How to Wear Lash Extensions in Hot Weather

It is the season to be sunny (hopefully); while it might rain most of the year in the UK, right now, it's approaching the holiday season, and whether you're visiting hotter climes or enjoying the weather at home it's helpful to know how to wear lash extensions in hot weather.

Your eyes and eyelashes are (in our opinion) the most attractive features of your face, and you want to be sure they look gorgeous even when the temperatures rise. Lash extensions are perfect for the summer because they last longer (with proper care) and won't smudge as mascara can. But it's all too easy to forget your lash care in the heat.

Here at FalseEyelashes HQ, we want to ensure that your lashes look beautiful and stay perfect throughout the season, so here is our advice on how to wear lash extensions in hot weather.

Lash Storage in Hot Weather

Store your lashes in a cool place so they are ready for when you want to apply them. Lash extensions or strip lashes, come to that, will be compromised if the temperature is too high, so storing them anywhere from chillingly cold (no less than 5 degrees) to room temperature of no more than 21 degrees is best.

If you're interested in chilling your lashes for extra protection (and a fantastic feeling on your eyelids when putting them on!), it's safe to store them in the fridge. You can also store unopened lash glue in the fridge, but once it's opened, you should move your adhesive into an airtight container so the contents are not exposed to air moisture.

When applying your individual lashes, allow them to adjust to at least 18 degrees before putting them on if that sounds like a faff, regular storage in a cool, dry place is fine.

Lash Care in Hot Weather

When wearing lash extensions, you should be extra careful when exposing them to anything that could damage them. Good lash care is critical in hot weather, as sweat, sunscreen, and chlorine can all damage the adhesive and cause your lashes to come off.

You should clean your lash extensions between uses to keep them looking fabulous. A gentle cleanser is best, as harsh products can break down the glue's bond. Sweating can also be an issue, so it's vital to use oil-free products before going out in the heat and on days when you plan to be active.

Swimming is also a problem, as chlorine will quickly damage your lashes. It's best to avoid putting your head under the water altogether, but if you want to submerge yourself, wearing swim goggles is a good idea.

We need sunscreen; it's vital for proper skin care; however, lashing in hot weather can mean that sunscreen can build up on your lashes. So, when at the beach, apply an oil-free sunscreen gently with a makeup brush instead of directly onto your face.

What Humidity Means to Lash Techs

Lash technicians know that you need some humidity in the room when you're working on your client's lashes. It's a balancing act; too much humidity and your lash adhesive will set or cure before you have time to attach the lashes.

Not enough humidity and the lash glue won't set at all and could result in lash slippage or simply clumping and a poor set of individual lashes that means your client won't return.

Professional humidity needs to be between 40-60%. These are the magic numbers to ensure your client is happy and keeps coming back for more.

Holiday Humidity Issues

It's difficult to control the weather, and humidity is no friend of false lashes, or fake tan come to that, but there are things you can do while you're on holiday to keep your lashes from curling, drooping and falling out prematurely.

  1. Make the most of air conditioning if you're headed to a hot clime and don't want your lashes to suffer, ensure there's air conditioning in the hotel room where you're staying, especially at night.
  2. Use a fan if you don't have air-conditioning in your hotel room or Airbnb.
  3. Invest in Humidity Control Products if your holiday destination is more of a 'humid-hol', it may be worth investing in lash-specific humidity control products such as makeup fixing facial spray.
  4. Clean your lashes even more fastidiously than usual, avoiding oil-based products.

Lash Glue in Hot Weather

Hot weather can also affect lash glue; the glue can dry out quickly if you're lashing outdoors or in a heated room. It's essential to ensure good-quality adhesive that can withstand higher temperatures before applying your lashes.

No matter which glue you choose, you should, whenever possible, keep your lash glue at room temperature; if it is too hot or cold, the adhesive won't work as well and may not be able to bond with the natural lashes.

Adhesive Mixing for Better Lash Retention

As the temperature rises, so does the need for diligent adhesive shaking. Without a good shake, the ingredients in your glue won't properly mix. And if all the ingredients aren't mixed correctly, your bond won't work as intended, resulting in poor lash retention.

Don't let half-used bottles go to waste. Vigorously shake your adhesive before starting your next set, or if you’re doing it yourself, think of the money you’ll save.

Wear Sunglasses to Protect your Lashes

We know this sounds obvious, and no fashion-conscious babe would be seen dead without them, but invest in decent shades for the sake of your lashes. All sunglasses sold in the UK must have some level of protection from UV rays, but when it comes to protecting your eyes and lashes, 100% UV protection sunglasses are the ultimate superheroes.

Sunlight helps to create oil on your eyelids, which, in turn, weakens the adhesive bond and can cause premature lash fallout. If you're serious about keeping your lashes looking good for longer, investing in some quality sunglasses will do wonders.

100% UV protection sunglasses have the incredible ability to block UV-A and UV-B rays completely, all thanks to their UV400 lenses. With these powerful sunglasses, you can save your eyes and false lashes from harmful UV rays and look stylish at the same time.

Wear a Hat to Protect Your Lashes

A hat can be your lashes' best friend when the sun is hottest. It will help protect them from the sun and all its harmful rays and keep your head cool, stop sweating and ward off potential heatstroke. A wide-brimmed hat is great for protecting both your eyes and lashes and your face.

Lashing in Hot Weather

Nobody wants their lashes to sag in the heat, so taking the necessary steps to keep your lashes looking gorgeous is important. Whether hitting the beach or enjoying a hot day in the city, following these tips will help you wear lash extensions with confidence and style this summer.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself and make the most of your summer! With a bit of lash-care knowledge, you can easily rock those falsies. So grab your sunglasses, throw on a hat and don't worry about a thing because, heatwave or not, your lashes are sure to look as stunning as ever.