Professional Lash Extensions Myths and Facts


Believe it or not, lash extensions have been around since the 1930’s, and came back during the mod era in the 60’s, whereby lash extensions were overly exaggerated and even more so with thick black eyeliner.

Like any trend within the beauty industry, false lashes have come in waves. According to Google trends, lashes came back into fashion in 2017. Having undertaken major updates on false lashes and lash extensions materials that are now used are from high quality, silk, synthetic, remy or mink hair. All these materials are made to be lightweight, long lasting and comfortable to wear.

It’s time we set the record straight on the facts and myths surrounding professional lash extensions.

Myth - “eyelash extensions damage your eyelashes and your natural lashes will fall out”

Lash extensions DO NOT damage your lashes. Make sure you go to a reputable lash technician before going ahead with treatment.

Fact - “eyelash extensions don't damage your natural lashes”

Always do your research on your lash technician before going ahead with treatment. A qualified lash stylist should know what lash extensions you need for your unique eye shape. They should not ruin your own lashes. Lashes shouldn’t be too long or heavy as they can fall out and take your natural lashes along with them.

Myth - “I can pick off the lashes when I want”

Do not pick lash extensions off.

Fact - “You damage your hair follicles”

Picking off your lash extensions will cause damage to your own lashes. Lash extensions will only come off when removed carefully by your lash technician, or when your natural lash sheds. Please bare in mind that if you do pick off your lash extensions you may be damaging your hair follicles.

Myth - “Cleansing your face is a no-go if you have lash extensions”

It is your responsibility to keep bacteria away from your face and extensions. This will keep your extensions lasting longer.

Fact - “It is encouraged to cleanse your face and lash extensions”

If you’re wearing makeup we’d recommend to use an oil-free cleanser. Gently rub your eyes with a cotton pad in a circular motion to get your lashes clean. Next, gently brush your lashes with a spoolie brush.

Note: Always wait 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. Avoid sweating and contact with water.

Myth - “The higher the price of lash extensions the better”

Not necessarily true. Do your research on your lash technician and salon.

Fact - “Price does not reflect the quality of lash extensions and service”

It’s both common knowledge that the cosmetic service industry is an unregulated market. Prices shouldn’t reflect the quality of lashes or service. For a full set, the typical cost in the UK is in between £40-£60 depending on the style of lash you opt for. For example, classics, hybrids and Russians.

Note: Ensure your lash technician is qualified before going ahead with treatment as an unqualified lash tech can harm your natural lashes.