Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

Having amazing eyelashes from the second you wake up, until the moment you go to sleep will make your clients feel incredible. However, to ensure their lashes are in the best possible condition, it's important you inform your clients how to maintain and care for them. Below we have included some of our top tips to ensure your clients have long-lasting, full fake eyelashes! 

Avoiding Water and Steam

Firstly, and probably the most important tip would be to inform your clients about the importance of avoiding contact with water and steam for the first 48 hours after the eyelash application. During this time, the glue is still drying, meaning the lash extension is still bonding to the natural lash and any contact with steam or water is likely to break the bond and make the extensions fall out quicker. 

Avoiding Oil Products 

Secondly, it's important that you remind your client to only use oil-free or water-based products due to the oil in the products being a huge factor in weakening the glue. It is always a good idea to give your client some oil-free products that you can recommend! Below we have added some of our favourite oil-free and water-based products.

Cleaning Lash Extensions 

Cleaning lash extensions regularly is extremely important if you want them to remain in the best possible condition and last long. This lash cleansing set is ideal for your clients that love to take care of their lashes. This set contains one bottle of Lash Foaming Cleanser and a Lash Cleaning Brush.

This product is also perfect for giving your lashes a ‘lash bath’ as it removes any dirt or natural oils that could be weakening the bond between the lash extension and natural lash. 

Lash-Friendly Eyeliner 

Next up is the perfect product for all of your clients that love eyeliner. Since eyelash extensions began, it was a known fact that eyeliner was a no go due to the oil content within the product. However, eyelash emporium have bought out the most amazing eyeliner that is, in fact, eyelash extension friendly!

This product glides with ease and is specially designed for use with eyelash extensions as it doesn't affect the bond between your natural lashes and the extensions. 


Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 

It’s important that when you remove your makeup (particularly your eye makeup) that you use an oil-free product to avoid breaking down the lash adhesive and damaging your lashes.

The Marvelash eye makeup remover pads are ideal to use as they are completely oil-free, so they can be used to remove your client’s makeup before you apply their eyelash extensions, or they can be used by your client as a makeup remover. Each pack contains 75 pads so they are also incredibly long-lasting. 


Lash-Friendly Mascara 

Finally we have the Marvelash volume mascara. Although as lash technicians our job is to create the illusion of mascara, you will find that some clients just can't live without it and in that case, it's our job to find a mascara that is specifically made for eyelash extensions.

This mascara is water-based and contains zero oil so it is safe to use alongside your client’s lashes. 


Brushing Your Lashes 

Our third tip for your client to have long-lasting lashes is to brush their lash extensions on a daily basis. This may seem like an obvious step, but clients that are new to this treatment usually forget the extensions are even on. Brushing them on a daily basis usually means morning and night.

It is also recommended that your client brushes them after showers and baths etc, due to the fact the extensions stick together when they are wet. That's why you should always ensure you provide your client with a lash wand to take home with them. 


Caring For Your Lash Extensions 

Below we have attached a client care card, these are perfect for reading to your client, and we also recommend giving them a copy to take home with them. We suggest keeping the cards small, anything bigger and your client is more than likely going to bin it, whereas these small, handy cards are perfect for popping in your purse. 

False eyelashes care card

When Should Your Client Book an Infill?

As well as your clients caring for their lashes outside of the salon, it’s also important that they book in for regular infills. These are recommended every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain the fullness of the extensions. A common question is, when should my clients book in their infill? This time can vary for a number of reasons, for example, you may have a client who is brilliant at maintaining their lashes, and they require an appointment every 3-4 weeks, whereas another client may shed her lashes quicker meaning she will need more frequent lash appointments, every 2-3 weeks. 

The more times your client comes to you, the more you get to know the client’s lashes, the client’s lash cycles and the more familiar you become with their appointment schedules.

Again, this comes in time, so until you feel 100% confident, sometimes it's a good idea for the client to get in touch once they feel they are in need of a top-up. Always recommend for your client to contact you at least a week prior so you can fit them in. 

How Long Should an Infill Take? 

Another question that is frequently asked is how long should an infill take? Again, unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward answer, as different clients lose different amounts of lashes, some clients will lose over half the amount of lash extensions, whereas others will lose a small fraction of lashes. You will find some clients like their lashes looking more natural, so prefer infills less often, whereas others prefer their lashes full, so come in more regularly.

Those that say practice makes perfect are correct, so always time yourself, don't rush your appointments but get an idea how long different sets take you and before you know it, you will be halving that time. 

Building a Good Client Relationship 

Having a good, frequent relationship with your clients is key, allow them to contact you if they are unsure of a product to use, or if their lashes aren't lasting as long is always encouraged. It's so important that your clients are satisfied with the treatments they have received as the lash industry is saturated, meaning there's a great deal of competition.

Having your lashes done is a luxury and a luxury that is provided in many places. Our biggest tip is to take pride in the work you produce and make your clients feel as comfortable as possible!