The Complete Guide on How to Curl Your Lashes Without an Eyelash Curler

Imagine you're shipwrecked alone on a desert island and haven't found your makeup washed up on the beach. You've found your SPF (phew! No wrinkles here) and rollers but no mascara — a girl's gotta do what party girls gotta do, so you start curling your lashes sans-curler.

All you need is imagination and some everyday household items to get those lashes looking curled and fabulous. Here's how...

How to Curl Your Lashes Without an Eyelash Curler

No mascara - use a spoon

Let's hope the ship's cutlery has washed up on shore, or at least the teaspoons.

Hold a spoon horizontally at the base of your lashes and slowly sweep it upwards. The curve of the spoon will help to curl your lashes.

The spoon must be clean; it goes without saying that anything you put near your eye area must be spotless.

Use your fingers instead of mascara

So, no spoons have washed up; what else can you use? Your fingers, why not? They're readily available, and you can't lose them unless you swim to shore through shark-infested water. Let's say there are no sharks near your island for the sake of your lashes.

Please wash your hands thoroughly, then dry them completely. You don't want any water or moisturiser on your lashes, making them more difficult to curl.

Next, dab your fingertips with a bit of Vaseline or balm and rub them together. Then, gently pinch your eyelashes together and hold for a few seconds while using your middle and index fingers as pincers.

Your fingertips' heat will contribute to setting the curl. Who said there was no use for sweat hands?

Do it old-school with a pencil

We're not talking about an actual eyeliner pencil (although that would work if you found your makeup bag). But anything cylindrical that you can find - think lipsticks, highlighters... even batteries or a stick (make sure it's not a stick insect, that could be bad).

Wash your hands and ensure the pencil or stick is clean before you start. You don't want any dirt or bacteria near your eyes.

Next, hold the pencil horizontally at the base of your lashes but on top of your lash line, so the lashes go over the stick, not under it and slowly sweep it upwards. The curve of the stick or pencil will help to curl your lashes.

You can also use the pencil to apply a bit of mascara if you find some washed up on shore (fingers crossed). Dip the pencil in the mascara and use it on your lashes as usual.

Achieve long-lasting eyelash curls with heat

If you're lucky enough to find a hairdryer on shore (it's unlikely, TBH), then you're in luck. You can use it to help curl your lashes - no curler needed.

First, hold the hairdryer about 10 cm away from your lashes and direct the heat toward your brow bone. Move the hairdryer left and right across your face to help curl your lashes evenly.

I don't want to sound too ELF and safety, but blow-drying your eyelashes sounds dangerous, so be careful.

Anyway, even if you found your hairdryer, where's the powerpoint? Nothing to plug the dryer into - unless you thought ahead and bought a solar-powered hairdryer (unlikely as they don’t exist).

Get natural lash curls with baby powder

If you have sensitive eyes (or just think this is a rubbish idea), this method is not for you as it can dry the lashes.

But if not, then give it a go. Get your baby powder and toothbrush ready.

Wash your hands and make sure the powder is clean before you start. You don't want any bacteria near your eyes.

Dip the clean toothbrush brush into the baby powder (or use a cotton bud) and put it onto your lashes, being careful not to get any in your eye. The baby powder will absorb any excess oil on your lashes and help them to curl.

If you have long lashes, this method is ideal as it can also help to lengthen them. Just be sure to remove any excess powder before applying mascara (when you find it), or your lashes will look clumpy.

So, there are some lash-curling methods to try next time you're stuck on a desert island (or want to curl your lashes without a curler).

Eyelash reality check

In reality, it's unlikely that you'll ever get stranded on a desert island (we hope), and no self-respecting person would leave home without their kit, makeup bag and a complete set of beauty tools - eyelash curler included.

It's always a great idea to know how to do things the old-school or even old-skool way, just in case.

And, if you're looking for a new lash curler to help you achieve perfect curls every time, check out our latest arrival - House of Lashes (Lash-Aid-Lash-Curler).

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False eyelashes are the answer to shipwreck scenarios

Lash Accessories

Forget about curling your eyelashes with a stick or baby powder. What you really need is a good set of false eyelashes. Waterproof and easy to apply, they'll help you achieve long, luscious lashes that will frame your eyes perfectly - no matter the situation.

Luckily, we have an answer to all your sartorial problems. Our new False Eyelashes will make you look your best regardless of the scenario. We've got a style for every occasion - from the office to the beach.

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The tiny magnets skilfully positioned along each lash band make applying quite simple.

If you don't want subtle, the answer could be a KIT, but not just any kit - the Kiss Magnetic Entice (Eyeliner and Lash Kit) for full-on glamazon - think Sofia Vergara as Daniella Riva in Modern Family.

Kiss Magnetic Entice is a game-changer; it's an eyeliner and lashes kit in one. The magnetic liner is simple to apply, and the lashes simply 'click' into place on top - no fuss, no mess - just gorgeous, long lashes that will last all day (and night).

Last but not least, your desert island must have the stunning, beautifully packaged rose quartz lash kit - Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit in style 'Rose Quartz'.

Lola's Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit has everything you need to achieve long, voluminous lashes. The set includes a bottle of magnetic lash liner cleansing balm, black magnetic liner and, of course, the lashes themselves.

The Lola Lash style is a complete, wispy style with a criss-cross design that lengthens and adds volume. They're also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

More information about magnetic false lashes

Magnetic lashes are groundbreaking. Since arriving in the beauty scene in 2014, they have gained much popularity, particularly in the US, wider Europe, and of course, the UK.

Technological advances mean magnetic fake lashes are now lighter, more comfortable and easier to apply than ever before, not to mention essential packing for that girl's trip.

So, what are they? How do you apply them? Are they safe?

Magnetic lashes are made of two strips; the top has tiny magnets attached to the bottom. The bottom strip is lined with a magnetic liner applied like a regular eyeliner. Once the liner is dry, the top strip goes on top, and the magnets will 'click' into place.

The lashes can be worn all day and removed easily by gently peeling them off. Removing the magnetic liner before bed is essential; use a makeup remover or oil-based cleanser.

Magnetic lashes are completely safe and will not damage your natural lashes. In fact, they are much lighter and more comfortable to wear than traditional false eyelashes glued on with lash adhesive.

Magnetic fake eyelashes are the way to go if you're looking for a super simple way to achieve gorgeous, long lashes. Whether you're after a subtle or dramatic look, there's a style to suit everyone.

It really is that simple - no glue, no mess. For more information about magnetic lashes, read our extensive guide. So, what's keeping you? Try them for yourself and see for yourself.

So, there you have it, fake lash fans - our top three picks for false eyelashes that will help you look fabulous, no matter the situation. Whether you're stuck on a desert island or want to add extra oomph to your look, false lashes are the way to go.