Nail Buffers

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About Nail Buffers

Do you know the difference between nail buffers and nail files? If you have been presuming they are the same thing with a different name, is it time to get better informed?

Let’s start with the nail file. The nail file is used to shape your natural nails. If you are looking to create a more oval or perhaps almond shape nail, a nail file is the way to achieve this. There are many products available on the market, manufactured from various materials including ceramic, mylar and glass. Many manicure kits will include metal nail files, however these can be extremely harsh and may cause your nails to break.

A nail buffer is an entirely different product. Nail buffers are used to bring natural shine to your nails. So if you love to have beautifully manicured nails, but don’t particularly like layers and layers of nail polish, this could be the ideal nail tool to achieve your look.

What type of nail buffer should I purchase?

This is where it gets complicated. If you google nail buffers, you may be presented with what seems like a mathematical table. See the information below to get the nitty gritty on what all those numbers actually mean.

The Nitty Gritty

The term “grit” applies to both nail files and nail buffers. The grit number is an indicator of how many abrasive particles can be found in a square inch of a file or buffer. In basic terms, the grit number indicates how coarse the nail file or buffer will be. The higher the grit number, the less rough the product will be on your nails.

Grit numbers start from as low as 40 and run up to 4000 plus. The lower numbers refer to nail files, however, we are looking to buff your nails and create maximum shine. As a general rule, only buff nails with a product with a grit number over 320. For the glossiest of finishes, opt for grit numbers between 1000 and 4000.

Product Focus

Stop searching the internet for your perfect nail buffer, it is a minefield. We have done our homework and found the best of breed solution below. Find your perfect nail buffer today.

Elegant Touch 6 Way Shape and Shine Buffer

Keeping your nails in premium condition can be something of a task. Maintaining their appearance needs to be done on a day-to-day basis. However, it is not practical to carry around a manicure set with a large number of files, buffers and so on. This 6 way shape and shine buffer will soon become your favourite product. It is small in size and therefore fits perfectly in your handbag. This buffer will enable you to achieve high shine natural nails. It can also be used in preparation for nail polish application.

Nail HQ Nail Pamper Set

If your current nail care regime equates to nothing more than keeping them clean, it is time to up your game. Treat yourself to this complete manicure set, which contains everything to get you started. There are many online tutorials to ensure you manicure your hands correctly. The product contains scissors, a cuticle pusher and 1 x six way nail buffer.

How do I use a nail buffer?

When we think of nail tools required for a professional standard manicure, we perhaps think of scissors, cuticle pushers and clippers. Nail buffers tend to be an “add on” nail tool, but they are really important to ensure your nails are healthy and strong. Using a nail buffer can help natural nails shine, whilst preparing a smooth base for applying your chosen polish.

Step 1 - General Nail Maintenance

Before starting any manicure, you need to ensure your hands are washed and the remnants of any previous nail polish has been removed. Then proceed to trim and shape your fingernails to your desired look.

Step 2 - In The Buff

Use the buff to eliminate any ridges or general imperfections in your nails.

Step 3 - Polish

If you have managed to smooth your nails, pick up the pace and start to polish. Remember that finer grits will result in a more glossy appearance.

Step 4 - Time to Shine

Using the buffer, make gentle back and forth movements across the nail, which will bring out natural shine. The key for doing this correctly is patience.

NB: If you intend to apply a coating of nail polish, it is advisable to wipe each nail with a small amount of nail polish remover. The buffing motion can dehydrate the nail, causing your polish to look uneven. Don’t be overzealous with your buffing. Whilst creating a natural shine is satisfying, it could cause damage to your nails if done too often or too vigorously.

Are there any benefits associated with buffing your nails?

Buffing your nails has some real benefits, both for your health and your wealth! See below.

  1. The action of buffing can increase blood circulation to your nails and fingers, which is important for stronger and healthier nails.
  2. Nail buffers are a very accessible product to buy. Furthermore, if they achieve your desired shine, skip nail polish and look good whilst saving yourself even more pennies.
  3. Your nails will actually grow quicker due to the increased blood circulation.
  4. If you intend to finish your manicure with nail polish, the end result will appear more professional.

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