Cheap Eylure Lashes


The world renowned brand ‘Eylure’ is a firm favourite for us here at, not only for the high quality cheap strip lashes they produce, they provide the dreamiest of packaging but also pocket friendly prices!

The well-established company opened its doors in 1947 and has not looked back since, and neither have we! Being one of the highest rated low-cost brands of all time must be pretty hard, right? Not for Eylure, they come out with top marks each and every time!

The unbelievable vast range of cheap strip lashes and cheap individual lashes Eylure produce are endless and some of the highest quality lashes on the market too!

Whether these lashes are for that special date night or perhaps you're off to a special occasion, or maybe you're out on the town with the girls? Whatever you're doing, Eylure have the perfect style for you. They have over 8 different collections to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice!  Some of which include;

  • Texture - Ideal for everyday wear, wispy style, textured finish.
  • Naturals - Offering a subtle, delicate finish once applied.
  • Definition - Perfect for a defined and edgy look.
  • Lengthening - These lashes offer an elongated outer edge, giving you a wide-eyed look with ease.
  • Dramatic - Offers eye-catching volume (does what it says in the tin, really!)
  • Volume - This style boasts a shorter but fuller lash which opens up your eyes.
  • Fluttery - Bringing you lots of length with plenty of wispiness, perfect for those date nights!
  • Intensify - This lash collection is finished using black and blue hairs to make your lashes ‘pop’ (great with brown eyes as the blue strands will give you added depth).
  • Petite collection gives those with smaller eyes a style that will suit them (the smaller lash band gives you more of a focus at the centre).
  • Individuals (Eylure lash pro lash individuals for professional makeup artists for a unique customised look for yourself at home)
  • Celeb Collaborations (Eylure have also had the chance to do some collaborations with some pretty big names! Celebrities such as Cheryl, Vegan Nay, Emma Willis and many more.

And these are just some of the collections we stock here at!

One of our bestsellers and most in demand cheap Eylure strip lash at the moment has got to be from the new ‘Exaggerate’ collection! These stunning number 141’s are absolutely perfect for every occasion!  This lash offers a stunning look with differentiating lengths and a wispy effect to really provide you with some serious emphasis on your eyes. Boasting a thin, lightweight band that is almost invisible once applied. These fabulous lashes are even reusable if applied and removed with care. What more could you want?

eylure exaggerate 141

However, we know it's hard to pick just one of your favourite Eylure strip lashes, so here at we've put together a list of some of our personal favourites too, just to give you that helping hand!

  1. Texture 117 (Wispy style)
  2. Accents 003 (Accentuate outer corners)
  3. Pre-Glued 107 (Insanely popular now comes as pre-glued)
  4. Volume Lashes Starter kit 101 (Everything you need to get started)
  5. Definition 126 (Statement, attitude lash)

And don't forget, most of the Eylure range we stock comes with adhesive, saving you even more money for more of your favourite Eylure lashes. Trust us with this one, you won't be disappointed!