Find Your Perfect Eyelash Applicator


Using an eyelash applicator allows you to quickly and easily pop on your favourite pair of falsies with minimum effort and fuss. Slightly more specialised than a pair of tweezers, lash applicators are perfectly shaped to gently yet firmly hold a strip of false eyelash, and precisely apply it to the lash line. Lash applicators have become increasingly popular due to their easy-to-use, foolproof design and here at we stock a selection of stunning eyelash applicators ranging in colour and style, catering to every lash fan’s needs!

Simple yet effective

For an affordable option, the Brush Works lash applicator is a top pick. It boasts a matte black design with a rubberised coating for the ultimate grip. The soft material ensures your lashes aren’t damaged during application, and is also gentle to use around the eye area. Simple yet effective; this lash applicator is ideal for beginners.


If you’re looking for a stand-out lash applicator for your makeup collection, then the Unicorn Cosmetics ‘The Stick It On Her’ eyelash applicator has quickly become a hugely popular product here on our website. Its gorgeous hot pink shade adds an instant feminine touch to your lash kit, and it’s easy to use, travel-friendly design allows you to effortlessly apply your false lashes in a few simple steps. It also comes in super cute, unicorn-themed packaging, making it a gorgeous gift for yourself or a friend.

Sleek and stylish

Lilly Lashes are a brand well-loved for their luxurious lashes and lash accessories. We have recently expanded our amazing Lilly Lashes collection with some stunning eyelash curlers and sleek eyelash applicators. These metallic applicators are available in rose gold and glam gold, and they each have a curved tip that is shaped to effectively hold a full strip lash. 

The Multitasker

Everyone loves getting the most from their money, and what better way to do so than investing in a beauty tool that does two things? The Velour ‘Too Easy Lash Applicator’ features an ultra-slim, pointed tip for precision when applying your strip lashes, and the other end boasts a comb head for any other finishing touches. You can use the comb to groom your brows into place, and to carefully brush through your lashes following application, blending everything together. The shiny, gold design instantly adds glamour. 

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