Lash Tech Supplies & Equipment

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About Lash Tech Supplies & Equipment

Welcome, lash techs; you’ve come to the right place for all your lash supplies and equipment needs. This blog post covers everything from off-the-shelf products to professional ones, so read on for all the necessary information.

False Eyelashes have covered your lash tech needs, from microfibre lash brushes to eyelash tweezers, on-set under-eye gel patches and complete lash extension kits. We have the highest quality professional supplies for lash techs so you can give your clients superior service and look beautiful daily.

As a professional, you must use quality equipment when applying for eyelash extensions. When buying eyelash extension supplies from FalseEyelashes, you can be sure that the products are superior to off-the-shelf items. We have curated a selection of lash tech supplies and equipment backed by our in-house testing process to ensure they meet the highest wearability, strength, and durability standards.

The Basic Professional Lash Kit

Let’s start with the basics; eyelash tweezers are essential for any lash tech. For the professional lash tech, precision is vital when applying individual lashes. You need a pair of tweezers that can accurately separate even the finest hairs while maintaining grip and stability. Professional Lash Tweezers are designed with a sharp point, making them perfect for precision work.

But tweezers aren’t enough; you also need an eyelash brush to keep the extensions tidy and separated before application. The microfibre lash brush is made from super soft synthetic fibres, which are gentle on the eyes and help reduce eye irritation.

Under-eye gel patches are another essential part of the lash kit, providing comfort for your clients during application and protecting their skin from adhesive residue. The On-Set Under Eye Gel Patches use a unique blend of botanical extracts to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin.

The Full Lash Extension Kit

For a complete, professional lash look, you’ll need all the above items, a lash extension kit and individual lashes of all sizes. The kit contains everything you need to offer a superior eyelash service – from glue to remover, tweezers and brushes, and respective sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3 lashes.

To simplify the process, FalseEyelashes also offers sets of pre-picked individual lash cartridges, which you can use to supplement your kit. The cartridges are conveniently stored in a stylish box that doubles as an eyelash storage case – perfect for the on-the-go life of a lash tech.

Why Buy Professional Products?

If you’re a professional lash technician, you are offering a service and want to ensure that your products are of the highest quality. Off-the-shelf eyelash extensions can be unreliable, with poor adhesive and poor wearability.

Off-the-shelf products can also contain harsh ingredients unsuitable for clients with sensitive eyes and skin. Professional lash tech products have been specifically developed to offer superior results; they have higher concentrations of active ingredients, better wearability and greater strength.

Great products allow you to give fantastic service that your clients will appreciate, which means return business.