How to Blend False Eyelashes with Real Lashes

Ready to give your eyes an instant boost? False eyelashes are the perfect way to add glamour and drama without looking over the top. But how do you ensure they look natural and blend perfectly with your lashes? Fear not! With our guide on how to blend false eyelashes with natural lashes, you'll get great results every time.

First, let's start by talking about how to apply your false eyelashes correctly.

How to apply your false eyelash correctly

Here is our step-by-step guide to help you apply your lashes correctly; this is the best way to blend your false eyelashes with your natural lashes.

  1. Before you start, apply some eyeliner to your top lash line. Eyeliner helps blend fake lashes with real ones for a seamless finish.
  2. Carefully separate the false eyelashes from the packaging and check that they're not too big for your eyes. If they are, trim them accordingly.
  3. Hold the false lashes against your lash line to ensure they fit correctly and don't extend beyond the outer corner of your eye.
  4. Apply a thin layer of clear lash glue along the band of the false lashes and wait around 30 seconds until it gets sticky before placing them onto your lid as close to your real lash line as possible.
  5. Once secured, use your eyeliner to draw a line between the false lash band and your natural lashes.
  6. Finally, apply mascara to blend them with your real lashes - how much you use is up to you.

How do you choose the right kind of false lashes for blending?

For best results, opt for lashes with an invisible lash band or magnetic lashes that won't be visible at all. Fine and wispy styles look really natural, too - just be sure to avoid big and bold ones if you want a more subtle look. Clear lash glue is vital in blending, as it won't show through on the lash band, giving you a flawless finish.

So there you have it - how to blend false eyelashes with real lashes! Whether you want a subtle, natural look or something more dramatic, following these simple steps will give you stunning results every time.

Here's a selection of your favourite lashes for a natural look and some information about what makes them perfect for blending with your real lashes.

These lashes, created by Kiss with a special microband, are put beneath your natural lashes for an incredibly natural effect. Your eyes look more alert thanks to the tapered ends and lengthy strands. If you're looking for a natural look, Kiss Falscara are the lashes for you.

You can find excellent value in the Eylure Fluttery Light Lashes 008 Multipack (3 Pairs)! These 3/4-length falsies, which come with three pairs of incredibly seductive Fluttery Light 008 lashes are versatile and ideal for everyday use and a big night out.

Demi Wispies come with an Invisiband for a finished, seamless appearance. While styles and fads come and go, Ardell Demi Wispies have continuously ranked among the most well-known and iconic lash designs we've ever carried—they're a cult favourite.

You won't find a more versatile strip lash to wear—perfect for daily wear, evening wear, glamorous nights out, and more. These magnetic strip lashes have a tapered length with shorter, sharper hairs in the inner corners and longer, wispier lash hairs in the outer corners of the eyes.

In style, No Lash-Lash, Nikki Makeup and SWEED lashes are ideal for achieving voluminous yet natural-looking silky lashes. These lashes are ideal if you want to create a totally unique lash look because they are available in four different lengths.

We love the Ardell Naturals 110. Multipack, and so do many of you, as it's a big seller. The Ardell 110 lashes are fantastic for everyday wear and special occasions like weddings. The Ardell 110 false eyelashes are perfect if you want lashes that aren't over the top but beautiful simultaneously.

Now you know how to blend false eyelashes with real lashes for a natural, everyday look or something more dramatic. Choose your style carefully, and remember how much impact the lash band will have on how natural it looks! With clear lash glue and a few simple steps, you can create beautiful eye-catching results every time. Have fun experimenting!