Salon System MARVELASH Lash Guide


Salon System Marvelash Lash Guide: we’re delighted to announce that we now stock Salon System professional lash extensions range from their Marvelash collection. From a choice of style, curl, length and thickness, there’s a type for every client. Here is an overview of Salon System’s Marvelash range to help you understand which lash to go for upon your client’s eye shape or request. 

Beginners Lash Extension Lash Guide

1. Curl

Lash Curl guide

The curl of the lash is represented by a letter, and below are the most basic ones; B Curl, C Curl, D Curl and J Curl.

A good lash technician will analyse your eye shape and map out accordingly, taking into account where to apply the long and thicker lashes to create a full volume look or for desired result.  

2. Thickness

Lash Thickness Guide

Different thicknesses of lashes are used for different styles depending on the look you want to achieve. The thickness of lash used also depends on the thickness of your natural lashes and if they can tolerate the weight. Having a healthy lash is just as important as living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Styles

Lash Styles Guide

When getting lash extensions, you can ask for a certain style. Style refers to length. Depending on what style you choose. Each style will give you a different effect depending on what look you want to achieve. However, although you may love a certain style, it may not suit your eyes or sit in the right places of your lashes. 

Application Process: Semi-Permanent Lashes

Below is a step-by-step process of how your lash technician will apply lash extensions on you. This process is not exclusive, as some technicians may have different ways of applying. 

  1. Assess your client lashes to see which semi-permanent lash is suitable for their natural lash and eye shape. Lashes that are too long or too thick can snap your natural lashes.
  2. Once you have had your consultation with your client, it’s important to separate your top lashes to your lower lashes using under eye pads.
  3. Prep and prime. This is essential as any leftover makeup or natural oils will disrupt the bonding between the glue and the natural lash.
  4. Brush through all lashes making sure they are facing the right way, ensuring primer is on all lashes.
  5. Isolate your natural lashes before applying lash extension.
  6. With your tweezers pick up your semi-permanent lash extension and swipe the bottom of the lash through the glue gently (shake glue beforehand to activate the glue) and place directly on top or beneath the natural lash, making sure the lash is not touching the lid leaving at least 3 mm in-between lash and lid.
  7. Repeat process until all lashes are covered.
  8. Brush thoroughly, making sure all lashes have been properly applied.
  9. Remove pads (remind client there may be slight stinging when they open their eyes due to the fumes and may expect watery eye, which is normal).
  10. Make sure all lashes are completely dried, ready for your client to open their eyes
  11. Again, brush lashes thoroughly with clients eye open
  12. Book client in for infill.
  13. Give a client after care card explaining all dos and don’ts.

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