How to Remove Fake Nails

Nothing finishes a look more than beautifully presented fingernails, but perfectly polished and presented nails need constant upkeep. When visits to the salon can be expensive and time-consuming, it's good to know there is a vast range of false nails you can apply at home.

It's also great to know if you follow our advice removing your fake nails is easy, so you can chop and change depending on your mood. But before we look at the glorious styles available, let's talk about removing your false nails without compromising your natural fingernails…

Removing Acrylic Nails Easily

Acrylic nails are a popular option as they provide robust and hard-wearing coverage. They are also relatively easy to remove with the right tools and techniques. Your first step should be to soak your nails in soapy water for 15 minutes; this will soften the acrylic glue and make removing them more manageable.

Once softened, you can use an orange stick (a cuticle pusher) or tweezers to gently pry the nail away from your natural fingernail at the sides, then peel off the whole false nail in one piece. If residue is left behind on your natural nail, lightly buff away with a four-way buffer after soaking them again in warm soapy water.

The Tools You Need

With the help of the Nail HQ Cuticle Pusher, you can easily create salon-quality nails at home anytime you want! This stainless steel tool has two ends and may be used on natural and fake nails. Use a cuticle pusher to shape and remove dead cuticles or nail glue from fake nails. To use whenever your cuticles need a little touch-up, keep it in your desk drawer, even though it's small enough to put in your makeup bag.

Removing Gel Nails

Gel nails are great if you're after an utterly glossy look that lasts up to two weeks. To remove them, you'll need acetone-based nail polish remover; it's the only substance that can dissolve the bond of the gel and adhesive.

First, use a cuticle pusher or tweezers to gently pry away at the edges of each false fingernail, and then soak your hands in acetone-based remover for 20 minutes or so until they slide off easily. If residue is left on your natural nails, buff it away with a four-way buffer after soaking them again in acetone-based remover for another 20 minutes.

Alternatively, if your gel nails are stuck fast, it's a good idea to soak a cotton wool ball in acetone and place it over the nail, cover the nail and cotton wool ball with cling film and wait for 10-15 minutes. The false nail should come off quickly and efficiently when you unwrap them.

Residue glue will likely remain on your nails; this is inevitable, but with a little more care, you can remove the glue with more acetone and the nails buffed before you apply your fresh set of fake nails or go naked for a short while.

Here's a buffer if you need it…

The professional nail files from Nail HQ are ideal for smoothing and sculpting your nails. You can get the perfect clean finish on both natural and synthetic nails with the help of a cushioned foam core, which delivers gentle and adjustable filing. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about running out of files very soon because there are six in one bundle.

Removing Press-On Nails

Press-on nails are a great alternative if you want to add length and glamour without the hassle of waiting for them to dry. To remove, start by soaking your nails in warmish soapy water for 15 minutes or until the adhesive begins to loosen, and the false nail slides away from the real one.

Once removed, use a four-way buffer to gently buff away any remaining glue on your natural fingernails, or use a little nail polish remover to clean off the last lot of glue residue.

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Long and coffin-shaped, Kiss False Nails Classic Nails in style' Be-you-tiful' provide a fashionable form and upscaled elegance. These false nails are for you if you want French nails that have been redefined (and redone!) and a faultless mani at home without going to the salon. These fake nails are strong and may last a week. These false nails are delivered in a ready-to-wear packet.

Everything you need is included in the Kiss False Nails Full Cover Short Square Nails Package. You choose; you can file and polish these glue-on artificial nails to whatever shape and length you want. These nails are dependable, simple to take off, and the top option for pros. These pre-applied fake nails will stay glam for up to seven whole days.

Nail Pre-Care Tips

If you're a false nail fan, you know difficult it is to go au natural, but sometimes you have to give your nails a break (not literally). Guess what? There is a way to protect your nails so you never have to go bare-fingered.

Use nail guards - Nail Guards are films applied to your natural nails first; they are extremely thin nail-shaped guards that you can use before any acrylic, hard gel, dip powder, or polished gel manicure.

The nail guards act as a barrier between your real nails and your falsies, but glue is still involved; sadly, there's no way to get around using glue. The fantastic news is that you can remove nail guards with cuticle oil, not acetone, and cuticle oil is way kinder to your natural nails than acetone.

The Best Nail Guards

  • Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Tabs/Guards
  • Tinga Nails - Nail Guards
  • Mavala Nail Shield

Aftercare for Your Real/Natural Fingernails

Whichever type of fake nail you choose, removing them doesn't have to be stressful; with these tips, it's easy! However, while we all love how fake nails look, it's important to remember that natural nails also need some TLC.

When you take off your fake nails, give your natural ones some nourishment with a good cuticle or nail oil. Nutrition will help strengthen and protect your real fingernails so they can grow properly. In addition, avoid filing them too aggressively or using harsh products; this will weaken them and make them prone to breakage.

Nail care needs tools and accessories to keep your natural and false nails in check…

Mix and Match Your Nail Choices for the Best Results

Your fingernails are made of the same stuff as your hair, eyelashes and the top coat of your skin. We produce Keratin, a protein made naturally within our body that gives strength and hardness to your nails, creates glossy hair and keeps our skin healthy.

We can help our body to produce enough Keratin by eating well and drinking lots of water. By looking after your natural nails, you will always have a strong base for placing your fake nails.

However, even with all the care in the world, it's a good idea to give yourself a break by mixing and matching between nail treatments. Nail treatments include buffing, polishing and adding nail oil; this will help keep your natural nails healthy and strong until you're ready to glam up again.

So don't be scared to show off the real you - embrace it! With these tips, you can easily switch between natural fingernails and false ones without compromising style.