Do You Need an Eyelash Applicator?


Lash Applicators may be new to you, however they are the perfect addition to your makeup bag whether you’re a beginner when it comes to false eyelashes, or you’re an avid lash fan! Designed to assist lash application, lash applicators offer the ultimate precision and control with minimal mess or fuss – they’re an essential for achieving a flawless fit from your falsies.

Here at we stock an impressive selection of lash applicators from top-selling brands such as Unicorn Cosmetics, Red Cherry, Lilly Lashes and Eylure – however we have also recently launched our very own lash applicators. Available in four stunning shades, rose gold, hot pink, silver, and gold, these clever little tools are extremely affordable and are a must-have for effortlessly applying your favourite lashes.

What is special about a Lash Applicator?

You may be wondering what is different about a lash applicator in comparison to a pair of classic slanted tweezers, and we’re here to answer your question! Lash Applicators work extremely similarly to tweezers with regard to using them to apply lashes, but instead of featuring a thin tip (targeted more towards hair removal) they boast a specially shaped edge which is curved to carefully and securely hold a lash.

The handles are also spaced out slightly wider to give you much more freedom whilst still maintaining a firm grip of your falsies. The expertly designed tip allows you to position and apply the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible in a few simple seconds. Another great thing about lash applicators is they can be used to apply a range of different false eyelashes from pre glued, to accent lashes and standard strip lashes.

How to use a Lash Applicator:


Select a lash applicator that appeals to you, we have plenty on offer on our website ranging in colour and design, however most of them deliver the same results


Trim your lashes if necessary, then use the applicator to carefully remove a lash from the tray and apply your personal choice of adhesive to the lash band. Remember to wait approximately 45 seconds for the glue to go tacky before applying – unless you’re using the DUO Quick-Set Adhesive which dries in 5!


Once the lash adhesive has dried slightly, position the false lash in the centre of your lash line with the applicator and press down into place. You can then use the applicator to press down both the inner and outer corner for a secure fit and to achieve a more seamless blend with your natural lashes.

Our top Lash Applicator Picks

For quality, style, and affordability – Rose Gold Lash Applicator

For the ultimate luxury – Lilly Lashes Matte Black Applicator

For a simple, timeless design – Red Cherry Lash Applicator

Have you used a Lash Applicator before? You can now shop our amazing selection of lash applicators right here!