Events & Occasions: Which lashes to wear?


When getting ready for a special event or occasion, or even just a night out - if you want to go the extra mile with your eye makeup, false lashes are your best friends. They are a cheap, easy way of enhancing your overall look, and take no time at all to apply. They are re-useable and so effective at adding drama to the eyes or simply opening them up for a feminine, feline look. There are of course the more unusual lashes that are great for parties and even festivals when a statement look is needed. But certain occasions call for certain lashes. A night on the town for example, with a glitzy outfit and smoky eyes called for full, fluttery lashes, such as Eylure Naturalites 145 style lashes

A few lash suggestions

An elegant and classy look that can be worn in the day, perhaps for special occasions such as lunch out or a job interview, calls for light and natural lashes, with either strip lashes such as these Red Cherry #113 lashes which add a bit more fullness and length to lashes without going overboard. Or there are individual lashes that can accentuate the eyes with just a few lashes being applied. Eylure Brown Combo Individual Lashes look great for daytime wear.

Another occasion when lashes could add something to your look is on more formal occasions such as weddings and christenings. There are various looks to play around with, whether you are going in the day or evening a guest of honour (a bridesmaid, for example) or simply a guest. You can play up or down the look, to go with either a more natural look, such as the one above, or a more dramatic look, such as the first look. You could go for even more drama with the Oh My Lashes from the Katy Perry range.

There you have it; there are many occasions when lashes can transform your look - but they can also be worn every day as they are such a versatile piece of makeup.