#spiderwebmakeup) – 2.86% increase over 2-week period
  6. Pumpkin (#pumpkinmakeup) – 2.82% increase over 2-week period
  7. Zombie (#zombiemakeup) – 2.82% increase over 2-week period
  8. Skeleton (#skeletonmakeup) – 2.80% increase over 2-week period
  9. Vampire (#vampiremakeup) – 2.19% increase over 2-week period
  10. Scar (#scarmakeup) – 2.02% increase over 2-week period

Also, gory makeup (#gorymakeup) saw an 8.1% increase in hashtag views for the same two-week period, indicating that people are planning to go more gruesome and bloodier with their looks this year.

MUA Advice

Saffron Hughes, our residence makeup artist, also shared her advice on Halloween makeup, including skincare prep, Halloween beauty ideas, DIY and money saving ideas, other application advice, and removal advice.

Skincare Prep

When it comes to Halloween makeup, it is key to start with a clean, dry face. Before you get stated, moisturise, and use a primer – this will act as a barrier between your skin and the Halloween makeup and will also help with the longevity of the makeup. Wait for this to be dry before makeup application.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Skeleton makeup is a classic choice for Halloween – and personally, I use a mixture of face paints and eyeshadow to create the look:

If using paint, start with the white/palest shade first – apply face paint with a face sponge(s) and cover the entire face with the white. Once the white base is dry, using a small brush, begin to mark out your outlines for the black details (around the eyes, teeth, and so on). Then use a bigger brush or sponge to fill in the marked-out areas (eyes). Once dry, add more white to define the teeth. Then set with hairspray.

If using eyeshadow, apply your base as normal (foundation, concealer) and set with powder. Then take eyeshadow in the desired colour with a small brush and mark out details, filling in where necessary. If you’ve opted for a colour, once everything is filled in, I like to go over the outlines of details with either a white or black liquid liner or paint. Or add the same (or similar) coloured gems and rhinestones to the detailed area – applying them with eyelash glue. You can also do a full face of gems, but be warned it takes HOURS and your skin may hate you after.

Barbiecore is a key trend this year across fashion and beauty, and you could create a Barbie themed Halloween look (something we’re dubbing ‘Barbiegore’) by becoming either a Zombie Barbie or Melting Barbie:

  • Zombie Barbie - can still wear the hot pink colour, but maybe just rip/add dirt to the edges of the outfit. Fake blood can be added to this too. Hair/wig can be messy. Makeup can be typical 'Barbie' but with some black smudged under the eyes and fake blood coming from the mouth for a simple effect or can even do a half-and-half of the face, one side typical Barbie, the other fully transformed Zombie. This look can be as gory or simple as you like.
  • Melting Barbie - Outfit can remain the same. This look would focus on the makeup and how we want one half of the face to look like it is 'melting' off the skin.

You could also remove the horror and gore altogether – more typical ‘pretty’ Halloween options include fairies and angels, or why not opt for a sugar skull over a skeleton skull or choose to be a ‘good’ witch rather than a ‘evil’ witch. You can make a few traditional Halloween looks ‘prettier’ by restricting the look to just your eye area, adapting the colours used to brighter and lighter colours, or creating cute motifs as freckles. For example, try pumpkin eyes or little pumpkin freckles.

DIY and Money Saving Ideas

There are plenty of aspects of a Halloween makeup look that you can DIY. For example, a layer of toilet roll paper and eyelash glue can be used together to create a fake gunshot wound, whereas a mixture of flour, water, and red food colouring can be used to make fake blood. However, keep fake blood away from eyes, and do a patch test before using unfamiliar products on your skin.

You can also make the most of your existing makeup bag – for example, eyeliner is great for detailed work in Halloween makeup looks - the fine tip allows for precision. Lipstick can be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Also, eyeshadow is great for everything... I’ve used it over a pale foundation as a base for a full face for Halloween – however this is time-consuming as you have to build the pigment but still works great – just make sure your skin is well prepped to avoid it going patchy.

Other Application Advice

If your look requires black lipstick, use a lip liner to avoid lipstick bleeding into skin and as a base on the lips to make the lipstick last. With the lipstick, work from the middle of the lip outwards, focusing on tidying and defining the edges last to avoid smudging the product.

Be careful when using coloured contact lenses – these increase risks of eye infections and possible allergic reactions/impaired vision.

You can create 'spider' lashes by applying a few layers of mascara, then use tweezers to pinch lashes together in sections for a spiky effect. This can be done for top and bottom lashes. For a 'spider' false lash I would opt for a sectioned, varied length clustered lash such as the Salon System Naturlash 120 Black Volume, Land of Lashes Faux Mink Lashes Paloma, or Doll Beauty Lashes Chloe Elizabeth.

Removal Advice

Use a cleansing balm for heavy makeup - apply direct to face in circular motions and watch how it breaks the makeup down and melts it away. An oil-based micellar water is also a great choice for stubborn eye makeup – apply to a cotton pad/reusable makeup remover pad and hold against closed eyes for a minute and then gently wipe away - the oil base helps with stubborn eye makeup.

Baby oil is great for removing fake blood – however, avoid your eyes! Apply to cotton pad/reusable makeup remover pad and swipe over face/body with fake blood as it helps remove and stop from staining. Rinse with plenty of water, double cleanse, and apply moisturiser afterwards.

*TikTok stats from 08/09/2022 and 22/09/2022. Expert advice correct as of September 2022