Eyelash Extension Kits

Looking for a great deal on eyelash extension kits? We've got you covered! Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock a selection of lash extension kits. From cluster, flare and individual lash kits - through to strip and magnetic lash kits - we've got a great selection for you to choose from. We're proud to offer super low prices, and we're proud to back our low prices up with amazing service. Why shop anywhere else for your eyelash extension kits?

About Eyelash Extension Kits

Why not explore our complete range of lash extension kits that include lash glue and pre-made fans from leading brands, including Ardell, Eylure, Salon System and more.

Lash kits are the perfect solution for eyelash technicians and home lash experts who want to provide eyelash extensions as part of their service or for people who want everything they need to create their lash styles at home. The do it yourself eyelash extensions kit can give you that salon look without the big price tag.

They offer a complete, professional eyelash extension kit that you can use to create beautiful, long-lasting eyelashes for everyone.

Create Your Favourite Lash Style At Home

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural yet dramatic look that instantly enhances the eyes. Through this method of eyelash enhancement, eyelashes can appear longer and fuller with little effort required from the wearer.

Lash kits contain everything needed to start offering eyelash extension treatments - including lash glue, pre-made fans, tweezers, and primer – providing a fast and straightforward way for experienced eyelash technicians or homegrown enthusiasts to set up their businesses or expand their skills.

Why Choose A Kit Over Individual Items?

When it comes to eyelash extensions, several different products are needed to create beautiful and long-lasting eyelashes. Eyelash extension kits provide the convenience of purchasing all the necessary items for eyelash applications in one convenient package.

Eyelash extension kits can save time when setting up an eyelash business, as you don't have to shop for individual items or ensure each product is compatible.

With eyelash extension kits, all necessary products are included in pre-determined portions - giving technicians more control over their lash services, meaning they do not need to worry about running out of supplies or having too many left over. These eyelash extension kits come in various sizes, meaning technicians can purchase the kit that best suits their needs.

Perfect For Lash Technicians

Additionally, eyelash extension kits are cost-effective and often include additional items such as eyelash shields to help protect eyelids during application or aftercare products for clients. They also provide lash apprentices or budding eyelash technicians with a comprehensive set-up for learning how to apply eyelashes safely and effectively.

Whether you're an experienced eyelash technician setting up a business, a home user looking to expand their skills or just starting in the eyelash industry – eyelash extension kits have everything you need to start creating beautiful lash styles immediately.

What's Usually In An Eyelash Extension Kit?

The contents of eyelash extension kits vary from brand to brand and can depend on the type (i.e. classic or volume eyelash extensions) and the kit size. However, eyelash kits generally include the following:

  • Instructions
  • Lash primer
  • Adhesive glue for eyelash extensions
  • Pre-made eyelash fans in various lengths, curls, and thicknesses
  • Tweezers to help apply the pre-made lash fans efficiently and effectively
  • Lash shields or eyelid guards to protect eyelids during application
  • Aftercare products such as lash cleanser, mascara remover and nourishing oil

What Else Could I Need That Might Not Be In The Kit?

It's essential to check that the eyelash extension kit you decide to purchase contains all the items necessary for eyelash application. However, you could need additional products to create beautiful eyelashes. These can include eye patches, under-eye gel pads or an eyelash brush (which helps isolate and separate eyelashes before application).

Other items, such as lash wands, may be desired by eyelash technicians who want to groom and shape eyelashes after they have been applied. There are also various forms of adhesive remover available should lash technicians wish to practice removing eyelashes safely on their clients or themselves without damaging their natural lashes or extensions.

Our favourite lash extension kits are as follows:

Everything you need to get started is included in the Kiss Falscara Starter Kit (Lengthening). Kiss Falscara provides a realistic lash extension look while applying mascara quickly. That is much is certain.

There are detailed application instructions supplied. The Falscara Starter Kit is for you, if you want salon-calibre eyelash extensions in the convenience of your home at a cost that's less than half the cost of individual items.

Everything you need to step up your lash game is included in the brand-new Eyelash Emporium Seamlash Starter Kit. This kit provides everything you need for a smooth, lightweight, long-lasting lash appearance.

The Seamlash lash system is intended to be put beneath your natural lashes and, once applied, provides a natural and seamless finish. Designed by makeup artists for other makeup artists, Seamlash is vegan-friendly and offers a 3D fake mink look.

The Marvelash Semi Permanent Lash Extension Kit is incredibly affordable and comes with everything you need for expert lash extensions. Marvelash offers a great semi-permanent technique for lengthening and volumising natural lashes.

This kit is undoubtedly the best available for complete lash artistry and customised treatments lasting up to two months, including J Curl and C Curl lash extensions in various lengths. However, this kit is for professionals only and requires proof of your qualifications before you can purchase it.

In the combi kit, you have everything you need to get started applying strip lashes and individual flare lashes with the Salon System Naturalash Student Combi Kit. This set includes extremely wearable lashes appropriate for any occasion, whether you're applying lashes to yourself or a client.

Everything you need to get started with strip lashes is included in the Eylure Volume Lashes 101 Starter Kit. The Eylure 101 Starter Kit is excellent if you've never used fake eyelashes. Eylure 101 is a fantastic style to begin your false lash journey with since it is a complete, shorter-length lash that, when placed, truly opens up the eye.

What Is The Best Eyelash Extension Kit To Buy?

When you are deciding which is the right eyelash extension kit, you should consider whether you need lashes that are more straightforward to apply. A lash tech starter kit is a great kit to buy if you are starting out, with everything you need until you decide to explore other products.

The Ardell Duralash Student Starter Kit is perfect for training, while the Eylure Pro Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash System is a great kit for creating the most professional lash look.

Where To Buy Eyelash Extension Kits?

The great news is that it could not be any more convenient to buy your favourite eyelash extension starter kit with our online store and speedy delivery. Whether you are looking for magnetic strips or an individual eyelash kit, we have the biggest range of lash starter kits to choose from.


Eyelash extension kits have become increasingly popular over the years, and for a good reason. They are a great way to get all the products you need in one place and provide helpful instructions on applying eyelashes. Many eyelash extension kits from different brands cater to beginner and experienced eyelash technicians. Eyelash kits come with everything necessary for eyelash application.

However, depending on the desired result, additional items, such as eye patches or lash wands, may be needed. All the eyelash extension kits mentioned above provide everything required for a salon-calibre finish at home - so why not try it out?