Our Four Favourite Red Cherry Lashes


If you already love Red Cherry Lashes, then you'll be glad to know that most styles are now just £3.99! If you want affordable yet stylish lash, then you have come to the right place. With over 50 fab falsies to choose from, this impressive brand is loved by our customers for their wide range of designs and high quality, lightweight lashes.

Our Top 4 Red Cherry Styles

We have picked out our top 4 Red Cherry styles that are both pretty and pocket friendly. 

Red Cherry Lashes Style - #43 (Stevi)

Want the best of both worlds? These high quality lashes can certainly give you that! Their medium volume provides a naturally enhanced look, whilst the graduated length offers a touch of glamour. Boasting a stunning curl highlighting the eyes, these lovely lashes are the perfect pair for wear on virtually any occasion. 

Red Cherry lashes - #WSP (Wispy)

If you are looking for a fairly natural look, then these wispy lashes will be perfect for you. The medium length hairs offer a textured volume that’s ideal for everyday wear. The lightweight lashes and invisible band ensure comfort as well as a seamless blend. 

Red Cherry Lashes Style - #523 (Sage)

Sometimes less is more, and this is most definitely the case for #523 Sage. The ultra-fine strands of hair are layered to create a soft, textured finish as well as a beautiful flared appearance, adding just the right amount of fullness. 

Red Cherry Lashes - #DW (Demi Wispy)

The criss-crossed design of Red Cherry Demi Wispies creates a stunning, natural look. Featuring both short and long hairs, the graduated length provides a subtle, natural-looking enhancement. These fluttery falsies are a perfect choice for everyday wear. Simple but stylish; Demi Wispies are one of our all-time favourite Red Cherry styles and we are sure you’ll love them too!

Which style will you be choosing? You can shop all of the lashes featured in this post as well as all other Red Cherry lash styles here.