One Lash Chance

One Lash Chance false eyelashes come in a range of irresistible styles. There's a style for every season, every event and every eye shape. The Once Lash Chance range brings the very best in style and luxury to the table, with pocket friendly prices for good measure.

About One Lash Chance

Hot off the press is brand new false lash brand, One Lash Chance. We’re super excited to share this latest brand with you, it might even become your new favourite!

One Lash Chance offers premium-quality lashes that are Cruelty-Free, Vegan-Friendly, and Hand-crafted for 3D Impact. We currently stock 19 chic styles of One Lash Chance lashes, so whether you’re at work, on a date, or heading to the club, we’re certain that you will find the perfect style to accentuate your look!

Why One Lash Chance?


Each set of One Lash Chance lashes are carefully hand-crafted from premium-quality synthetic materials, which mimic mink lashes. Synthetic lashes create a beautiful, natural look yet are super sturdy, and long-lasting. If taken care of correctly, One Lash Chance Lashes are reusable up to 10 times!

Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly

“We believe in beauty with a conscience, that's why all of our products are completely cruelty-free and vegan friendly.” One Lash Chance

Animal rights organisation PETA has publicly criticized the practice of using mink fur in fake lashes, saying that the best way to put a stop to cruelty against animals exploited in the fur industry is to stay well away from any item made with fur — whether this is a coat, a key ring, or a set of eyelashes.

Finding Cruelty-Free lashes is now easier than ever! At, we are proud to work with so many big brands that promote kindness to animals and our planet. Many companies are now making the compassionate decision to steer clear of all Cruelty-Free products, and One Lash Chance is one of these brands. Their lashes are 100% Vegan and not made at the expense of our furry pals, so you can flutter away knowing that no animals were harmed in the making.

At, we wholeheartedly support One Lash Chance in their bid to protect our planet and offer high-quality products created and manufactured in a Cruelty-Free environment. You can view One Lash Chance gorgeous range of lashes by heading over to our online store.

We also have a dedicated Vegan-Friendly page, which features an extensive selection of popular brands. You can check out our full vegan collection here, or view our Cruelty-Free section!


If taken care of correctly, there’s no reason why your favourite falsies should be a single-serving beauty product. One Lash Chance claim that their lashes can be used up to 10 times, so creating your dream lash look doesn’t need to be a one-off!

Looking after your falsies will not only help them to last longer but will also save you money and maintain your eye health too. Read our Ultimate Lash Care Guide to find out top tips from professional MUAs to keep your lashes luscious and your eyes sparkling!

Lash Care Guide

How to remove One Lash Chance false eyelashes?

We get it… no one loves touching their eyes! But trying to remove your false lashes with tweezers, picking at them with your nails, or clamping and pulling with an eyelash curler can not only wreak havoc with your eyes, but seriously damage your falsies too! Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Your eye area is delicate and you want to avoid spreading germs and bacteria from your hands into your eyes.
  2. Gently does it. Grip the outer corner of the lash band between your thumb and forefinger, and then gently peel inwards towards your tear duct. Peel slowly and carefully, to avoid pulling out your real lashes!
  3. Cleaning time. Use an eye makeup remover such as micellar water and a cotton bud or swab to clean away any remaining glue from your real lashes and eyelid. Don’t be tempted to pick at any pesky glue clumps, or you could risk tugging out your natural lashes.
  4. Remove your makeup using cotton-pads or a reusable makeup cloth.

How to clean One Lash Chance false eyelashes?

We recommend applying your eye makeup prior to your false eyelash application, it will help increase the longevity of your falsies and ensure you can wear them again and again.

Product build-up on false eyelashes can make them cakey-looking and less natural, and you won’t get as many wears out of them. Layers of mascara also increases the risk of developing an eye infection the next time you wear them… not cool!

But if you have added that extra coat of mascara, you don’t need to panic just yet. Read on to find out how to effectively clean your falsies to leave them looking as good as new.

  1. Start with a clean cotton-bud or swab and a clean, dry towel or tissue.
  2. Using micellar water or any other oil-free makeup remover, place your false lashes on the clean towel or tissue and douse the end of the cotton-bud in eye makeup remover, squeezing off any excess product.
  3. Use the cotton-bud or swab to gently rub away makeup and excess glue from the false lashes, paying extra attention to the lash bands, which is where product tends to build-up.
  4. If there is still some lash glue remaining, gently peel off using clean hands.

Tips from professional MUAs:

Never squeeze or shake your false lashes dry after cleaning them, it will ruin their shape! Arrange them back into their original shape and let them air dry on a towel, before putting them back in their original container and storing them in a clean, dry place.

To remove particularly stubborn mascara from synthetic false eyelashes, you could try soaking cotton pads in alcohol or oil-free eye makeup remover and lightly press the lash strips between the pads to dissolve eye makeup. Just make sure you don’t rub! When the pads come away clean, finish by gently pressing the lashes between two cotton pads soaked in warm water.

Safety first

Are your false lashes starting to look a little grotty? Time to bin ‘em! We know you want to get as many wears as possible from your falsies, but it’s not worth risking your eye health. If the lashes are very damaged and there’s a lot of glue/makeup build-up which you can’t remove, then don’t put them anywhere near your eyes. Take advantage of our FREE 1st Class UK delivery and you’ll have yourself a brand new pair in no time.

Are you a complete False Eyelash newbie? We’ve got your back! Head over to our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to False Eyelashes, offering you all the information you need to start your lash transformation.

One Lash Chance – Product range

Here at, we work with some of the biggest brands in the industry. We’ve got lashes for days! Suitable for any occasion and any eye-shape, we guarantee you will find the perfect lash style for your needs. Looking for a subtle, day-to-day style? Tick. Are you heading out on a date and want a wispy, fluttery set for added romance? We’ve got what you’re looking for. Or maybe you want something a little more dramatic and daring, a lash that really makes a statement. Yep, we’ve got those too!

We are always on the look-out for exciting new brands to add to our collection, and we are beyond excited to now be featuring One Lash Chance in our online store. You can shop the full collection here, or read on for a breakdown of our top picks from their range.

Style 003

If you're looking for nothing but drama, you've come to the right place! One Lash Chance False Eyelashes Style 003 boast super long and wispy lash strands, they'll give you all the flirty feels! The V-shape lash clusters that run evenly along the band flare at the outer corner, to really let you show off that new found confidence. These striking lashes are a must-have for your makeup bag.

Here’s what our reviewers are saying:

Love how wispy there are and how they open up the eyes and after first application of shaping to the eye they are very easy to get on. Elle

Fabulous lashes! They won't disappoint. They are soft to the touch, easy to apply and the lashes are as long as described. So often in the past I have bought lashes that looked good but when on were barely noticeable. These lashes rock! They lift upwards gently and open up the eyes. I'm defo going to buy again. Mary

Style 004

One Lash Chance False Eyelashes in Style 004 are full and fluffy falsies, offering full-on texture and tonnes of drama. The wispy strands and criss-cross finish offers effortless eye enhancement for the most amazing cat-eye finish. Pop these bad boys on for your date night and you'll be set for the evening!

These are natural-ish with a touch of oomph, at least for me with my deep set eyes. They’re pretty and fluffy and robust enough for several wears. For anyone without deep set eyes these will give glamour and eye lengthening without being too OTT. F.C.

Style 016

One Lash Chance False Eyelashes in Style 016 are designed for those looking to add a bit of drama to your look. For a lash that offers extreme volume and head-turning intensity, opt for these falsies and dramatically increase the length of your natural lashes. Pair with a smoky-eye and you’re set for a big night out.

Dramatic lashes. Love, Love, Love this product. Easy to put on and lasts for weeks! Hooray very pleased with this product, exactly what I was looking for! Using these lashes was great! The band was strong and just the right thickness which made applying glue easy, also cleaning off glue once removed. Lashes also lasted 2 weeks. Brilliant!! Jacqueline

How to choose False Lashes which suit your Eye Shape?

Finding a false lash style that you love is easy, but ensuring it suits and enhances your particular eye shape can be the tricky part. But there’s no need to worry. Once you have established your unique eye shape and what styles work for you, stocking up on your favourite strip lashes will be a piece of cake! We’ve identified some of the most common eye shapes below:

Hooded Eyes

One of the most common eye shapes we often get asked to pick a style for is hooded eyes. Hooded eyes mean that you have more skin above your crease and most of your upper lid is hidden when your eyes are open. Therefore to enhance your eyes, you need to create more depth. Selecting a style that features increased length in the centre as well as heavier volume, allows for an eye-opening effect that instantly gives the illusion of larger-looking eyes. Don’t select a style that is too dramatic as this will close the eyes up.

Round Eyes

If you’re lucky enough to have large, round eyes then you tend to get away with a wide variety of different lash styles. You can see the majority of white around your iris if you have round eyes and long lashes with a dramatic curl tend to look best as this lifts and enhances your upper lid. Voluminous styles can sometimes be too heavy and make your eyes look much smaller than they are, instead opt for a natural lash with elongated ends for an instant cat-eye effect.

Monolid Eyes

Mono-lidded eyes are most common among Asian women and it is when there is no visible crease on the eyelid as it is covered by skin. Women with mono-lid eyes tend to have very straight eyelashes, therefore false lashes are the perfect way to enhance their eyes creating length, lift and curl. Multi-layered lashes with a curled, fluttery appearance really compliment mono-lid eyes as they work to open them up for a wide-eyed illusion. A lash with a graduated length is also a great way to elongate mono-lid eyes, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes show no white above or below the iris, and they’re slightly pointed at each outer edge with a wide centre, making them extremely versatile. Many different lash styles accentuate almond eyes, and they look best when their shape is enhanced with a full lash style that features evenly distributed volume.

Deep-set Eyes

Deep-set eyes sit behind the brow bone and if your eyes are deep-set, you need to create depth to open up your eyes. You can do this by wearing an ultra-dramatic lash style as many bolder styles will suit your eyes and won’t overpower them. Choose a long, curled design that adds fullness.

For more eye shapes and further tips on how to choose your perfect lash styles, you can view our full guide here.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a fab pair of falsies from One Lash Chance, you have come to the right place. Head on over to our online store and grab your favourite new lashes now! And as a thank you for shopping this fantastic new brand, we have an EXCLUSIVE offer that we’ve been dying to tell you about! Enter code OLC at checkout to get 20 Pairs of One Lash Chance Lashes for just £79! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. That’s a saving of over £120, we guarantee you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

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