D-Curl Lashes

Create a jaw dropping, show-stopping lash look with D-Curl lashes! We're pleased to offer an amazing range of D-Curl lashes, meaning we've got D-Curls for everyone. Whether you're looking for a sneaky strip lash that mimics the appearance of D-Curl individual lashes, or you're a lash pro, looking for D-Curl individual lashes for your kit - we've got you covered. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock over 1,000 amazing lashes in our huge range - so if we've not got what you're looking for, the likelihood is that it doesn't exist. Why shop anywhere else? Buy your D-Curl lashes now!

About D-Curl Lashes

Are you looking to create some serious drama with your luscious lashes? Look no further than D-Curl lashes. With the most dramatic curl out of all lash extensions, these will give your eyes a stunning pop. Let's take a closer look at D-Curl lashes so you can make every day memorable.

There is one significant distinction between a C-Curl and a D-Curl. A C-Curl is more natural and is a perfect starting curl for a client's set. A D-Curl is more dramatic and will aid in creating a lift – it is more dramatic than curling natural lashes with an eyelash curler and is not for the faint-hearted.

What are D-Curl lashes?

D is for drama, and that's what you can expect with D-Curl lashes. These eyelash extensions have been given a dramatic curl, more than the C-Curl. They create an open-eye look, making your eyes pop like never before.

The D-Curl is extremely curly for a more rounded and dramatic look. Curlier than C-Curl, the D-Curl enables clients with downward lashes to achieve an open-eye look. A D-Curl is ideal for doll eyes, especially if your client has straight lashes.

What size do the D-Curl come in?

D-Curl eyelash extensions come in different sizes to accommodate the thickness of your natural lashes. The sizes range from 7mm to 15mm, and each size has a unique curl style. Each length will give you a distinct look and perfectly fit your aesthetic.

How to apply D-Curl lashes?

Applying D-Curl eyelashes is best left to a professional. A certified lash technician will know how to correctly measure, apply and remove D-Curl lashes safely and effectively. Your technician will use the right size of D-Curl lashes for your natural eyelash size and type, ensuring your eyes look their best.

How to remove D-Curl lashes?

Removing D-Curl eyelashes should also be done by a professional. Your technician has the right tools and products and can safely remove D-Curl without damaging your natural lashes. If you attempt to remove them yourself, you can damage your natural lashes or cause potential eye irritation.

Who makes D-Curl lashes?

False Eyelashes has an extensive range of D-Curl eyelash extensions in different sizes and styles for all eye shapes and sizes. Our range includes the famous Eyelash Emporium, Ardell, House of Lashes, and Salon System Marvelash range, so you can find a style that suits you best.

Is it possible to buy D-Curl strip lashes?

Yes, Lola's Lashes make magnetic and stick-on strip lashes in D-Curl style. These are great for special events and occasions when you want a dramatic look without the commitment of eyelash extensions.

What eye shape is best for D-Curl lashes?

D-Curl Lashes will add drama to any eye shape, but they are especially good at giving a more rounded, open-eye look. Clients with downward lashes, straight lashes, and almond eyes can benefit from D-Curl extensions as they will lift your eyes.

So, if you're after a dramatic style that will make your eyes stand out in all the right ways, D-Curl lashes could be the perfect pick for you. With their intense curl and long-lasting effect, you can look good from morning to night. Contact a certified lash technician today for advice on the best D-Curl lashes for your eyes.