Orange False Nails

Make your nails pop with orange false nails! Whether you've got a week on the beach lined up, or a big night out with your friends, orange nails are one sure fire way to make sure you get noticed. Shop our great range of orange false nails now, with nails by Ardell, Elegant Touch, W7 and more for you to choose from.

About Orange False Nails

Will orange false nails become your new favourite?

Let’s be honest, orange is not a million miles away from either yellow or red. Indeed, it sits right in between them on the colour wheel. And this is quite interesting when we consider how orange is perceived. Like yellow, it can be thought of as uplifting, happy and fun. Yet some people have a strong aversion to the shade, calling it out as overly vibrant. Of course, orange is a catch-all term and covers everything from marigold to marmalade. So before you write off orange false nails altogether, let’s cover all the facts.

Have we seen orange on the catwalks for 2022? The straight answer is a simple yes. Now, let us not pretend that it is as popular as yellow or pink, as the complexity of the colour makes it a hard high street sell. However, it is definitely there, and you don’t have to look too hard to find it.

It is no coincidence that orange is frequently a colour associated with sports activities, this is due to the shade being regarded as high in energy, so it motivates and gets the blood pumping. Consequently, many of the on trend orange ensembles nod towards a sporty vibe, with quilted sports jackets and caps. And when paired with a crisp white, the look becomes even stronger.

Orange cargo pants? If you are perhaps from the states, this trend may be off-putting, as it is often associated with inmates. However, it has appeared up and down the catwalks as a welcome change from the standard khaki cargo we have become used to seeing. Layer the top half of the outfit, finishing with your go-to shearling for a winning autumn look.

If you don’t want to fully commit to tangerine trousers or squash coloured shirts, you could accessorise with the colour quite easily. Think shoes, hats, sunglasses, and orange false nails.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Summer Romance

Beautifully named Summer Romance, these false nails from Sosu reflect young lovers watching beautiful sunsets surrounded by pretty wildflowers. They combine a mixture of pink and orange false nails, a nude based with just a touch of colour across the tips. A great prom accessory or just a staple of your summer wardrobe, wear them how you like.

Sosu By SJ False Nails- Stileto Medium Length - Call Me

When orange false nails just don’t grab enough attention, you need to up your game by combining orange and an animal print graphic. If you wanted to achieve this look in a nail bar, it would take serious time, patience and probably cost a fair penny. These nails are ready to slay! The style boasts a nude background with animal print graphic and gold foil.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Square Medium Length - Mocktail

These orange false nails may be called Mocktail, but they certainly give off an intoxicating style. Finished in an extreme gloss, the false nails span the spectrum of orange shades, starting with a fresh yellowy marigold and finishing with a burnt amber. The medium length style means they can be worn day to day, also ideal for summer holiday wear.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Coloured False Nails - Sorbet

Are you a lady who just loves longer length nails? The appeal is real. Lengthier nails elongate the hands and just seem so feminine. This product from Ardell Professional is designed to help you achieve that look. And whilst the manufacturer recognises the appetite for orange false nails, it sensibly realises that deeper orange hues paired with such a long length may seem overpowering. So this elegant sorbet ensure the nails blend tonally with brighter orange hues, without going over the top.

Orange false nails are perfect festival wear. How will you style yours?

Are you ready to look fierce in the sun? Are you attending a festival this year? If so, orange false nails are where the fun is at. Festivals offer the freedom and space to get crazily creative. Nobody minds how far your imagination goes, and it is the one time of the year you don’t need to think too carefully about the practicalities. So wear your orange false nails as long as you like.

Be Random!

What is the one thing which is guaranteed at a festival? It is indeed a crowd. And you want to ensure that you stand out from it. So when you are waving your arms above your head in a field, what is the one thing people will really notice? That’s right, your nails. Go random with a regular French manicure popped with orange false nails on your pinky!


Glitter is not just for Christmas, it is also for festival time. Maybe you don’t want to wear glitter as part of your makeup, but you can be part of the frivolity with a glittery manicure. And orange glittery nails… just say yes.

Hot Shades

For this look to work, you may need to mix and match a few false nail brands and styles. Find different shades of orange, ranging from spiced pumpkin to carrot and cantaloupe. Mix it up further by opting for different styles and sizes. It is attention grabbing, intentionally silly and uniquely you. Have fun.

Final tip. Orange false nails are admittedly a bold choice. It is all about choosing the right style for your personality and thinking about how the nails fit into your event or your chosen outfit.

Shop orange false nails today.