Guide to Lola's Lashes

We love Lola, particularly Lola's Lashes. Lola's Lashes are a British company founded in Scotland and based in Glasgow, dedicated to providing excellent quality lashes with a fun twist. And that's why we've compiled this helpful guide.

Whether new to false eyelashes or wearing them for years, the information below will help you get the most out of your Lola's Lashes. We'll cover how to trim, clean, and apply Lola's Magnetic Lashes and how to remove them. So you can make the most out of your Lola experience.

Before that, we want to applaud Lola's Lashes for being vegan and clean, meaning Lola's Lashes contain no nasties and are cruelty-free. So you can rest knowing you won't harm the environment or your eyes when wearing them.

How to Trim Your Lola's Lashes

The first step in getting the perfect look with your new lashes is to get the length right. If you don't trim them, they may be too long and look unnatural.

It's easy to get the perfect length with Lola's lashes by following these simple steps:

  1. Place the lash on your eye. If it is too long, use sharp scissors to trim it down – but be careful not to cut it too short.
  2. Trim the lashes starting from the outer corner, working your way inwards. You'll be able to see where you need to trim, as it should follow your natural lash line.
  3. Once you have trimmed them, check they are still a comfortable length and make any adjustments if needed.

Once your lashes are trimmed, you are ready to apply them…

How to Apply Your Lola Magnetic Lashes

Lola has made applying false lashes easier than ever with its Magnetic Lashes. All you need to do is check the fit and place them on your eyes.

To apply:

  1. Start by placing one of the false eyelash strips onto your natural lash line, ensuring it fits snugly along the entire length of your eye.
  2. Then apply the other part of the lash, ensuring the two magnetic strips are aligned.
  3. Press the two parts together until you feel them connect and have a perfect line of lashes.
  4. To finish off, adjust your lashes to look as natural as possible.

Lola's magnetic lashes offer style and reusability, making magnetic lashes genuinely eco-friendly. Read more about – How to Apply Magnetic Lashes.

How to Remove Lola's Lashes

We know that removing false lashes can be a daunting task. But don't worry; it is easy with Lola's Magnetic Lashes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start by loosening the lash band by gently sliding your fingers along it from corner to corner. This will make them easier to remove.
  2. Once the lash band is loosened, carefully peel it away from your natural lashes, starting from the outside corner.
  3. Finally, gently remove any remaining adhesive with a damp cotton pad or tissue.

Once you have removed them, you must clean them and pack your lashes away for another fun-filled day.

How to Clean Lola's Lashes

Cleaning your Lola's lashes correctly is the key to having them last longer. Your false eyelashes should last up to 4 weeks or more with proper care.

Here's how:

  1. To clean them, use a cotton bud or an old mascara wand to remove any makeup residue from the lashes.
  2. Dip it in warm water and gently scrub along the lash line until all the product is gone.
  3. Then let your Lola's Lashes air dry before storing them away.
  4. If you're in a hurry, a gentle waft with the hairdryer on cool should do the trick.

How to Remove Your Liner With Lola's Lashes Cleansing Balm

Sometimes you need a little bit of help, especially when it comes to removing waterproof eye makeup and magnetic liner.

Lola's cleansing balm does the job, and here's how:

  1. Apply a small amount of warm balm (warm it up between your fingers first) and wipe it across your lash line or liner mark.
  2. The balm will quickly dissolve the magnetic liner and any waterproof makeup.
  3. Then take a cotton pad or bud and wipe away any excess residue.
  4. If your liner is proving stubborn, use warm water and a cotton bud to remove the leftover residue.

Product Focus

We have gone through all the how-to advice, and we would like to recommend some of our favourite Lola's Lashes and tell you why we love them.

Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Lash Kit – Lowkey

Lowkey are a bestseller for a good reason; it is the perfect lash for everyday wear and incredibly easy to apply. With a blend of synthetic silk and mink, these lashes offer length, subtle volume and a natural look that will last all day. Its unique hybrid design makes Lowkey lightweight and comfortable throughout the day.

Each Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Lash Kit – Lowkey contains everything you need to smash the day-to-night look – in the stylish box is…

  • 1x Pair of Lowkey Magnetic Lash
  • 1x Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1x 'Finishing Touch-Up' Remover Pen

Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jewel

Jewel by name and Jewel by nature, these stunning lashes come in a gorgeous kit containing everything you need in one place, all served in beautiful packaging – it's a winner.

Each Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jewel contains:

  • 1x Amber Magnetic Strip Lashes
  • 1x Sapphire Magnetic Strip Lashes
  • 1x Amethyst Magnetic Strip Lashes
  • 1x Black Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1x Magnetic Liner Cleansing Balm
  • 1x Rose Gold Lash Applicator Tool
  • 1x Rose Gold Lash Scissors

Everything you need – what's not to love?

Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jade

We love Jade because it offers a sophisticated look and feels that you can rock day or night. These magnetic lashes come in a jade green box and provide a relaxed look that doesn't take itself too seriously – sound like you?

Each Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit – Jade contains:

  • 1x Jade Magnetic Strip Lashes
  • 1x Medium Black Magnetic Eyeliner Pen
  • 1x Magnetic Liner Cleansing Balm


Thanks for joining us in our Guide to Lola's Lashes. We hope you feel more confident about trimming, cleaning and applying your false lashes and what lash kits are best for you. If you have any queries about applying or removing magnetic eyelashes or eyeliner, scroll down to our False Eyelashes Lash Education page for more tips and tricks.