Green False Nails

One thing's for sure, green false nails are most certainly in fashion right now! If you want flawless-looking green nails without a full manicure or trip to your nail tech, green false nails are the way to go. Shop green false nails right here on our website, by top brands including: Elegant Touch, Invogue, SOSU, W7 and more.

About Green False Nails

Let’s go greener!

There is an old saying that suggests geniuses pick green, so will green be the chosen colour of your new false nails? The suggestion of green false nails may have once conjured up images of wicked witches and wizards, but this perception now seems a little old school, with green now being a colour much more associated with balance, nature, life and energy. Indeed, much has been written about how colour can affect mood, with the colour green being strongly associated with peace and tranquillity.

On this year's catwalk, the standout colour was clearly yellow, declared so by the powers of Pantone. Yet you only need to look around you to see that there is another colour very much in favour with the trendsetters, and that, of course, is green.

Apparently, the popularity of green in interiors or in fashion reflects on our experiences over the last two years. The lockdowns meant more and more people ventured into the fields, and the forests, and appreciated green as a colour of therapy. And as life now returns to normality, people want to continue the calmness, opting for more green within their environment, from the accessories they wear, their home interiors and indeed their nail colour.

How will you style your green false nails?

When you think about green, it is important to remember that there is a vast array of shades that transcend the seasons, events, moods and outfits. Rich emeralds add depth to winter wardrobes, whilst a sage hue looks picture-perfect on a beautiful summery day. So when we think about green, remember that it presents us with a wide range of choices and how we style that into our nail art, is completely down to the individual.

Product Focus

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Matcha Latte

What a fabulous colour description, matcha latte. It tells you everything you need to know about the shade and even better, the finish is super glossy whilst the earthy overtone means it can be worn for almost any occasion. These green false nails would pair well with pink and pastel-coloured outfits, ideal for holidays in sunny climates.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Green Glitter Chrome

If you are looking to grab attention, these nails have you covered. Long in length, yet elegant, the glitter and chrome nails in varying shades of green just exude sophistication and style. There is an instant Christmas party vibe, paired well with an otherwise all-black ensemble. The product comes in assorted sizes and styles and can be customised to suit your personal preference.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Pastel Twist

The French Manicure is a trend that has stood the test of time, tried and tested over and over again. Yet sometimes, things need a little twist. These false nails include green pastel shades paired with other colours such as pink, blue and yellow. The nail is nude, with a unique colour way painted at the very tip of the stiletto-shaped nail. It is eye-catching whilst remaining subtle. The product is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails - Back It Up

Ok, so here is one to invest in. These long-length, coffin and stiletto-shaped nails are offered in a refreshing mint green hue, a colour mainly associated with spring into summer. Now listen carefully and remember that you heard it here first, mint green is apparently going to be part of a new colour reset for autumn! The shade will pair with darker green hues and undertones of grey. This quality product is durable, lasting seven days and comes complete with a mini file and manicure stick.

Would green false nails work for me?

We often think about our complexion, eye and hair colour when making a decision about whether a particular look will suit us. See our top tips below to help you decide which shade of green will best work for you. Additionally, you might also want to consider your personality, for example, green is strongly associated with the Virgo star sign which largely represents a sense of growth, grounding and focus.

It is a very well-documented trend that emerald greens can really enhance the aesthetic of paler skins and those with red or auburn tones in their hair. However, we rarely consider how green might work with other complexions. Yet there is such a variety of shades, we really can find one to suit ourselves, whether that be as an accessory, a staple wardrobe item or indeed our nail colour. So here is the lowdown.

Light Skin Tones - Mint green and sea foam green! Beautifully named shades and ideal for those with fairer tones. Pastel hues are always a winner in the summery months, and particularly flattering for the blonde and blue-eyed amongst us. If you don’t want to fully commit to these striking shades, opt for soft grey clothing and combine the Sosu By False Nails Ballerina Medium Length in Mojito for that little accent of colour.

Medium Skin Tones - Moss Green is for those with medium skin tones. It will bring out the warmth in the skin, especially for those with brunette locks or darker eyes.

Dark Skin Tones - Neon or Emerald. It is bold, bright and the contrast will uplift your look.

Will you go green-fingered this year?

Playing with nail colour and nail art is a way to have fun with your outfit without the need for heavy splurging on new outfits, Green false nails will ensure you stay on track with the trends and will acknowledge a sense of new beginning and fresh optimism, without breaking the bank. Shop false nails today and give your new look the green light.