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If you’re an avid false lash fanatic, then you’re sure to have heard of Doll Beauty, and here at we stock all of the best Doll Beauty Lashes available! From full, fluffy styles to fluttery faux mink designs; we have a style to suit everyone. We have also recently added the amazing Doll Light Doll Beauty Highlighters to our website after countless requests from our customers, so you can now shop their dreamy lash collection and get your glow on!

Doll Beauty Lashes Flatlay  

Doll Beauty Bestsellers

  • Doll Beauty Lashes in style Chloe Elizabeth are one of the most popular and iconic styles from their entire collection. Boasting heavy volume, and ultra-fluffy clusters, these luxurious mink lashes offer a dense, dramatic look. The layering of fine and thicker hairs creates a feathery effect, and the longer strands in the centre allow for an eye-opening enhancement.
  • Style Jasmine are one of the most dramatic Doll Beauty lash styles available, offering heaps of volume and show-stopping length. Made from luxurious multi-layered mink hairs for an incredible 3D effect; these lashes are perfect for achieving a full, wispy finish. Similar to these lashes are the Doll Beauty Brooke lashes
  • Olivia Lashes are the ideal ‘in between’ pair, making them suitable for both day and nighttime wear. The medium volume and alternating length lash strands creates a textured appearance that fans outwards for an ultra-curled effect.
  • Stephanie Lashes from the Doll Beauty range are ultra-lightweight and luxurious, offering the perfect amount of length and volume for wear on any occasion. The delicately layered lash strands effortlessly curl outwards, providing a wispy, fluttery finish that looks flawless on all eye shapes and sizes.
  • Style Selena boasts a gradual increase in both length and volume towards each outer edge for a fluffy, winged out effect. Ideal for achieving a classic cat-eye look, these lovely lashes are also multi-layered for optimal impact.

Faux Mink Best Doll Beauty Lashes

If you prefer the look and feel of faux mink lashes, or just simply want a Cruelty-Free alternative to mink falsies; then the Doll Beauty faux mink range is sure to have a style you’ll love. Ranging from delicate, everyday lash styles to fuller, fluffier designs, Doll Beauty’s faux mink collection caters to all lash lover’s needs. Here are five of our best Doll Beauty faux mink picks:

  • Bambi - Offering a unique, striking lash look; style Bambi boasts dramatic alternating length clusters that flare outwards for a fluttery and flawlessly defined finish.
  • Ariel - One of the newer additions to the Doll Beauty range is style Ariel, which features medium volume, and winged outer edges for an effortless, elongated look. The criss-crossed strands create definition and texture, whilst the flared lash tips soften the look. They look gorgeous on all eyes!
  • Taylor - For high impact and maximum volume; reach for Doll Beauty Faux Mink Lashes in style Taylor. Designed with extreme density and double-layered lash strands, this beautiful, bold pair of falsies is ideal for completing any dramatic makeup look.
  • Lovelace - Style Lovelace offers a little length and medium volume, making them wearable for day to day as well as special occasions. The longer lashes in the centre of the band work to open and accentuate the eye without being overly dramatic, and the softly scattered clusters provide enhanced definition.
  • Liza - Doll Beauty Faux Mink Lashes in style Liza offers a glamorous, sultry enhancement that is ideal for wear on extra special occasions. The beautifully layered lash strands blend together to create medium volume and a fluttery, flared finish. These faux mink falsies look subtle yet stunning once applied.

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