Lash Adhesive – Which One Should You Choose?


Lash adhesive is a very general phrase: There are various kinds of lash adhesive for different types of lashes. Using the wrong lash adhesive can have disastrous and sometimes painful consequences – in this blog post, we’re going to look at how to pick the correct adhesive for your lashes.

Spot testing

Whether you’re using strip lash or individual lash glue, spot testing is really important. A spot test allows you to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the glue. If you do, steer clear of using that glue again. If you fail to spot test the glue prior to applying lashes, all kinds of horrible things can happen if you have a reaction to the glue. Always spot test the adhesive 24 hours before you plan to use it, just in case you do have a reaction to it.

Lots of people have latex allergies and other intolerances – we can’t stress the importance of spot testing enough! Always read the care and application instructions that come with the adhesive, too. You might think you know it all but they can offer some very helpful advice. Best application practices do vary from brand to brand, too.

Strip lash adhesive

Strip lashes tend to be the most popular type of lashes that we sell. Strip lash adhesive isn’t particularly strong – it lasts up to 24 hours in most cases. We’ve got a great range of strip lash adhesives from Ardell, DUO, Eye Candy, Eylure.

Strip lash adhesives come in all different shapes and sizes and we do stock some latex free glues for those with a latex intolerance. We stock a range of adhesives that dry clear/white and also black/dark. Strip lash adhesive is also good for applying individual lashes if you only require a short hold. Typically, you won’t need to use lash remover to get strip lashes off, they should just pull off with the gentlest of tugs.

Individual lash adhesive 

Individual lashes include single strand lashes as well as the flared cluster lashes. These tend to be a little more customisable than strip lashes – you can create the exact effect that you desire (top tip: using individual lashes on the outer eyes in conjunction with strip lashes is a great way to create a chic, stylish and unique look).

We have a great selection of individual lash adhesive in stock. It’s a lot stronger than strip lash adhesive because it’s designed to keep lashes in place for upwards of a week. Individual lash adhesive often has quite a strong smell to it, but as long as you spot test and follow the application instructions carefully, it’s safe to use. Wondering how to apply individual lashes? We've got you, just follow the linked blog for the best guidance and advice from our lash experts!

We stock individual lash adhesive in black and clear from Ardell, DUO, and Eylure. We also stock lash adhesive remover – because this glue is so strong, you could pull out a few of your natural lashes inadvertently when removing the lashes. If you aren’t going to wait for the lashes to drop off by themselves, lash remover is a “must buy”. Be sure to buy the corresponding lash remover for the brand of glue you used. If you bought Eylure 18 hour lash glue, use Eylure Lift Off remover to take the lashes off. If you bought Ardell Lash Tite adhesive, use Ardell Lash Free to remove them.

Surgical lash adhesive

Every now and then we hear a horror story from a customer that has managed to get hold of surgical lash adhesive and things have gone terribly wrong for them. At, we do not sell surgical lash adhesive to the general public for one good reason: It’s dangerous! Surgical adhesive is really only for mobile beauticians, makeup artists and salons to use. If you’ve not been trained to use surgical lash adhesive, don’t bother.

You can buy surgical lash adhesive on lots of other websites out there, but unless you’ve been trained to use it, you really shouldn’t. If you make one small mistake with surgical adhesive, you can cause a lot of harm. Whether you’re doing lashes for yourself, a friend or even a client, never use surgical lash adhesive unless you’ve been properly trained in the application of lash extensions. Besides, strip lashes and individual lashes look just as good if applied correctly.

We hope this blog post clears a few common questions up regarding eyelash adhesive! There are so many different types, it can often be confusing trying to work out which one to buy. If you still have any burning questions, please contact us right away – we’ll be glad to advise you on the best glue to purchase.