How To Use Nail Clippers

When it comes to nail care, nail clippers are an essential beauty tool. Not only do they keep your nails neat and tidy, but using nail clippers correctly can also help prevent nail damage.

We’ve got a great selection of nail clippers and scissors to help you trim and shape your nails to perfection. So let’s get started with our guide on using nail clippers correctly for the best results.

Clean Nail Clippers are Essential

The first tip is always to make sure you have clean nail clippers. Clean tools will reduce your chances of infection or spreading bacteria around. Be sure to disinfect your nail clippers after each use with rubbing alcohol, and be extra mindful if multiple people are using the nail clippers.

Choose the Right Nail Clipper

The next step is to select the right nail clipper for your nails. A nail clipper with a curved blade will be most effective if you have thick, hard nails.

For regular nail types and artwork, pointed nail clippers are great for precision cutting. Choosing the best clippers makes the job easier and saves time and money in the long run.

Trim Your Nails in One Direction

Trim your nails in one direction to avoid nail splitting or tearing. It’s vital to clip your nails in one direction – never use a sawing motion, as this can damage your nails. Take off small amounts of the nail until you reach the desired length, remembering to always round off the edges of each nail after cutting.

File and Shape Your Nails

To get your nails looking their best:

  1. Use nail files to shape them into the desired form.
  2. Start using a coarser nail file to shorten long nail edges, then switch to a finer nail file for smoothness.
  3. If you’re going for a rounded nail shape, make sure you don’t cut or file too close to the nail bed or sides, as this can cause damage.

Finish with Moisturiser

After filing and clipping, it’s time to finish your nail care routine with some moisturising. Use a nourishing hand cream or nail oil to keep your hands and nails hydrated, protecting them from splitting or breaking.

If you can, keep your hands away from hot water and washing up liquid or hash detergent, and if you have to do chores, always use rubber or protective gloves. It would help if you also protect your hands from the elements with outdoor gloves; this way, your hands and nails will look lovely for longer.

Tools, Nail Clippers and Scissors

At False Eyelashes, we’ve got nail clippers to suit every nail type and care need. Shop our entire collection of nail clippers today, from regular nail clippers to toenail clippers - here are our favourite tools, nail clippers and scissors and why we love these tools.

We love the HQ nail clipper set because, whether at home or on the go, this Nail HQ Clipper Set is the ideal set of nail clippers to keep your nails neat, strong, and healthy. They include sturdy, sharp blades perfect for gently and precisely cutting fingernails and toenails.

The clipper set is perfect for travelling because it can easily fit in your handbag or cosmetic bag, allowing you to maintain your nails looking their best wherever you go. For ultimate luxury, try the Nail HQ Luxury Nail Care Set.

Why not ramp up the style with every nail instrument imaginable in the Nail HQ Luxury Nail Care Set? Nail HQ offers the tools you need to trim, shape, and file your nails are included in this set and are all wrapped in a sophisticated white finish. With the help of this set, you can keep strong, well-kept nails from the convenience of your home or while on your travels.

Clippers aren’t the only tools you need; scissors are just as important. Nail scissors and nail clippers have their place in nail care, with nail scissors being great for shaping the nail, providing more precision when trimming them.

The Nail HQ Pamper Set is perfect for trimming nails of any length or shape. The curved blades give you a precise cut, while the extra sharp tips help unlock even the most stubborn nail tips. And the ergonomic handles provide comfort and strength while cutting, allowing an easy grip that won’t slip mid-cut.

Whether you’re looking to do some nail art or keep your nails tidy at home or on the go, the Nail HQ Pamper Set is the perfect nail companion.

Look no further than the Elegant Touch Professional Nail Scissors for nail perfection. With their extra-sharp blades and ergonomic design, you can create neatly shaped nails with ease and precision. The blades are made from high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode and will last for years.

Plus, the handles feature an easy grip for added comfort and control when cutting your nails - ideal for those who often struggle with nail clippers or scissors.

Now you have the tools, and you’re good to go. However, if you don’t like your natural nails, we have a massive choice of false nails, nail wraps and nail tools from the best manufacturers. From Kiss False Nails to W7 nails to give you the look of your dreams.

False Nail Kits

Here are our favourite false nail kits to get you started:

Everything you need is included in the Kiss Brush-On Gel Nail Kit for the ideal manicure at home. No matter the occasion, a perfect combination of French tips and natural nails will have you looking your best. Once you’ve picked your tip, you must brush on the gel activator and adhesive to get started.

These nails are simple to apply and provide a natural appearance because of their greater size and perfectly square tips.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with W7 Full Cover Nails - Oval (Contains 216 Nails) for fantastic value with easy-to-use instructions.

The W7 Full Cover Nails Oval package includes 216 nails in 10 sizes, each of which has a nail bed that can be cut to fit your particular size and shape. Cutting to fit enables you to create a unique look for any event or everyday wear. These nails have a natural appearance, are made of sturdy material, and can even be easily and quickly touched up when necessary. You will get a lot of wear out of them.


We hope this blog post has helped you decide which nail clippers and scissors to use. All the nail tools we’ve mentioned are excellent choices for keeping your nails looking neat, strong, and healthy. At, we have a great selection of nail products from the best manufacturers, such as Kiss, W7, Elegant Touch and Nail HQ - so if you’re looking for nail care advice or nail care tools, look no further than our fantastic range.