What are LVL Lashes?

Sometimes you want more than what your natural eyelashes can provide, and that’s where LVL (Length-Volume-Lift) comes in. LVL lashes are an innovative way to boost your eyes without wearing false eyelashes or extensions.

They involve tinting and lifting your natural lashes to create bigger, brighter eyes with just one treatment - perfect for those who want to amp up their beauty look without the fuss.

But what exactly are LVL lashes, and what makes them different from regular lash lifting procedures or the addition of false eyelashes? Why do we bother to change the way we look? Why do we use false eyelashes?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions and more.

What exactly are LVL lashes?

LVL lashes are a new twist on traditional lash lifting techniques. It stands for Length-Volume-Lift, and the treatment promises to give your natural eyelashes an immediate lift that lasts with proper aftercare - no maintenance or daily upkeep required.

The goal is to provide you with bigger, brighter eyes without needing mascara or other makeup products. Unlike false eyelashes glued on individual lash hairs, LVL lifts the entire lash line, creating a more dramatic effect with one treatment.

This means the LVL lash treatment is much less time-consuming, and you can boost your natural eyelashes with just one appointment.

Is an LVL lash treatment the same as a regular lash lift?

No, LVL lashes are slightly different from regular lash lifts. The main difference is that LVL lashes use a silicone rod at the lash line specifically to give your eyelashes an extra boost in length, volume and lift, as opposed to traditional perming techniques, which do not.

The LVL description is a trademark or branding by Nouveau Lashes, registered in 2005, but the beauty industry uses the term LVL widely used to describe the process used in lifting the lashes.

Interestingly (to us, anyway), the term LVL was first introduced in the 60s to describe a wood-laminating process called laminated veneer lumber. There are similarities (at a push) in how LVL works - putting a product on to another product (in this case, your lashes) to change their appearance - okay, we said it was a push!

Is the LVL lash treatment safe?

Yes, LVL lashes are perfectly safe when performed in a professional setting. The treatments use certified products and equipment designed specifically for lash lifting procedures.

Once applied, there is no chance of the products coming into contact with your eyes, and the tinting used is free from harsh chemicals. Make sure you have a patch test first, though - more on that later.

How do LVL lashes differ from regular false eyelashes?

LVL lashes differ from regular false eyelashes in two ways: they’re less time-consuming and don’t require daily upkeep.

False eyelash extensions take longer to apply than an LVL lash treatment, as false eyelashes are glued onto your natural lashes individually.

Lash extension upkeep means you have to go back to the salon every few weeks for maintenance appointments - something that’s not necessary with LVL lashes.

On top of this, false eyelash extensions can look more artificial compared to the natural-looking results of LVL lashes. They also don’t last as long, as the extensions tend to fall out sooner and need more frequent maintenance.

Why do we bother to change the way we look?

Not everyone wants to change how they look, but for many of us, finding ways to enhance our natural beauty motivates us. Whether it’s something as simple as a new hair colour or something more dramatic like a full-on makeover - we all have reasons for wanting to look and feel our best.

Why do we use false lashes?

False lashes are a fantastic way to add definition and length to your eyes and give them an extra pop of colour. They’re easy to apply, last for up to three weeks, and can be removed quickly and easily if you want a change.

For some people, false eyelashes are a way to appear as they used to before an illness or during specialist treatments for cancer or other conditions. Click the link to read more about  - Why do we use false lashes.

For others, it’s a way to add drama or style to an outfit or create a unique look for an event. It all comes down to confidence, what makes you feel good about yourself, and what works for your lifestyle.

We are focusing on LVL lashes right now, so here are some more answers to questions we regularly get asked.

How long do LVL lashes last?

LVL lashes can last up to 8 weeks with proper aftercare - no daily upkeep required. Low maintenance is what sets it apart from regular false eyelash extensions, which require weekly maintenance appointments for optimal results.

With proper care and maintenance of your LVL lashes, you can expect them to look great for weeks without worrying about them coming loose or needing a retouch anytime soon.

What does an LVL lash look like before and after?

LVL Lash Treatment

An LVL lash before and after treatment can look drastically different. Before the treatment, your eyelashes will appear flatter and less voluminous; after the treatment, the effect will be the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes.

Before the treatment:

  • Flatter eyelashes
  • Less volume
  • No definition or curl

After the treatment:

  • Lifts entire lash line
  • Creates a more dramatic look
  • Bigger, brighter eyes with no need for mascara or other makeup products

So what makes LVL Lashes different from regular false eyelashes? It’s all about time savings, natural-looking results and no daily upkeep! With LVL lashes, you can dramatically boost your natural beauty in no time at all.

While the reports about LVL lashes sound amazing, there are a few things you must be aware of...

LVL lashes require a patch test

Like any treatment on your lashes, you should have a patch or sensitivity test at least 24 hours before your appointment. The patch or sensitivity test is carried out to ensure you don’t react to the product and that your eyes are safe during the treatment.

If your technician tries to do this treatment without a patch test, don’t have it done and choose another technician in another salon. Read more lash education advice here.

LVL lashes are not suitable for everyone

LVL lashes aren’t suitable for everyone, so speaking with a professional before booking an appointment is essential. Your technician can advise what works best for you based on the shape and condition of your lashes.

Should you consider doing LVL lashes at home?

No! LVL lash lifts are a medical treatment that should only be done professionally. Do not attempt this at home, as it can cause severe damage to your eyes and lashes if done incorrectly.

Your LVL lashes require (some) maintenance

Although LVL lashes are less time-consuming than traditional false eyelash extensions, the results won’t last as long if you don’t take good care of them.

Just like caring for natural lashes, you should avoid rubbing your eyes and use an oil-free makeup remover to cleanse your face without affecting the lift. It is also important to use a gentle shampoo when washing your lashes so that they stay looking their best for longer.

Do your natural lashes need to be in good condition before you have an LVL lash lift?

Yes, you must have healthy lashes before having an LVL lash lift. If your lashes are damaged or weak, the treatment may not be successful, and you may experience more breakage than usual.

Speak to a professional technician and if necessary, use a conditioning serum to ensure that your natural lashes are in good condition before having an LVL lash lift.

What can you do if your natural is unsuitable for an LVL lash lift?

You can do many things if your natural lashes are unsuitable for an LVL lash lift.

  1. You can have your natural lashes enhanced with individual eyelash extensions.
  2. Wait until your natural lashes are in better condition.
  3. Enhance the health of your natural lashes with a serum.
  4. Use magnetic false eyelashes with a magnetic liner.
  5. Use strip lashes over your natural eyelashes.

Whatever your choice, it is vital to ensure that your natural lashes are healthy and robust before attempting any lash enhancement.

Here is a list of our favourite magnetic false eyelashes that come with a liner:

  1. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit - Charm
  2. Lola’s Lashes Magnetic Lash Kit - Rose Quarts
  3. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit - Entice
  4. Red Cherry Lash-Lift Magnetic Eyelashes - Juno
  5. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit - Fly By

Now that you know what LVL lashes are, how they differ from regular false eyelashes or a traditional lash lift. We have answered - What an LVL lash looks like before and after, how long they last, and what safety measures need to be taken.

Including the reasons why lash treatments should always be done professionally – it’s time for you to decide whether or not LVL lashes are the right choice for you.

Remember: always go to a licensed professional for your treatments. Keep safe and enjoy all the stunningly beautiful results of having perfect lashes.