Brand Focus: DUO Eyelash Adhesive


Whether you’re a complete beginner or a lash connoisseur, you’re bound to have heard of DUO eyelash adhesive. Known as the world’s bestselling eyelash adhesive, this trusty brand has fast become the number one go-to glue for providing a long-lasting and firm hold of your favourite falsies. If you’re yet to try a product from our amazing DUO collection, then have a read below to see which DUO glue is best suited to your needs.

DUO Clear Tube

The most popular DUO adhesive formula has got to be the original. Available in two different sized tubes, this adhesive applies white and dries clear for a seamless blend once you’ve applied your lashes. The tube is travel-friendly and the 14g is ideal for makeup artists and beauty professionals as it contains a generous amount that should last a reasonable amount of time. Simply squeeze the product onto a cotton bud or directly onto the lash band (if you have a steady hand) then wait for the adhesive to go slightly tacky – this takes approximately 45 seconds. You’re then good to go and can apply your lashes for the perfect position and hold!

DUO Dark Tube

If you’re confident when it comes to quickly and precisely applying your false lashes, then you may prefer using the DUO dark lash adhesive for enhanced definition. Although this formula is slightly trickier to use as if it smudges it is visible in comparison to the clear tone, it is perfect for providing an eyeliner effect whilst working to hold your lashes in place all day long. This dark tone DUO glue is also available in both a 7g and 14g tube, depending on your personal preference.

DUO Brush On

If you need a helping hand to apply your lashes effectively, then look no further than the incredibly popular DUO Brush On Adhesive. Available in both a clear and dark tone depending on which finish you prefer, this adhesive is ideal for beginners or those that want a quicker and easier application process. Featuring an ultra-thin, flexible brush head, this adhesive allows for the ultimate control and precision with minimal mess or fuss. The formula is also latex-free, making it suitable for those with allergies or sensitive eyes!

DUO Quick Set Adhesive

Wanting to speed up your beauty routine? Then, the DUO Quick Set Adhesive is a must-have for your makeup bag. Designed to set/dry in just 5 seconds for a quicker lash application, this adhesive still boasts the same well-loved results that the original and brush on formulas offer. Simply use the brush on wand to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the lash band, and voilà - perfect lashes in under 10 seconds!

DUO Individual Lash Adhesive

If you regularly reach for individual lashes rather than strip lashes, then you’ll be pleased to know that DUO don’t just offer strip lash adhesives. The Duo individual lash adhesive is available in both a clear and dark finish (like many of their products) and has a clever dropper design bottle for easy, fuss-free product distribution. Apply a small amount to a piece of tin foil and then use tweezers to gently drag your individual lash cluster through the adhesive and apply as usual.

DUO 2-in-1 Adhesive

Want the best of both worlds or finding it difficult to choose which DUO adhesive is best for you? Then not to worry, the incredible DUO 2-in-1 adhesive is one of their latest launches, and we are sure it’s going to be hugely popular with our customers. Not only does it offer a brush on design for effortless application, but it is dual-sided containing their clear tone formula on one end, and the dark tone on the other! If you’re wanting to try both formulas, or simply like to switch things up, then this product is a top pick for you.

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