Cheap Ardell Lashes


Ardell Lashes are arguably one of our bestsellers, but what might surprise you is they are also some of the cheapest lashes we stock. Here at we have every style you could possibly think of, and we even offer some incredible cheap multipacks, which will save you some money - isn’t that what everyone needs?

Our most popular cheap strip lashes at the moment is by far our Wispies range, It also happens to be one of our best value for money too, lucky you!

The Ardell Wispies and Demi Wispies value for money multipacks contain five pairs of the incredibly ultra-lightweight lashes, which are all easy to apply with a seamless finish. These cheap strip lashes are also re-usable if you apply and remove carefully, saving you even more.

ardell wispie multipacks

We also stock the Ardell Faux Mink Lashes range, which is for those of you who want a little more luxe in your life!

One of our favourite faux mink lashes has got to be the high impact 811’s as these lashes offer a flared lash style, with a longer outer corner and shorter inner corners, giving you that sultry cat eye look which enhances your eyes and makes your makeup pop!

You can pair these high quality lashes with a full face of glam for your big night out or even on their own, they’re that light they give you a feel of wearing no lashes at all!

ardell impact 811

For those of you who are repeat offenders, we even offer this cheap lash style and many others in our upmost popular multipacks, which contain four pairs of great quality Wispy faux mink lashes, giving you a gorgeous look all through Cruelty-Free methods.

If you’re still looking for a little more help on which cheap strip lashes or cheap individual lashes to buy, then we’ve even put together this list for you - don’t say we never do anything for you!

  1. Ardell Invisiband Lashes – Wispies
  2. Ardell Studio Effects - Demi Wispies Lashes Black (with DUO Glue)
  3. Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes – Combo
  4. Ardell Pre-Cut - Wispies Lashes Black (with DUO Glue)
  5. Ardell Lashes Demi Wispies Multipack (5 Pairs)

And even though this might not be a cheap strip lash, the Ardell Lash Grip definitely has to be part of our list! This high quality lash strip lash adhesive offers a strong hold on your lashes at an easy on the pocket price. So it’s a win-win situation!

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We also offer a subscription service which means if you subscribe with us, you would get these value for money multipacks at an even more unbelievable price by saving you up to 15% on different styles.

Plus, all orders placed with us also come with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more. So what’s the hold up for? Place your order now!