Best Lashes for Almond eyes

If you find it difficult choosing the right makeup and false lashes for your almond eyes, then this guide will help you understand which shapes, colours and techniques work for your almond eye shape.

It will also enable you to determine your eye shape, as well as showcasing celebrities with a similar eye shape that use specific makeup techniques to highlight their almond eyes. 

If you are new to false eyelashes, then you need to make sure that you choose the right lashes, as some may overpower your eyes and make them a lot smaller than they are.

To avoid this, you should take a look at the following tips where you will find all the information you need, including everything from choosing the right lash to expert tips from makeup professionals and more.

What are Almond eyes?

If you are unsure whether you have almond eyes, you should look out for the key characteristic – a smaller eyelid which is longer in width and forms an almond or oval-like shape.  You may also notice that the eye shape reduces in thickness and comes to a point near the tear duct and outer eye.

Applying makeup and lashes to almond eyes is usually straightforward due to the prominent, which makes eyeshadow application much easier. However, you should try to choose understated lashes that flatter your face rather than over the top falsies. Certain makeup techniques can also make the eyes look a lot smaller, so minimal touches are always best.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Almond eyes?

Choosing the right eyelashes to enhance your makeup will not only improve your makeup look but will also boost your confidence without going over the top.

If you are unsure where to start when purchasing eyelashes, then take a look at the below guide which sets out the best lash brands who offer high-quality and affordable lashes that will make your almond eyes appear larger while also standing out more.

Red Cherry Lashes - 523

If you are looking for cheap false eyelashes, then Red Cherry Lashes in style 523 are the perfect choice as they’re cheap for one pair of lashes, which are made with real human hair.

These lashes feature clusters of fluffy and flared lashes and offer a textured look that is long-lasting and natural-looking. These will really accentuate your almond shaped eyes and make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

House of Lashes Iconic 

One of the most popular lash products for almond eyes are House of Lashes in style Iconic falsies which are 100% Cruelty-Free as they are made from synthetic hair. They also feature a V-shaped crisscross aesthetic which helps to create an edgy but elegant look.

You can purchase House of Lashes’ Iconic style false eyelashes as one pair per pack. These are very easy to apply and will also make your almond shaped eyes stand out whether you’re using them for everyday wear or a special occasion.

KoKo Lashes - Queen B 

If you are looking for a more dramatic look for an upcoming occasion, then Koko Lashes in style Queen B edition eyelashes are perfect. You can achieve the Queen B look with these multi-layered wispy lashes which feature long, short and dense clusters to give your makeup a little something extra for special occasions.

These handmade Queen B lashes contain a pair of lovely long lashes which can be reused up to ten times. This not only provides great value for money but will also help to enhance and shape your almond eyes.

Unicorn 3D Mink Lashes - Lemon Meringue

Unicorn Cosmetics Lemon Meringue lashes help to open up your eye and create a widening-effect which works perfectly for anyone with almond shaped eyes. This is due to the multi-layered strands of fine wispy lashes which create a full-bodied 3D appearance.

Lemon Meringue false eyelashes are made from high-quality mink. These lases are also very easy to apply and are lightweight.

Eylure Texture Lashes - 117

Eylure’s style 117 lashes are entirely handmade with a twisted and angled-style aesthetic that really complements almond eyes. This creates a messy finish which works perfectly with smokey almond eyes.

One pack of Eylure’s style 117 includes one set of high-quality lashes and an exclusive Eylure adhesive. They are also very easy to apply, which makes applying makeup and lashes much easier whether you are out for the day or going “out out”.

Peaches and Cream Lashes - No. 9 

Another affordable lash product comes from Peaches and Cream style No. 9 false eyelashes which are high-quality lashes. These are a popular choice due to the low price and natural aesthetic they offer.

These lashes in No. 9 are made up of natural and synthetic fibres which provide a wispy aesthetic that adds both texture and length. This makes them the perfect option for anyone with almond eyes who is looking for a subtle daywear lash that lasts.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Esmeralda

Doll Beauty Esmerelda lashes are the ultimate fluffy lashes for almond eyes as they offer both volumizing and lengthening abilities that will really widen your eyes. For these top-of-the-range lashes, you should expect to pay a medium rate for one pair of glamourous false lashes.

The Esmeralda lashes from Doll Beauty are handmade with high-quality mink, which makes them extremely durable and enables them to be reused for all evening events.

Pinky Goat Glam Collection Noura

One of the most sought-after lash products for makeup artists is Pinky Goat lashes in style Noura from their Glam Collection, which are a beautiful set of lashes that can be reused multiple times.

These Noura style lashes are made from dense silk fibres which help to create a dramatic and glamourous aesthetic that really widens the eyes. These lashes also have graduated length which helps to elongate the eye, while also creating a fluffy finish with finer lash tips.

Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes - Miami 

If you are looking to achieve a celeb-inspired look, then Lilly Lashes in style Miami are the perfect option for you. Kylie Jenner, who BTW has almond eyes, uses these 3D faux mink lashes to ramp up her red carpet makeup.

These lashes are a premium option which comes with a more expensive price tag per pack containing one set of lashes. While it may seem steep, the price is definitely worth it as they are so comfortable, easy to apply and offer effortless wear for a great evening look.

Land of Lashes Faux Mink Lashes - Aria 

For a bold appearance, you may want to opt for Land of Lashes in style Aria, lashes that offer a dramatic aesthetic with crisscrossed clusters and has elongated length in the centre of the lash.

A pack includes one pair of high-quality faux mink eyelashes. These lashes are also reusable so can be used for both day and night looks as this will create an eye-opening and stand out effect for your almond-shaped eyes.

Make-up for Almond eyes

Putting on fake eyelashes is not the only solution to enhancing your eyes, as there are various makeup techniques and products that you can use to make your almond eyes stand out.

To help you improve your makeup application skills to accentuate your almond-shaped eyes, take a look at the following makeup guide, which contains tips from some of the best makeup professionals in the beauty industry.


Before putting an eyeshadow brush near your lid, you should prime the eyelid and the surrounding areas to ensure your makeup is applied smoothly and correctly.

You can use an actual eye primer product to do prime or apply a small amount of concealer or foundation in the right shade to set your eyes. This will not only make it much easier to paint your eyes but will also help it last much longer.


One of the most important things you need to consider is the eyeshadow shades you are going to use, although you can be quite flexible with almond-shaped eyes. For instance, a lot of eye shapes don’t work well with a smokey eye, but luckily for you, almond eyes do, especially if you apply darker shades in the outer corner of your lids as this will create an eye-opening effect.

To open up your eyes even more, you should consider sweeping light colours across your lid as this will create the illusion of a much wider eye. You can also apply eyeshadow on the bottom lash line to emphasise the shape of your lovely almond eyes.


One thing you should avoid if you have almond-shaped eyes is too much dark eyeliner as this will make your eyes look a lot smaller. Instead, you should apply a lighter-coloured eyeliner under your bottom lashes to add dimension to your eye shape.

A cat-eye also looks great on almond eyes as it really highlights the oval shape. An extra plus is that this is very easy to achieve with liquid eyeliner, pencil or gels.


The best way to brighten your eyes is with a highlighter which could include applying a highlighter stick or a shimmering powder on the brow bone. This will help frame the eye area and to brighten them further.

Another great use for highlighter is to apply it to the inner corner of your eyes as this will really bring them to life, while also elongating the shape of the eye.


If you need a day look where you don't wear false eyelashes, then you can simply enhance your eyes with a sweep of lengthening mascara. This will help to brighten up your eyes whilst elongating your lashes.

You should also apply mascara if you are putting lashes as it will help them to stick down better. However, you should only apply a small amount as any clumping will prevent the eyelashes from adhering.

Eyebrow pencil

To frame your almond eyes, you need to pencil your eyebrows to perfection. The way you shape your brows is important; for instance, a rounded shape brow really does wonders for almond-shaped eyes as they really accentuate the oval shape.

You should also try to elongate your brows, as eyebrow arches that are too short tend to make your eyes and face look unbalanced and exposed. To prevent this from happening, you should apply pencil to your natural arches, making sure that you fill in any gaps.

Celebrities with Almond Eyes

If you are looking for almond eyes makeup inspiration from your favourite celebrities, you should first make sure that they have a similar eye shape, as techniques for other eye shapes may not work for you.

For instance, take inspiration from Mila Kunis, who is known for her beautiful almond eyes, usually adorned with a smokey eye which is smudged in the outer corners to accentuate the shape.

Other well-known stars with almond eyes include Beyoncé Knowles and Eva Longoria who are both usually seen with a bronzed or shimmery look along with lighter shades under their eyes which are all used to enhance and define almond-shaped eyes.


While many makeup artists believe you are blessed if you have almond-shaped eyes, there are still some restrictions on different makeup techniques that you can use. So now you know all about them, you can get to work and start practising on your next makeup look to really open up and define your almond eyes.

You can also enhance your look by choosing the best false eyelashes for almond eyes, including everything from natural lashes to dramatic Hollywood style falsies. Selecting the right lashes for almond eyes will not only transform your eyes but will also accentuate your face shape and overall aesthetic on a daily basis or for special occasions.