New Flutter Lashes Styles and Our All-Time Favourites!


Flutter Lashes are a hugely popular brand here at thanks to their dramatic, double-layered designs that are extremely unique and offer premium quality. Our website stocks over 80 amazing Flutter Lashes styles ranging from mink designs, to synthetic hair lashes, catering to every falsies fans needs and also considering a variety of different budgets. We also provide individual Flutter Lashes for those that prefer a customised lash look, as well as lash accessories such as tweezers and makeup bags – our Flutter Lashes collection is truly hard to beat!

We are excited to introduce to you the two latest Flutter Lashes styles to arrive at our website, and we also thought we would take a closer look at some of our all-time favourite Flutter Lashes!

Flutter Lashes - New Styles


The packaging alone is enough to want to add these luxurious lashes to your wish list! Housed in a holographic pink, crown-shaped box, this style is fit for a princess. Boasting an extreme flared appearance, and multi-layered lash strands for optimal impact; this stunning style is ideal for dramatically elongating your eyes, and achieving a classic, cat-eye enhancement. The graduated length looks gorgeous alongside soft, smokey eye makeup, and the V-shaped clusters provide a full, fluttery texture.


Another new addition to the Flutter Lashes range is style Captivating. Handcrafted from synthetic fibres, this style consists of layered lash strands that form together to achieve a soft, medium volume and flawless finish. The increased length in the centre of the band works to open and accentuate the eye, for an effortless, eye-opening effect that looks amazing once applied.


Arguably the most popular and bestselling Flutter Lashes style; Intoxicating is ideal for injecting some drama into your look. Boasting a blend of long and medium synthetic hairs that are subtly criss-crossed, this design adds intense volume and longer lashes in the middle of the band for a wide-eyed look.


If you love a bold lash look, then style Crazed is the perfect pick for you. These lashes are formed into thick, feathery clusters that are softly separated along the lash band for a defined finish. The extreme length and volume dramatically enhances your eyes, fanning outwards for a full, fluffy finish.


#iSlay are a lot less dramatic in comparison to the other top-selling Flutter Lashes styles, making them a great choice for day to day wear. This style consists of flared clusters that are delicately spaced out and scattered along the band for a flawlessly defined finish. The graduated length adds a touch of glamour and the medium volume is extremely wearable.


Another one of the top Flutter Lashes styles is Provocative, which is perfect if you love an ultra-long, wispy lash. Featuring a fade of density from base to tip, this design has a textured appearance that adds volume without being too heavy. The finer, lightweight lash strands soften the look, completing your makeup beautifully.

Which Flutter Lashes style is your favourite? Click here to shop our entire Flutter Lashes collection now!