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About Individual Lashes

As well as having a wide range of strip lashes available here at, we also offer an impressive collection of individual lashes. Perfect for beauty professionals, or simply those that require a customised look, we have a brand, length, and style to suit you. From Ardell to Salon System - even the best names in the false eyelash industry have created their individual lashes, to cater to every desired look. Whether you prefer knot free, flare individuals, or tapered lashes; our variety of lashes available is unbeatable.

Individual Lashes – What’s On Offer?

Our styles range from single lashes (best for creating an ultra-natural, realistic effect), to short, medium, or long lengths, and even doubled up or trio lashes for an extra dramatic, voluminous look. Whatever your preference, we have the lashes for you. The choices don’t end there, we also stock specific coloured individual lashes, rather than just your average black lashes, we sell brown and even blue, green, and purple lashes – courtesy of Katy Perry’s Color Pop set created by Eylure.

What Exactly Are Individual Lashes?

To break things down for you, we’ve got a little explaining to do. Put simply, individual lashes are usually made in groups of three. These synthetic lashes can be attached together, and are applied directly to your natural lash line with the use of adhesive. There’s a reason why some people buy falsies and cut them into three – it’s the love of precision. Applying Individuals correctly can be a sure fire way for you to get noticed, and they look so darn cute too!

Individuals (lashes) can, on occasion, last for up to 2 whole weeks! Now that’s a lot of fluttering and winks if you ask us! Sometimes clusters (collections of individuals) can be harmful. So it’s best not to apply your cluster(s) to more than one lash because your natural lashes often grow at different paces.

What’s The Difference Between Individual Lashes and Extensions?

Unlike individuals, extensions are applied one by one. So that means applying one lash extension to each natural eyelash (with permanent glue/adhesive). These extensions should only ever be applied to the natural eyelash. This is because natural eyelashes shed every 2 – 3 months. When extensions are applied correctly, there shouldn’t be unwanted damage to the root of your natural lashes. Extensions (if they are semi-permanent) should always be conducted by a trained/qualified beautician or lash technician!

How To Apply – Individual Lashes

There are many different types of individual lashes, and each offers a slightly different effect depending on your personal preference. Individual lashes provide the most natural enhancement as you can customise your own look to suit your eyes and natural lashes. Depending on the individual lashes you opt for, they each offer a seamless blend with your own lashes and are a soft, subtle way to add as much length and volume as you require.

So no matter whether you’re going for a natural look with a soft sweep of bronze, or maybe a more intense and dramatic smokey-eye, individuals are a sure fire way to elevate your lash game.

You can learn here how to apply your Individuals (in less than 10 minutes) like a Lash Pro:

  1. Apply Mascara (and more) In Advance

    Take out your eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Yes, you guessed it right, you’ll need to apply your makeup first – after all, nobody likes panda eyes! By choosing to pop on your mascara in advance, you’ll provide your individuals with a stronger base to stick on to.

  2. Let Your Glue Go Tacky

    Possibly the oldest trick in the book, let your glue go tacky! You’ve heard it from the professionals, and you’ve heard it from us! This is a sure fire way to guarantee that your individuals don’t go slipping and sliding all over your eyelid. To achieve the best result, place a small amount of glue on the back of your hand. Now you’ll have to wait for up to 60 seconds (between 30 - 60 seconds as a guide). When the colour begins to change and starts to thicken, then you should be ready for the stick’ down!

  3. Tilt and Apply From The Outside

    You’ve applied your mascara, and your glue is super tacky. That’s great, now tilt your chin like you’re a superstar singer. This will not only expose your upper lash line and eyelid, but it’s easier than opening one of your eyes at a time. Take a nice pair of lash tweezers and tap gently on the lash cluster (at the base) placing it carefully in the glue. Now, you can drop your falsie along the line of your natural lashes (starting from the outside) – it’s easier – trust us! If your glue is terrific and tacky (a good sign), then you should be able to place your cluster in a comfortable location. Leave it for a couple of seconds to dry off, and hey presto! After this, all you need to do is repeat the process – take another cluster and place it next to the first one!

    Top Tip 1: For a subtle yet fabulously flirty look, pop 2/3 clusters on the corners (outside) of your eye.

    Top Tip 2: For a more dramatic and fun, fuller look, build along the lash line/band towards your inner corner.

    Top Tip 3: Just remember, if you mess up a little and you’re not keen on the position of your clusters - don’t worry, just pluck them off carefully with your fingers. You can always try again with another dip of glue/adhesive.

  4. Dry & Clamp Down

    So, now you’re ready to go. You’ve chosen where you want your lashes, and you’re feeling pretty confident. That’s great news. Before rushing out the door, it’s always best to let your lashes settle for around 10 minutes. Once they’re dry you can head out and do whatever you want, but don’t skip this step (trust us).

    For a final pointer, go ahead and grab a lash curler (if you have one). If not, you can take a look in our online store, we have plenty of falsie goodies on offer. Use the curler here, to clamp on to your falsies – pushing them on and into your natural lashes. This will help you to blend them in, for a seamless and precise finish. You’re welcome!

Klarna – What Is It All About? Can I Really Pay Later?

Just have a look at all the reasons why Klarna is great:

  • Pay later for your order, with no fees or interest if you pay within 30 days
  • No credit application necessary
  • Instant decision
  • Get your lashes, then pay 30 days later! (Flexible, right?!)
  • Klarna will contact you directly via email with details on how to pay

To get started with Klarna, you need a UK bank account, a residential UK address, and you must be 18 years old or older.

If your application with Klarna is unsuccessful please note that we do not have the ability to overrule Klarna's decision. Klarna is an independent entity and they have their own rules and procedures for approving and rejecting applications. Klarna's decision is final.

You can contact Klarna's customer service here:

How to Choose Individual False Eyelashes (That Suit Your Eye Shape)

Finding a false lash style that you love is easy, but ensuring it suits and enhances your particular eye shape can be the tricky part. But there’s no need to worry. Once you have established your unique eye shape and what styles work for you, stocking up on your favourite individual lashes will be a piece of cake!

We’ve identified some of the most common eye shapes below:

  • Hooded Eyes

    One of the most common eye shapes we often get asked to pick a style for is hooded eyes. Hooded eyes mean that you have more skin above your crease and most of your upper lid is hidden when your eyes are open. Therefore to enhance your eyes, you need to create more depth. Selecting a style that features increased length in the centre as well as heavier volume, allows for an eye-opening effect that instantly gives the illusion of larger-looking eyes. Don’t select a style that is too dramatic as this will close the eyes up.

  • Round Eyes

    If you’re lucky enough to have large, round eyes then you tend to get away with a wide variety of different lash styles. You can see the majority of white around your iris if you have round eyes and long lashes with a dramatic curl tend to look best as this lifts and enhances your upper lid. Voluminous styles can sometimes be too heavy and make your eyes look much smaller than they are, instead opt for a natural lash with elongated ends for an instant cat-eye effect.

  • Monolid Eyes

    Mono-lidded eyes are most common among Asian women and it is when there is no visible crease on the eyelid as it is covered by skin. Women with mono-lid eyes tend to have very straight eyelashes, therefore false lashes are the perfect way to enhance their eyes creating length, lift and curl. Multi-layered lashes with a curled, fluttery appearance complement mono-lid eyes as they work to open them up for a wide-eyed illusion. A lash with a graduated length is also a great way to elongate mono-lid eyes, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

  • Almond Eyes

    Almond-shaped eyes show no white above or below the iris, and they’re slightly pointed at each outer edge with a wide centre, making them extremely versatile. Many different lash styles accentuate almond eyes, and they look best when their shape is enhanced with a full lash style that features evenly distributed volume.

  • Deep-set Eyes

    Deep-set eyes sit behind the brow bone and if your eyes are deep-set, you need to create depth to open up your eyes. You can do this by wearing an ultra-dramatic lash style as many bolder styles will suit your eyes and won’t overpower them. Choose a long, curled design that adds fullness.

For more eye shapes and further tips on how to choose your perfect lash styles, you can view our full guide here.

Your Individual Lashes & Free Delivery

With a number of lashes available, we also sell eyelash adhesives of all kinds, to ensure you can apply your individual lashes with ease, using high quality products. Hollywood makeup artists have shown themselves to be huge fans of individual lashes, as they allow you to tailor a lash look to each client, resulting in a unique and flawless finish. What are you waiting for?

At, we have a truly dizzying array of eyelashes for all of your falsie needs. From individuals to magnetic strip lashes, adhesives, applicators, and more, we are the go-to false eyelash supplier in the UK and Europe, and we offer some fantastic deals too!

Shop our individual lash collection now and don’t forget that all orders come with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more - don’t miss out!