L-Curl Lashes

Looking for the best deal on L-Curl lashes? Look no further, you've come to the right place. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock a great selection of L-Curl lashes, from the biggest brands in the business including Ardell. Whether you're looking for L-Curl strip lashes, or L-Curl individual lashes to top off your lash kit, we've got you covered.

About L-Curl Lashes

Welcome to the world of L-Curl lashes! If you're looking for a dramatic look and serious glamour, L-Curl lashes are the way to go. We love L-Curl lashes for lift and definition. L-Curl lashes are a fantastic innovation in lash extensions or strip lashes, perfect for helping to create the most beautiful, natural look.

Whether you want them as your daily go-to or just for special occasions, You can add L-Curl lashes to your look to add a gorgeous lift and definition to your eyes.

L-Curl lashes were designed by false eyelash manufacturers for an “OPEN EYE” effect, with naturally straight and downward-pointing lashes. For clients with naturally falling lashes, the L stands for LIFT. The L-Curl will provide better retention for clients with straight natural lashes, giving them a dramatic D-Curl effect without using a D-Curl.

How to apply L-Curl lashes?

If you're applying L-Curl lashes yourself, the process differs from applying strip lashes or classic lash extensions. First, thoroughly clean your natural lashes and ensure they are oil-free. Then, use tweezers to pick up the L-Curl lashes and place them onto the base of your natural lash, as close to your eyelid as possible.

Secure the L-Curl lash onto your natural lash and press it down gently for a few seconds. Pressing down allows the adhesive to bond fully with the L-Curl lash and natural lashes. Once you have done this, your L-Curl lashes should look beautiful and fluffy.

How to remove L-Curl lashes?

Removing your L-Curl lashes is also a straightforward process. First, saturate a cotton pad with an oil-based remover and press it gently to your eyelid for around 10 seconds. The soaked cotton pad will break down the adhesive bond between the lash extension and natural lash so they can be removed easily.

Once you have soaked your lashes, use tweezers or a gentle finger to remove the L-Curl lash from your natural eyelash. Repeat this process across your eyelid until you remove all your false lashes. Remember to thoroughly cleanse, moisturise and use some lash serum on your natural lashes once you've finished for best results.

Who makes L-Curl lashes?

At False Eyelashes, we love Ardell L-Curl lashes and eyelash extensions. Our vast range of false eyelashes includes styles for all eye shapes, from dramatic D-Curls to subtle L-Curls, perfect for adding a beautiful fluttery look to your eyes. We also have some fantastic colours and lengths available to find the ideal set of false eyelashes.

Which eye shapes suit L-Curl lashes?

L-Curl Lashes are great for clients with naturally straight and downward-pointing lashes, providing better retention. They also work well on monolid eyes, as the L-Curl lift helps open the eye area. If you have droopy eyelids or hooded eyes, L-Curl lashes are also an excellent choice as the lift helps to open up your eye area and brighten your look.

To get the best from L-Curl lashes, we recommend using them in combination with our DUO Lash Liner Adhesive for a long-lasting hold. Our range of false eyelashes has something for everyone so that you can find the perfect pair regardless of your eye shape or personal style.