The Lola's Lashes Review

When it comes to false eyelashes, Lola's Lashes has been a leading light in the industry for a while now. Established in 2016, they aim to create high-quality, affordable lashes that make every woman feel beautiful and confident. They offer a vast selection of strip lashes, magnetic lashes, hybrid lashes, kits, and accessories – all with the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

So, which Lola's lashes should you get? Read on for our review of each style, plus tips on choosing the perfect pair for your eye shape!

Strip Lashes

Lola's designed their strip lashes with comfort in mind. They either come pre-glued or without glue (you choose), making them easy to apply in just a few seconds. Their famous collection is made from 100% vegan synthetic fibres and is available in various styles and lengths. Lola's has the perfect pair whether you want something natural or more dramatic.

We love Lola's Lashes Strip Lashes – Curl Power – Lola's Lashes Strip Lashes Curl Power provide a maximum volume Russian lash extension effect. Lola made these faux mink falsies by hand with dense V-shaped lash clusters that get longer towards the outer corner of the eye. When applied, the curl will be bold and dramatic.

Here are some more strip lashes made by Lola that will blow you away:

Why not check out the entire Lola's Lashes collection?

Magnetic Lashes

If you're looking for a fuss-free way to apply your lashes, Lola's magnetic lashes are the perfect option. They come with two magnetised strips that attach securely without glue or adhesive; their collection has a style to suit every eye shape – from round to almond-shaped eyes and everything in between.

We love Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lashes – Worth It. The 'Worth It' style promotes the appearance of light Russian lash extensions. They are handcrafted from regularly spaced clusters to add dimension to the lash band. These lashes gradually grow longer as they approach the outer corner of the eye.

Here are some more of Lola's Magnetic Lashes we love:

These magnetic lashes all require a magnetic liner, like – Lola's Lashes – Magnetic Liner Black; the liner comes in a rose gold tube formulated by Lola with glossy black pigments.

Hybrid Lashes

Lola's hybrid lashes are a combination of individual flares and strip lashes. They offer a natural yet voluminous look and are ideal for those who struggle to apply individual flares. Not only do they provide fullness, but also a fluttery lash line without the hassle of using flare after flare.

We love Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Lash Kit – Lowkey. These hybrid lashes enhance the length of your lashes while adding a subtle hint of volume. Each strand is carefully placed on the band and sits perfectly against your natural lashes. Perfect for everyday wear, and the great news is they come in a kit with everything you need in one place.

Here are some more hybrid lashes made by Lola's Lashes that we recommend:

We've talked about Lola's Lashes extensively, but we have mentioned which false eyelash suits which eye shape. So here we go, starting with hooded eyes…

The Best Lola's Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have minimal eyelid visible when the eyes are open, and because of this, there are numerous methods to work with when picking false eyelashes.

Magnetic Lash Kit – Lowkey is perfect for hooded eyes. Due to their combination of individual flares on strip lashes, this style offers an extra volume boost without overwhelming the eye shape.

We also love Rose Quartz – Love Letter – Jade – Daisy Chain styles.

Perfect Lola's Lashes for Almond-Shaped Eyes

You cannot see the white of the eye above or below the iris if you have almond-shaped eyes, and because of this feature, we recommend Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lashes – Zodiac. These hybrid lashes will help elongate your almond-shaped eyes, adding a subtle hint of volume. They also come in a kit, making them perfect for busy days.

We recommend strip lashes in Curl Power – Queen Me – Moonstone – Icons Only for almond-shaped eyes.

Stunning Lola's Lashes for Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, your eyes will be one of your most noticeable features, prominent and with lots of visible white around the iris. Your eye shape prefers lashes with a more defined curl or lashes that taper at the outside corner because they draw the eye outwards and create a more cat eye effect.

We recommend Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jewel; not only does it contain the perfect shaped lash for round eyes, but Jewel also has everything you need for perfect home application.

We recommend strip lashes in VIP – Worth It – Iconic – Girls Night for stunning round eyes.

Lovely Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes require a particular lash because of the lack of a crease on the eyelid, which is typically prevalent in people of Asian descent but not always.

We love Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jade for monolid eyes. This kit has magnetic lashes designed to create a “cat eye” effect and an eyeliner that won't smudge the eyes.

We recommend strip lashes in Third Times a Charm – Rose Gold – After Party for monolid eyes.

Accessories and Natural Cleansing Oil by Lola's Lashes

Lola's Lashes has also designed other products that help apply, maintain, and remove false eyelashes. The products compliment the lashes, and we love them.

The accessories line includes Eyelash Tweezers, Lash Glue, and Lash Applicator, making the application process easier and more precise. We also love Lola’s Natural Cleansing Oil, which helps to remove any oil-based residue after lash removal, so you don't have to worry about clogged pores.

Lola's Lashes – Cleansing Balm is also a fantastic accessory. For use with Lola's Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner, this balm helps to remove any residue the eyeliner leaves behind.


All that's left is to answer some questions we are frequently asked.

Q – Are Lola's Lashes any good?

A – Yes! Lola's Lashes are some of the best on the market. Because they come in strip and magnetic styles, they are perfect for creating various looks. Using magnetic eyeliner is easy; the lashes will stay in place all day.

Q – What are the most natural Lola's Lashes?

A – We recommend Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Lowkey for a more natural look. These lashes provide volume without overwhelming the eyes. Strip lashes in Love Letter – Daisy Chain – Worth It will also give you a more natural look.

We hope this Lola's Lashes review has been helpful and that you can now choose the right lashes for your eye shape. Shop our collection of Lola's Lashes today and get free, fast delivery if your purchase is over £25.00.