The Complete Baddie B Lashes Guide 2019


Jennifer Ruiz began her journey on YouTube in 2014, and since has made her mark all over social media as a beauty guru and influencer. Not only has she become a personality within the industry, she has become an entrepreneur and founder of Baddie B Lashes.

Ruiz launched her spectacular range of false eyelashes last year in 2018, and the styles are bang on trend. If you love your fake lashes as much as we do, you’re sure to love Jenny’s collection. As seen on the likes of Cardi B you can be assured that these lashes are the baddest lash yet. Offering the full range here at, you won’t need to shop elsewhere!

The Baddie B collection consists of seven 3D styles: #Baddie, #Extra, #F***boy, #Instahoe, #Saucy, #Sugarbaby and #IG. The individual lashes are crafted on a flexible lash band, making them perfect for all day wear and can be worn up to 25 times.

Product Focus

Below is a thorough guide of all the styles:


Baddie B lashes in style #BADDIE

The baddest lash in the collection, that’s why she’s a Baddie. Full and fluffy with a dramatic edge. This lash is slightly flared with large clusters.

Best eye shape: small, round, monolid, almond, hooded, downturned, close-set and deep-set
Makeup: bold look with or without winged eyeliner


Baddie B Lashes in style #EXTRA


This lash is similar to #Instahoe, but not as thick. The criss-cross lashes replicates your natural lashes and creates volume. While also dramatic, this lash would be comfortable for all day wear. Lashes are longer at the centre of the lash band, creating a big eye effect.

Best eye shape: small, round, almond, hooded
Makeup: soft smokey look


Baddie B Lashes in style #F***BOY

Own it with these #f***boy false eyelashes. One of the least dramatic lashes from the Baddie B range. If you’re looking for a lash full of length and extra wispy, this one’s for you.

Best eye shape: almond, hooded, prominent, close-set
Makeup: shimmer coppery eyeshadow or natural glam makeup


Baddie B Lashes in style #INSTAHOE

Perfect lashes for a full glam, fluffy finish. Similar to the style #extra, but thicker. This lash adds depth and volume, and the V-shaped clusters create a dramatic look. Turn heads wherever you go in these. Rumour has it, this lash is Cardi B's favourite. 

Best eye shape: suitable for all eye shapes
Makeup: soft natural look


Baddie B Lashes in style #SAUCY

This lash style #saucy comes in alternating lengths and focuses its length and volume in the centre of the eye to create a wide-eyed illusion. These false eyelashes are similar to Oh My Lash Date Night, but not as thick.

Best eye shape: monolid, hooded, upturned, deep set, almond
Makeup: nude glam makeup with a bold lip


Baddie B Lashes in style #SUGARBABY

Flutter your way through the day (or night) with the super #sugarbaby false eyelashes. Sweet but fierce, fluffy and multi-layered, this lash will open up the eye and glam up any look. The lash elongates towards the outer corner, lengthening and lifting your eye.

Best eye shape: monolid, small, hooded, upturned,
Makeup: soft natural eyeshadow with or without winged eyeliner


Baddie B Lashes in style #IG

Stand out from the crowd in style #IG. A lash with dense clusters providing a doll-like look. Each cluster of lash lengthens in the middle to give a big-eye effect. An alternative lash is the Doll Beauty Chloe Elizabeth.

Best eye shape: monolid, upturned, hooded, deep set
Makeup: smokey eyeshadow with a nude lip finish


Where can I buy Baddie B lashes?
As official stockists of Baddie B false eyelashes, you can now buy them right here at!

What are Baddie B lashes made from?
Baddie B lashes are made from 100% premium mink.

Who owns Baddie B lashes?
Jennifer Ruiz, commonly known as Jenny sixty-nine, is a beauty guru in the USA.

How to apply Baddie B lashes?

  1. Make sure the lashes are the right size for your eyes
  2. Apply lash glue to the lash band (we recommend DUO)
  3. Allow the glue to get tacky
  4. Curl your natural lashes
  5. Apply Mascara
  6. Use lash applicator to hold your false lash
  7. Hold compact mirror under your chin for good view of lash line
  8. Apply and make sure inner and outer corner lashes are secure
  9. Fill the spaces with black eyeliner

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