Lash Cases

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Lash Cases

Looking after your lashes is hugely important if you’re a regular falsies wearer, or want to ensure you get the most uses out of every pair. Finding a suitable, safe place to store your lashes after you have removed them is key for keeping them in tip-top condition, ready for the next use. Lash cases are the latest travel-friendly way to effectively store your lashes, or take your favourite pairs on-the-go, without damaging or losing a lash.

Not only do we stock an incredible range of lashes to suit every individual here at, we also know how vital it is to organise your lash collection and take care of each pair of your falsies, so we now stock an impressive range of lash cases allowing you to store more than one pair of eyelashes in a stylish compact case.

The perfect portable addition to your false lash collection; lash cases are ideal for both beauty professionals and avid falsies fans. We offer some of the best brands in the business, and our House of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Cases are a bestseller! We carry an impressive range of lash cases to suit all budgets, you won't find a better selection or a better deal anywhere else.

Whether you require a small, sleek case that you can easily pop in your makeup bag, or a larger lash case to sit in your dressing table drawer, we have a variety of lash cases suited to every lash lover's needs. Our lash cases are a beauty essential, and they also make the perfect gift - shop our amazing selection of lash cases now and you'll get FREE 1st Class Delivery in the UK - a service we offer on every single order placed here at!