Short Lashes

Looking for short lashes? Your search is over, because we've got you covered. Here at we stock a huge selection of short flare lashes, by top brands including Ardell, Eylure, Kiss and Salon System. Whether you're a makeup artist or a lash tech - or just a big lash fan creating your own lash looks - you'll struggle to find a bigger or better range of short lashes anywhere else in the UK. For fast, reliable service and prices that are super low, be sure to place your order with us now.

About Short Lashes

False eyelashes are not all about long fluttery lashes (they can be), but sometimes you need some infill, short lashes or half lashes to make your natural lashes look fuller and longer, short lashes to create a subtle statement. We have all the short lashes for your needs.

Lash Line

The lash line is where short fake eyelashes come in handy. They give you extra definition, enhancing the shape of your eyes by filling out sparse areas on the lash line. For short lashes, opt for half lashes and short lash strips, which are applied with short individual clusters and short bands that can be cut to fit the gap of sparse areas on your lash line.

Best Lashes for Small Eyes

False eyelashes add volume and definition to small eyes, so why not choose short fake lashes for small eyes? Half lash strips give the best illusion of fuller short lashes, as they are applied individually and blended with your natural short lashes. Half-lash strips come in short lengths, making them perfect for short false eyelashes.

Bottom Lashes

You should choose your short bottom lashes carefully to ensure they are short enough to look natural and blend in with your short natural lashes. Short false lashes for small eyes can be used as short bottom lashes by cutting off the extra length on a short lash strip, making them shorter and more suitable for smaller eyes.

Whether you’re looking for short lashes to add extra definition or short false eyelashes for small eyes, we have covered all your short lash needs. Please take a look at our Half Lashes collection and shop now.


Can you get short fake eyelashes?

Yes! Short false eyelashes are available in short lash strips, half lashes and short individual clusters.

Do shorter lashes look fuller?

Yes, short fake eyelashes can be applied along the lash line to fill out sparse areas, creating an entire look with short lashes.

What size are the shortest lashes?

The shortest length of short false eyelashes is usually around 5mm, depending on the type of short fake lashes you use. For more information on different types of short lashes, look at our Different Types Of Lash Bands page. And for advice on how to cut short lash strips to size, check out our Cutting Strip Lashes To Size page.