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Browse and buy cruelty-free false eyelashes right here at! With over 1000 styles in stock, we've got cruelty-free lashes for everyone. Whether it's strip lashes, individual lashes, lash glue or even lash accessories that you're looking for, we've got what you need. We also have a huge range of Vegan-friendly lashes too. Buying cruelty-free lashes couldn't be easier, thanks to the huge range of lashes we have for you to choose from.

About Cruelty-Free Lashes

We stock a huge selection of Cruelty-Free lashes right here at! In addition to a great selection of strip lashes and individual lashes, you'll also find a brilliant range of Cruelty-Free lash glues. We've got all bases covered. In addition to a large range of Cruelty-Free lashes, we also have a vegan friendly section too. We've got all of the big brand names you love, including Eylure, House of Lashes, Unicorn Lashes, and many more.

Define Cruelty-Free Products!

Any products that receive a label stating they are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free, have proven that there has been no process involved, or any material used that may deprive an animal of their natural rights. These kinds of products will not include any derivative of animals and are therefore Vegan. The use of animal fur, whether it be for fur, hair, or cosmetics is unbelievable torture for animals. Shop thoughtfully and don’t contribute to these unkind procedures!

Mink Lashes – Why Are They Bad?

The history of Mink Lashes stretches back to what seems like EONS (for the beauty and cosmetics industry). However, it seems as though they are highly overrated! The curls found within Mink Lashes notoriously don’t last very long, and several of the options currently on the market don’t make enough of an impact; especially when compared with other popular Vegan Friendly Lashes.

The idea of having to sacrifice a Mink’s life in order to make false eyelashes just doesn’t sit right with us! For this reason, we are wholly dedicated to provide Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly products!

Purchasing Mink Lashes can, unfortunately, promote this unethical practice, and several lash adhesives being produced out there also use animal by-products too!

Purchasing synthetic lashes is a fantastic Cruelty-Free option. What’s more is that the curls are more defined, prominent, and longer-lasting, which can provide you with a truly dramatic look!

The materials used to make lashes like these don’t involve harming animals – which is fantastic news! The acrylic/poster-based lashes are in most cases nature-friendly; only using materials that are NEVER obtained from animals – nor tested on them!

Then… Why Choose Cruelty-Free Lashes?

Whilst you might not be completely Vegan, you might be on your way! If you have already made the transition, then good for you! The world is waking up and it’s certainly time to shop, eat, and travel more responsibly. If you’re an animal lover, or you are particularly keen on searching for Vegan Friendly or Cruelty-Free products then we can help. We have a truly wide range of Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly products here at!

People are moving away from using Mink Lashes and for good reason. Who wants to be a part of animal cruelty right! For those who are unaware, Minks are incredibly clever creatures. They purr like cats and they just love feeling free, and that’s how it should be! On fur farms, which are created to produce Mink Lashes and Coats etc. - there is usually a lack of basic needs for these friendly creatures. It’s not uncommon for these kind and caring animals to be stuck inside incredibly small cages, sometimes for the entire duration of their lives.

You can refuse to support cruel practices like this one by choosing Cruelty-Free or Vegan Friendly lashes. They are accessible, affordable, and can add the perfect splash of glam to an otherwise everyday style.

When producers of cosmetics and false eyelashes are honest and responsible manufacturers, they show exactly how and where they source their ingredients. You should always look for the right sign/symbol to know you are shopping responsibly and in a Cruelty-Free manner!

Luckily for you, at we have created a dedicated section so that you can be sure you’re purchasing Cruelty-Free falsies! Not only are Cruelty-Free lashes the best eco-friendly statement that you can make, but they are also in fashion and there’s no need for any mascara!

Shop in our online store now, and choose a style that works with your taste. Cruelty-Free lashes can be a truly fantastic way to bring a bit of sparkle but sustainably and thoughtfully!

Our Top 5 Favourite Cruelty Free Brands

1. Eylure

Eylure’s story and its creation began in the 1940s with British brothers David and Eric Aylott, and the brand itself is one of the oldest and most respected names within the false eyelash industry. Eylure continues to be used by make-up artists on film sets around the globe to this day.

Eylure strives hard to provide high-quality products that are innovative and designed explicitly for false eyelash devotees and makeup artists alike. They have set the standard pretty high, and they are certainly one of the most well-established false eyelash companies to date. Eylure’s products have also been developed with price-points that are accessible and affordable too. Since Eylure’s conception, the company has dedicated its efforts to creating beautiful eyes that are alluring and sophisticated. Eylure works hard to make lash wear easier, quicker, and more comfortable with every new creation.

Their designs are intelligently curated and made to be worn every day for a range of different users. Let yourself take centre-stage with a pair of Eylure falsies. After all, everyone deserves a little bit of the limelight. Eylure offers a dizzying array of both Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free products! Just have a look at all the options above, there are truly so many to choose from!

Cruelty-Free Product To Look Out For: Eylure Enchanted Lashes - Tropic Like It's Hot £3.99

2. House Of Lashes

Whilst HOL is certified as Cruelty-Free, not all of their products are Vegan Friendly, mainly because they use human hair on some of their lashes. According to HOL, their lashes are 100% either Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free>, or 100% Cruelty-Free with 100% human hair!

Cruelty-Free Product To Look Out For: House of Lashes - Temptress Wispy £7.99

3. Unicorn Lashes

Lash lover Mel Blue - originally from Newcastle - struggled to find false eyelashes of a high quality that created an ultra glamorous, celebrity-style look. In April 2016, much loved false eyelash brand Unicorn Lashes was launched, in order to attempt to fill the gap Mel felt was apparent in the beauty market. Unicorn Lashes is a fairly new name on the block, but don’t let that fool you - they have proven to be extremely popular and are a widely recognised name, and top choice for false lashes and makeup brushes here at!

Unicorn’s makeup brushes are a must have accessory, and what’s more, is that almost all of Unicorn’s products are Cruelty-Free! So if you want to add a little novelty to your makeup bag, you know what you've got to do! Decide which Unicorn Brushes you like the most and buy them right now.

Cruelty-Free Product To Look Out For: Unicorn 3D Faux Silk Lashes – Clementine reviews £9.95

4. Kiss Falscara

On top of legacy strip lash styles that are incredibly popular, the new Kiss Falscara range has become an instant cult classic. Achieving salon-style lash extensions from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. With thousands of units sold already, we know you'll love Falscara - perhaps the biggest innovation in the lash category in over a decade.

Cruelty-Free Product To Look Out For: Kiss Falscara - Starter Kit (Lengthening) £24.95

The Kiss Falscara Starter Kit (Lengthening) includes everything you need to get started! Falscara offers the speed of mascara with a true lash extension effect. If you can mascara then you can Falscara, that's for sure. No clumps, no smudges, no strips, and no damage to your natural lashes.

You can also check out our entire Kiss lash range here.

For more information about Kiss Falscara along with some handy application and removal tips, we recommend watching this video by Kiss.

The starter kit contains:

  • One set of wisps (lashes)
  • One Falscara seal & bond
  • One Falscara applicator tool
  • Application instructions are printed on the rear of the packaging

5. Ardell

According to The Cut (New York Beauty Magazine), Ardell offers the very best false eyelashes at the most affordable prices. Whilst consumers continue to strive for high-class and well-priced items, searching for ethical and Cruelty-Free products has become the norm for many of us too! Several make-up artists swear by Ardell’s lashes line, and their dedication to creating Cruelty-Free products is highly praised within the fashion industry.

Peta Australia (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) has reported Ardell as the very best supplier for Cruelty-Free lashes. They have also remarked upon the company’s compassion for creating Cruelty-Free products. Ardell is passionate and dedicated to creating products that change trends and make bold statements. Still, they are also invested in doing so as ethically and efficiently as possible!

This is excellent news, and we wholeheartedly support Ardell's values and mission statement. Unlike other big names and brands.

Product To Look Out For: Ardell Brow Tint - Dark Brown £9.99

Ardell Brow Tint in Dark Brown contains up to 12 applications and can last for up to two weeks. Safe and easy to use, this brow tint is the perfect product if you're trying to achieve salon-perfect lashes from the comfort of your own home. This formulation is Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly, and paraben free. With no ammonia and no peroxide, this tint is also gluten-free.

  • Dark Brown Shade
  • Covers Grey
  • Lasts Up to 2 Weeks

Our Top Tips: From Seasoned Lash Buffs and Professionals

  1. Want to keep your falsies in shape? Save your lashes in the tray provided, as this will preserve their gorgeous shape. Then you can remove any excess glue with some falsie tweezers.
  2. Losing the fabulous falsie curl? Before false eyelash application, you can dampen them in advance. Just leave them on a bit of clean plain paper. Another trip is to wrap lashes around the body of a pencil, you can secure them with a band. Leave these here for around 60 minutes, and once they are fully dry you can apply them again! You can do this over and over again until it’s time to say goodbye!
  3. When should I apply my falsies? These babies are not called ‘party lashes’ without reason. They always look best when they are first used. So we would recommend leaving them to settle for an hour before getting your heels on.

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