Five Eye Makeup Tips For Monolid Eyes


Let’s talk monolid eyes. What are they and why do we have different eye shapes? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder (no pun intended) and just like our bodies, eyes come in all shapes and sizes. There is no scientific reason why they are different, they just are, so embrace and learn to love your eyes, whatever the shape.

Here at, we offer lashes for all eye shapes. Whether it be almond, hooded, deep-set or downturned eyes, we have you covered!

If you’re struggling to find makeup tutorials for this particular eye shape, you may want to read on. Meanwhile, look at this floating eyeliner trick below by Francesca Tanmizi.

step by step floating eyeliner trick for monolid eyes

Here we share our five eye makeup tips for monolid eyes.

  1. Eyeliner – Switch up your eyeliner and opt for some coloured liner to put on top of your black eyeliner. Add some to your bottom lash line to really make your eyes pop.
  2. Primer –  Monolid eyes are more susceptible to smudged makeup, because makeup just disappears under the fold. So remember to prime those eyes.
  3. Tightline your eyes – This technique creates a fuller, wide-eyed appearance. Fill your upper lash line with kohl eyeliner to create the look of thicker lash roots.
  4. Eyeshadow – Opt for smokey eyeshadow, and blend from dark to light to create definition. To finish off, dust some shimmer highlighter to your inner corner to create bright eyes.
  5. False EyelashesStrip lashes can really accentuate your eyes to make them appear bigger. You can go natural or dramatic depending on the look you go for.

Tried all the makeup tips and still struggling? Well, Youtubers such as Weylie Hoang (ILikeWeylie) and Claire Marshall (OhHaiClaire) both sport monolid eyes and create makeup tutorials alongside giving great advice – go check them out!