How You Should Care for Doll Beauty Lashes and What You Should Know About Them

Getting dolled up just got a whole lot easier with Doll Beauty Lashes. Doll Beauty Lashes are the latest and greatest in faux lashes, allowing you to create gorgeous looks without worrying about looking too unnatural.

From the popular mink lash styles to synthetic, vegan-friendly designs, there's something for everyone at FalseEyelashes. Learn more about Doll Beauty Lashes and how you should care for them…

A Brief History of Doll Beauty Lashes

Doll Beauty Lashes have been around since 2016 when they were founded by makeup artist and beauty influencer Chloe Boucher. Initially only offering mink lash styles, Doll Beauty has since expanded to provide a more extensive selection of synthetic lashes in vegan-friendly designs.

Today, this cult beauty brand is renowned for its luxurious lashes and stunning effects that will turn heads.

Why are Doll Lashes Called 'Doll' Lashes?

The Barbie doll look was all the rage back in 2016; Doll lashes embraced all things pink and girly and ran with it. Their signature doe-eyed looks have turned them into the cult lash brand they are today. Doll lashes are synonymous with pink, fluffy mink and dramatic styles.

Do Doll Beauty Lashes Come with Glue?

No, Doll Beauty lashes do not come with adhesive, but we sell glue separately so that you can mix and match your adhesive and false eyelashes. Always use Doll Beauty's adhesive to ensure the best possible results with your lashes.

The right glue ensures maximum longevity and security – no need to worry about them falling off at night on the dance floor.

Are Doll Beauty Lashes Cruelty-Free?

Absolutely! Not only is Doll Beauty a cruelty-free brand, but all of its products are vegan-friendly, making them the perfect choice if you're looking for lashes that do not involve any animal testing. So when you buy Doll Beauty Lashes, you can rest assured knowing you are supporting an ethical company.

Are Doll Beauty Lashes Real Mink?

No, Doll Beauty Lashes do not use real mink fur. While they have some classic mink styles, they are made from synthetic fibres and do not involve animal cruelty. Their collection also includes vegan-friendly faux lashes, perfect for creating a dramatic look without compromising comfort or longevity.

How to Clean Doll Beauty Lashes

Keeping your Doll Beauty Lashes in the best possible condition is important, so cleaning them regularly is essential. To do this, remove any makeup residue on the lash band with a cotton bud and warm water. Allow the lashes to dry completely before storing them in their original packaging.

Do not use oil-based products on them to ensure that your Doll Beauty Lashes last longer. Oils can break down the lash band, making it challenging for the lashes to stay in place.

Which Doll Beauty Lashes Should I Choose?

We have a great selection of Doll Beauty Lashes at FalseEyelashes. You'll be spoilt for choice whether you want a natural look or something more dramatic.

If you are feeling daring, then our 3D mink lashes are perfect! These lashes sit perfectly on your lids and give off an incredible curl that will turn heads. Or, if you are looking for something subtler and more natural, try out the Doll Beauty Demi Wispies.

Look at our Best Doll Beauty Lashes blog post for inspiration on which lashes are perfect for your next dolled-up look.

Doll Beauty Highlighter and Other Products

We love Doll Beauty products so much that we stock the stunning Doll Beauty Push Poppin' Liner – Liquorice Black. The liner is waterproof and full of deep black pigment, so it's a must-have if you love the doe-eyed look. We also stock their Doll Beauty Highlighter in shades such as 'Shine Bright' and 'Like a Diamond'.

These are ideal for adding that extra sparkle to your makeup look. The highlighters are packed with flecks of glitter that will give you a party-ready look and make your skin glow.

Doll Beauty Highlighter Duos

The Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter Duo comes in a gorgeous pink case and contains two complementary shades. The duo is perfect for anyone who loves a soft, subtle shimmer.

The Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter Duo Champagne Supernova palette has a full-on glitter base that will ensure you don't go unnoticed. These highlighters are the highlight of the makeup palettes.

Doll Beauty Stuck On You Lash Glue

The Doll Beauty range is only complete with their award-winning Stuck On You eyelash glue. The black lash adhesive is perfect for getting that flawless lashes look – and it's vegan too.

The Doll Beauty Stuck On You Lash Glue has all the essentials to keep your false eyelashes in place all day. It's easy to apply and will give you a long-lasting, secure fit. Plus, it's also suitable for sensitive eyes!

Doll Beauty Lashes

This only leaves our list of favourite Doll lashes to take you from day to night in one fall swoop. In no particular order, we love…

  • Doll Beauty Lashes - Khloe

We love Khloe, and so do you; it's a bestseller. This lash has wispy flares that add length and volume, making it ideal for a doe-eyed look.

  • Doll Beauty Lashes – Gilly

Gilly is perfect if you want to add some drama to your eyes. These Doll Beauty lashes have short clusters placed on a band, creating a glamorous look.

  • Doll Beauty Lashes – Eva

Eva is perfect for creating a doe-eyed look in no time at all. These Doll Beauty lashes are full and fluffy, and the shorter length makes them easy to apply.

  • Doll Beauty Lashes – Selena

Selena is an absolute classic and loved by all. This Doll Beauty lash has a spiky, fluttery design that makes it unique and perfect for an intense look.

Finally, go for Doll Beauty Lashes – Coco to stop the traffic. Coco lashes are the epitome of style and sexiness all rolled into one. These Doll Beauty lashes are the best in their category, making you feel like a dolled-up diva.

So there you have it; from 2016 to now and still making waves, Doll Beauty Lashes are a must-have for dolled-up, party eyes this season.