Falsies for Fall '23

Trends are funny; fashion trends are subject to overnight change. Judging trends and calling them correctly is a challenging task, but there are ways to do it, and these days it's not just what happens on the catwalk that dictates the trend; TikTok is a great place to see what's happening on the street.

We have spent hours researching the best false lash trends for 2023, so you don't have to — so sit back and enjoy our journey through the trends and styles that will feature in the last quarter of this year.

What are the upcoming lash trends for 2023?

No, makeup is a trend that has been around for a while and suits summer false lash looks when heavy styles look out of place in warm weather. We also see a massive return to classic lashes with a modern twist! Kim K-styled lashes in monochrome (black or off-white) or rich jewel tones from blue/black to green/brown are coming onto the scene.

Natural-looking styles that flatter the eye area also remain in vogue year after year, as do fluttering flicks and wispies falsies for those looking for a naturally groomed summer look.

What are the popular lash styles for 2023?

The returning classics look set to stay, with various lashes from thin and subtle styles to wispy flicks all appearing this season. Cats' eye-accented lashes remain centre stage; this style isn't going anywhere; whether strip lashes or individual lash extensions, 3/4 length lashes are the cat's whiskers.

The next big trend is underlashing — where your falsies are placed under your natural lashes. We love underlashing, but it's not new like all trends. It's a version of a previous look — so no, there's no such thing as a unique idea.

Underlashing involves cutting the strip into smaller pieces and applying them underneath your natural lashes. As the name suggests, the falsies are placed under the lash line for a more subtle effect.

TikTok loves this trend; it has been used on the drag runway for quite some time. Like many creative beauty hacks, the 'under lash' technique has a rich provenance, reaching mainstream beauty routines.

The best lash products to achieve the latest trends?

Starting with cats' eye styles — the big names have the edge on cats' eye false lashes — choose Ardell, Eylure, Kiss, and House of Lashes; these are great places to start.

The next big trend is underlashing; you can achieve this look with an individual lash adhesive or an all-in-one kit from brands like KoKo Lashes or Red Cherry. These kits make achieving the subtle lash line enhancement you need for this style easier.

How do lash trends vary from region to region?

Lash trends vary from region to region, depending on the local beauty culture and aesthetics. In North America, lashes are often long and bold. For Asian markets like Japan, South Korea, and China, natural-looking lashes are preferred.

In Europe, we see a mix of different styles; many prefer subtle lash looks that flatter the eyes, while others like more dramatic looks that focus on length and volume. We can go one lash further by looking at our sales by region in the UK. We are pleased to announce the most adventurous false lash wearers reside in Liverpool.

Liverpool was home to Eurovision this year, and that might be why Liverpudlians love big, bold, sexy styles like Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes — Doha and Dose of Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes — Baddie.

Eco-friendly or sustainable lash trends for 2023?

Yes! Sustainable lashes are HUGE on the false lash scene. Natural, cruelty-free mink, faux mink and faux silk lashes that can be reused up to 20 times, saving money and protecting nature, are high on the sustainability trend in 2023.

Many big players in this beauty field have a line of 'green' falsies. Eyecha and Ardell Eco are popular, as are Eylure Eco Lash, made from recycled materials and bamboo — often, the packaging is recyclable, making the products rank highly on the eco scale.

Trendy lash looks for special occasions

Special occasions require special falsies — introducing our new favourite — the Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes — Diamonds. These ultra-lightweight, natural-looking lashes give off a feathery fur appearance similar to the iconic Met Ball look popularized by Lizzo.

The best part? They're made with entirely vegan materials, making them perfect for conscious beauty enthusiasts. With high praise from our customers raves about their natural look and wearable design.

Plus, Lilly Lashes offers a user-friendly hybrid pen that glides on like a liquid liner and provides a waterproof, all-day hold for your convenience. You can elevate your lash look for any special occasion with Lilly Lashes.

Trending lash colours for Fall 2023

Brown, it's all about brown — brown lashes are in fashion, more natural than black — although black lashes will never stop being popular — and with the same volume as classic black.

For something totally unique, try Ardell's Color Impact lash collection. These multi-coloured lashes come in a range of striking shades, from deep purple to bright blue. They're perfect for jazzing up your look at festivals or special occasions.

Unique lash trends for mature women

Mature women or women of any age can be stylish and trendy with falsies. A great option for mature ladies is a subtle yet soft lash style like Eylure Fluttery Intense Lashes 175 Twin Pack. These light, wispy falsies add length and volume without overpowering the eyes.

Another good choice is Velour Plant Fibre Lashes — Second Nature which is made with the highest quality plant fibres, giving them a beautiful, luxurious texture. These natural-looking lashes provide extra length and volume for a youthful appearance.

Keeping up with the latest lash styles and trends

Imagine effortlessly keeping up with all the latest and greatest lash styles. You can keep track of trends by following popular beauty magazines, MUAs and influencers on social media platforms.

Who you follow can be like opening a treasure chest of endless inspiration, where you can discover innovative and creative ways to enhance your lashes. With each post and update, you can stay on top of the latest trends, from bold and dramatic looks to natural and understated styles.

Social media platforms have immensely impacted lash trends in 2023 — influencers are often the first to show off a new look or product.

Can men wear false eyelashes?

Yassss, queen! Of course, men can wear false eyelashes too! Just ask the Queer Eye crew. Ardell Naturals 110 Multipack (4 Pairs) is an excellent choice for guys. These full, dramatic (but not too dramatic) lashes provide a natural look and feel, making them perfect for daily wear or special occasions; plus, there are four pairs in case it takes a while to perfect your lash look.

Many falsie styles exist, so feel free to experiment with different looks. If you are unsure, look at Russell Brand, Zayn Malik or Zac Efron the next time they're on screen — they are definitely falsie fans.

The power of social media on false lash trends

Social media, specifically Instagram and TikTok, plays a massive part in promoting lash trends and businesses. Lash artists and lash businesses can use social media to showcase their products, services, and skills. It's also a fantastic way to network with fellow lash professionals and gain customers.

Social media platforms can help raise awareness about the safety and proper care of lash extensions, which is also beneficial in increasing brand visibility. Hashtags are essential for getting more people to find and interact with your content.

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The celebrities setting the lash trends in 2023

Lash trends are constantly changing, but some celebs lead the charge regarding falsies. Kylie Jenner and Lizzo are two of the most influential figures in styling faux lashes, along with Rihanna.

Every celeb on any red carpet WILL wear false eyelashes, without exception (even if they say they aren't).

How to achieve the same lash look as your favourite celebrity?

The quickest and safest way to mimic a celebrity look is to visit a lash technician. Technicians are qualified, know what they are doing, and are usually up-to-date with the most up-to-date styles and trends.

It's possible to do it yourself, but be warned — you might find it challenging to get the same look as your favourite celeb without practice or help from a pro! Plenty of YouTube tutorials and online resources are available if you decide to try them.

So why not take our tip from Falsies for Fall '23 season and try something new? Get the celebrity look you desire with false eyelashes!

And remember — FalseEyelashes.co.uk have all the latest trends in falsies, from subtle to wild styles! Shop our collection of top-quality lashes today.