How Long Does DUO Lash Glue Last and How to Remove it?

Does DUO lash glue expire? How long does DUO lash extension glue last, exactly? If you're asking these questions, we have the answers. FalseEyelashes is here to fill you in on everything you need to know.

We understand how vital your DUO lash glue is to last as long as possible. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your DUO lash glue purchase. Let's start at the beginning: how long does DUO lash glue last?

How Long Does DUO Lash Glue Last?

When it comes to DUO lash glues, a general rule of thumb is that they can last up to 6 months unopened. However, this all depends on the type of adhesive and how well you store your lashes. DUO have designed their lash glues to last longer, while other makes require more frequent replacement.

DUO lash glue is best replaced after one month once it's been opened because the chemicals begin to deteriorate and will not provide the same level of hold. Therefore, it is essential to check your glue regularly to ensure it still provides a strong bond.

Remember that when stored correctly, DUO lash glues can last up to 6 months, and you don't need to replace them as often if you use the correct care methods.

What Happens if You Use DUO Lash Glue That Has Been Open for a While?

Nothing sinister will happen if you use lash glue hanging around; all that will happen is that it will be ineffective, and your lashes may not stay in place for as long as you would expect. Depending on the type of glue, it might become more challenging to apply and won't stick to your eyelids properly.

When using DUO lash glues, it is always best practice to replace the sealant after it has been open for a month. That way, you'll always have the best possible adhesive, and your lashes will stay in place all day. Read more about DUO eyelash glue.

How to Store Your DUO Lash Glue

It would be best to store DUO lash away from sunlight in a cool place away from humidity. The best way to keep your DUO lash glue is in the fridge because it will last longer and remain effective when needed. However, we understand that only some have space in their refrigerator, so an alternative option is to store it in a cupboard away from heat sources like radiators.

You must also ensure that the container is tightly and appropriately sealed to prevent air from getting in since this can cause your lash glue to dry out quickly. Finally, store your DUO lash glues upside down (brush facing downwards) to last longer.

How to Remove DUO Lash Glue

If you've been wearing DUO lash glue for a while, or if it has become ineffective, you may need to remove it from your eyes. Removing DUO lash glue is easy; you only need good quality eye makeup remover and a few cotton pads.

First, remove the lid from your makeup remover bottle and pour some onto a cotton pad. Press the cotton pad against your lashes for 30 seconds before wiping away the adhesive. The glue should quickly come off and be disposed of in the bin.

Once you've removed the glue, make sure that you clean up any excess makeup remover with a damp towel or cloth. Proper glue removal will help to keep your eyes healthy and prevent any possible irritation.

Is DUO Lash Glue Waterproof?

DUO lash glue is waterproof, so rest assured your lashes will stay in place all day. When removing the adhesive at the end of the night, make sure you use a good-quality eye makeup remover; this will help avoid any irritation or allergic reactions.

No matter what type of DUO lash glue you use, it's important to remember that it will only last a couple of months once opened. Ensure you replace your adhesive often – especially if you're wearing lashes frequently – and always remove any remaining glue after use.

What Colours Does DUO Lash Glue Come in?

DUO lash glues come in various colours, so you can find one that best matches your natural lashes. The most popular colours are black, clear, brown, and dark brown. We stock the full range of DUO lash glues, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Who Makes DUO Lash Glue?

American International Industries make DUO lash glue, but you will know Ardell's name as they also make a fantastic range of false eyelashes and accessories. Their products are known to be of high quality, and their lash glues provide excellent results.

Other Eye Makeup Items

So now you know all about DUO lash glue, let's look at other products, their likely expiration timelines, and best storage practice.

False Eyelash Extension

Most vegan false eyelash extensions are made from synthetic fibre. When stored correctly, this type of eyelash extension should last up to six months before needing to be replaced. Store your extensions in a cool place away from direct sunlight or humidity to ensure maximum longevity and performance.

False Eyelashes

Most false lashes are made of PBT and can last up to 4 months in the packet before being discarded. The lashes will not have gone off; they will probably just lose shape or curl, making them unusable.

To extend the life of your false eyelashes, store them, in the packet, in a cool, dry place away from humidity and sunlight for maximum longevity and performance.

Eyelash Serum

Eyelash serums tend to have a shelf life of around six months after opening, although some can last up to 12 months. Make sure you check the expiry date on the bottle and replace it if it has passed; serums are formulated with specific ingredients that lose their potency over time.

Store your serum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or humidity for maximum longevity and performance. Be sure to securely close the cap after each use, as this will help to keep your serum fresh and effective.

Under Eye Gel Patches

Under eye patches can lash in an unopened packet for up to two years. Once opened, you should use the patches immediately, as they can lose effectiveness when exposed to air.

Store them in a cold, dry place like the fridge, away from direct sunlight or humidity, for maximum performance and longevity. They work better if applied to the skin straight from the refrigerator.

Natural Eyelash Primer

If the primer contains alcohol, it can have a shelf life of three to four months when opened. If you haven't opened it, the packing should tell you when it will expire, but generally, unopened, the life span of eyelash primer is two years.

Eyelash primer, like the lash serum, is better stored in a cool place (like a fridge) away from direct sunlight and humidity to ensure it performs as promised. Also, close the cap after each use, which will help keep your primer fresh and working at its best.

Magnetic Lash Liner

The magnetic lash liner will last about the same time as regular mascara - 4–6 months once opened and about 12 months unopened. You will know if your magnetic liner has expired because your magnetic lashes won't stay in place as they should.


So, now you know how long DUO lash glue lasts – up to a couple of months after opening – and how best to store it for maximum performance. You also know other eye makeup items' expected shelf life and storage requirements. Remember always to check the expiry date on the packaging; if in doubt, replace it!

Finally, remember to remove your false eyelashes before bed each night. DUO lash glue is waterproof and must be removed with an oil-based remover or warm water. If you are using a remover, make sure it is suitable for your skin type and is a safe product to use.

We hope this article has been of use to you. Enjoy your lashes! :)