How to Put On Fake Nails

Do you want to improve your nail look and the quality of your mani but don't want to spend all day at the salon?

Using a fake nail kit to DIY instead of going to the nail salon, you can glam up your style without breaking out loads of cash. Whether you prefer short or long nails, we recognise that false nails are the quickest and easiest way to acquire a perfect manicure at home.

Not All False Nail Kits are Equal

One of the most popular choices for false nails is acrylic, and it's easy to understand why they've been so fashionable for so long. You don't have to be concerned about chipping or damage to your nail style since they are exceptionally robust, flexible, and long-lasting.

Because of their durability, they are also a fantastic choice if you want long nails or curved designs like coffin or stiletto nails. Without compromising their structural integrity, they may be cut and shaped, and after you've achieved the ideal form of artificial nail, you can add all of your favourite patterns, decals, and motifs.

Acrylic nails have a lot of advantages, but it's also vital to be aware of their limitations. As glueing fake nails is not always a one-size-fits-all solution, you'll need to ensure that the nail kit you buy suits your particular style and preferences.

Nail Glue vs Adhesive Tabs?

One decision you need to make is whether to choose false nails that have double sided tape adhesive tabs or whether you are happy applying nail glue yourself.

The Best Nail Kits to Buy

Here are our choice of nail kits that are the best you can buy…

Elegant Touch Bare Oval are the ideal foundation for applying your own nail paint for a feminine, attractive look, allowing you always to coordinate your nails with your attire and stay current. Look no further than these Elegant Touch nails for a beautiful manicure in minutes.

Everything you need is included in the Kiss False Nails Full Cover Short Square Nails package. You can file and polish these glue-on artificial nails to whatever shape and length you like. These nails are dependable, simple to take off, and the top option for nail lovers. You can wear these pre-applied faux nails for seven days.

Why not check out the entire Kiss range here… Now start prepping your nails.

Start Preparing Your Nails

Before glueing fake nails on, remember to carefully prep your nails. To ensure they work with the application instructions:

  1. Remember to clean your hands with soap and warm water and thoroughly dry them with a lint-free cloth or kitchen paper. Any polish should have been carefully removed with nail polish remover before washing your nail plate.
  2. Use a nail file or buffer to shape them into an ideal form before glueing the false ones.

Additionally, don't forget to moisturise the skin around the cuticles to prevent any irritation problems later on - this will also help create a better bond between the natural and false nails.

The Tools You Need

Glueing Fake Nails On

Once you've prepped your fingers, it's time to glue the fake nails. First, ensure you have all the right tools – like tweezers to help with application and nail glue - close at hand before glueing them in place. While it is not necessary to cut your nails with a nail clipper, having shorter nails can make the application process easier.

The False Nail Application Process

Once your supplies are ready, take a single false nail out of its packaging and use a pair of tweezers to hold it in place while applying the glue along the backside edge of the plastic.

Next, press down against your natural nail for 10-15 seconds to ensure it adheres properly and doesn't move around too much when released. Use a cuticle stick or an orange wood stick to clean up any excess glue.

Repeat the glueing process, and you're done. However, it's worth keeping in mind that glueing fake nails shouldn't take more than two minutes per nail - if it takes longer, you're probably not doing it right, so remove the false nail with a cuticle stick or an orange wood stick and start again.

If you need extra glue, here are our favourites…

Invogue Brush on Nail Glue dries quickly and is the ideal glue for your preferred fake nails. It is easy to apply and takes only three seconds to dry. Suppose there's ever a moment when you need to quickly re-apply your nails while on the go. This nail glue has you covered. The 10ml container will fit neatly in your handbag for any occasion when you need a quick fix.

Are Your Acrylics Painful?

If you find that applying your acrylic nails is painful, this is quite common but there are some ways you can keep pain to a minimum. Find out more about why acrylic nails hurt and how to reduce the pain.

Tips to Keep Your Fake Nails Looking Great

To make sure your false nails stay beautiful, follow the advice below:

  1. Avoid direct contact with water – try not to get them wet too often, as this will weaken the adhesive bonds over time.
  2. When applying lotion, be careful not to get it on your false nails, as this could cause them to become loose.
  3. Avoid using your nails to open cans, bottles or containers – this could cause them to shatter or break.
  4. Keep away from any harsh chemicals or solvents, as these can weaken the adhesive bond of your false nails and make them more likely to come off.

Saying Goodbye to Your Fake Nails

At some point, you may want to take off your false nails. You should carry out the removal process with care and patience. Otherwise, you risk damaging your natural nails and nail beds. Read our blog on how to remove acrylic nails without acetone before you get started.

Start by soaking your hands in warmish soapy water for ten minutes before using an orange wood stick to push back the cuticles around each nail gently.

Once you've pushed back all of the cuticles, use tweezers to remove the nails one at a time slowly. Make sure you're very gentle and don't try to pull them off in one quick motion, as this could damage your natural nail bed.

After all the false nails have been removed, use a cotton pad soaked with remover liquid to clean away any remaining glue or adhesive before applying some nourishing hand cream. The cream will help restore moisture, softness and suppleness to your hands.

How to Attach False Nails Without Using Glue

The glue and the stuff we use to remove nail glue can damage our natural nails and make them more prone to breakage. However, there are other ways of attaching false nails without glueing them.

One popular way is with nail stickers - these come pre-glued with adhesive paper, so you don't have to worry about the glueing process. All you do is peel off the sticker and press it onto your natural nail firmly before filing away any excess material.

Easy to Remove Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are an excellent option for those who want to take their fake nails off quickly, as you can easily remove the stickers using hot water or an acetone-based remover liquid.

If you want something easier on your natural nails, you could also try press-on nails, which come with a special adhesive backing. Just peel off the adhesive strip and press it onto your natural nails firmly before filing away any excess material, and you're good to go.

Here are our favourite pre-glued nails…

W7 Pre-Glued Nails in style Low Key are the ideal option to complete a quick and simple manicure at home without the expense of going to the salon. They are classic and classy, completely understated.

These nails are more straightforward to use than before because they are pre-glued. These artificial nails seem incredibly real because of their shorter length and traditional almond shape. These fake nails are ideal for daily wear or any special event, thanks to their lovely gentle, neutral pink hue.

Finally, if you don't want to use glues or adhesives, forgo false nails and opt for a gel manicure instead. Gel manicures are applied in thin layers of colour over your natural nails and left to harden with UV light - this makes them last longer than regular nail polish without glueing them on.

The best gel nails are here…

The glossy red, short Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails are designed for every occasion. These are the nails for you if you want fake nails that mimic a flawlessly done gel manicure and stay glossy and brilliant. You can wear these pre-applied artificial nails for a week.

Check out our full Kiss range here.

The Fanciful Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails are medium in length and have glitter tips. These are the false nails you want if you want the appearance of a flawlessly manicured manicure (with a bit of nail art thrown in for good measure).

Elegant Touch does a fantastic range of nails for all nail shapes, and you can see the entire collection here.

How Long Do Press-on Nails Last?

How long your press-on nails last will depend on how well you take care of them but they usually last between 10 days and 2 weeks. It is important to keep them out of hot water, as this will cause the adhesive to dissolve. Find out more about how long acrylic nails last in this blog.

Whether you're glueing fake nails or using alternative options such as stickers or press-on nails, getting the perfect set of false nails is easy with the right tools and instructions.