Pink False Nails

Pink false nails pop! If you want to turn heads and make a big impression, then pink nails are exactly what you need. We stock a range of high quality false nails from Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss, W7 and more. We're your one stop shop for lashes and nails, and we've got you covered with pink false nails too! Scroll down and browse our fantastic range now.

About Pink False Nails

Pink False Nails! It’s not a new trend, it’s tried, tested and always terrific.

Thinking pink is always a good idea. It’s a perineal colour, the colour of pretty peonies and the dusky hues of sunset, perfectly paired with a delicate rosé wine, also pink. Apparently Karl Largerfeld said it was OK to think pink, but never to wear it! Yet, why should we take note from a man who chose to live his life in monochrome. And what better way to wear this beautiful shade than pink false nails.

From flamingo to fuchsia, pink is always in style. However, the most trend conscious will tell you that this year, the most favoured hue is definitely hot pink, the hotter, the better.

As most colour trends do, hot pink started on the catwalk… championed by Valentino, with dresses, skirts, and accessories all in hot pink. And it captured the hearts of those Instagram hungry celebs who quickly realised that the shade is a complete attention grabber, which equates to more likes and more love. Of course the look also works for the more demure amongst us, who can choose to use it as an accent colour for jewellery, sunglasses, and even as pink false nails.

Pink is actually a very clever colour. Once reserved for newborn baby girls, the colour now transcends across both gender and generation. A man wearing pink is simply a man wearing pink, not someone trying to make a statement. Amen to that. However, it is where it sits in the colour spectrum which is most intriguing, somewhere between red and white. And if red is associated with temper and fire, and white with purity, that makes pink the very definition of affection and tenderness.

How we choose to wear colour can affect how others perceive us and more than that, colour is also renowned for having an effect on mood. Pink is a supreme soother, it effectively eliminates aggression and can create the suggestion of a calm disposition.

So when choosing your next shade of pink false nails, there is really only one question to ask…

How hot do you want to be?

Do you remember the film, The Devil Wears Prada? In which actress Anne Hathaway gets a dressing down about her colour choices. It turns out that her spring knitted jumper, which everybody would call blue, was indeed cerulean. Had we heard of this colour before? I think not. Additionally, there are so many names for all the different shades of pink, how do we know which ones would suit us most? Cameo Pink, Spanish Pink, Pink Lace, Champagne Pink and… Piggy Pink!!!

For many of us, a soft and perhaps demure pink manicure will be our chosen style, but for those looking to create more of a statement, you need a stronger colour. Hot Pink, is in itself a shade… the name of a colour. Apparently, those who choose hot pink want to emit feminine vibes twisted with a childish and flirtatious personality... Does that sound like you? If not, choose from the other bold pink colours below.

Magenta: Represents kindness, compassion, cheerfulness and emotional balance

Fuchsia: Uplifting, playful and lively

Bubblegum: Charming, fun-loving and energetic

Which pink false nails would you choose?

Sosu By SJ False Nails Ballerina Long Length - Pink Passion

What a fabulous name of the shade, pink passion… it tells you everything you need to know. This product offers pink false nails in soft and pastel pinks, but turns up the heat to full on… Hot Pink, although Sosu are calling it neon! They are massively promoted as a spring/summer 2022 look, but if the catwalks are anything to go by… these nails will take you well into the cooler months. The product comes with 30 different nails in different sizes, and you can relax in the knowledge that you are buying a cruelty-free product, suitable for vegans. It’s just win-win.

Sosu By SJ X Laura Anderson False Nails, Square Medium Length - Goal Digger!

Pink partnered with gold, what a winning combination. The look is equal in elegance to a French manicure, but the gold tips just add a little more oomph! Of course, it is a look which can easily be done at a salon, but these nails can literally be applied in seconds, with removal just as easy. Also works well for brides and bridesmaids.

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Squoval Short Length -Glow Getter

Have you decided that the hot pink false nails are not really your style? But are you also not willing to go basic with a brush of the predictable baby pink. If this is you, then this product from Elegant Touch London is your go-to purchase. There’s a simplicity to these nails, in that the Squoval shaping lends itself to functional every day wear, and the soft colour probably won’t cause whiplash to passersby. Yet for those who believe in the devils in the detail, the subtle iridescent glitter accent will ensure you sparkle and shine throughout your day.

Invogue False Nails Coffin Medium Length - Classic French Natural Pink

Time is something that we all wish we had a little more of. Balancing our commitments can sometimes seem like a challenge. Work, relationships, friendships and on top of that… we are supposed to find the time to keep fit!

Unfortunately there are no cheats when it comes to the gym, you need to do that yourself, but why waste time sitting in a nail salon when these classic pink false nails can be done in mere minutes. The product contains 24 nails, comes complete with nail glue and buffer, and not only will it make your manicure quicker, it will also save you some money!