GET TO KNOW: Meet Monica Palcau


Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, I am big-hearted, 30 years old, self-taught makeup artist, food enthusiast and fitness addict 😊

So Monica, where did it all begin for you as a MUA?

I found myself with some extra time and I started to binge-watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, like Jaclyn Hill, NikkieTutorials… and I was totally hooked the moment I learned how to properly do my eyebrows. Then I thought nothing is impossible.

What has been your career highlight so far?

The moment I decided to take my creativity to the next level and start my own company in makeup, still working on it, but it’s a dream I never knew I had, and it gives me more happiness than I ever imagined.

What advice would you give someone who aspires to be a MUA?

Practice all the time and be always open to learn new things, also believe in yourself, you become what you dream of, always! I promise.

Who are your Top 3 Instagrammers?

People who always challenge my skills:




Lastly, what are your go-to false eyelashes?

I love many styles depending on the look I want to create, but the brand that always stands out for me is Koko Lashes.

Fun Facts:

Favourite food: pizza for sure 😁

Favourite cocktail:  the ones I make at home, Mojito or Aperol Spritz

Favourite holiday destination: Italy for walking and Greece for the beaches

Biggest pet peeve: People that judge other people out loud… We have no right to judge anyone but ourselves and our life story. We can have of course opinions, but we have to always be polite and kind.

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