Medium False Nails

Looking for medium false nails? We're here for you! If you want false nails that are suitable for day to day wear without being OTT, or barely there, then medium nails are the ones you need. Right here at you can browse an impressive selection of medium false nails by brands including Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss and more.

About Medium False Nails

Social media has set a new standard. When it comes to aesthetics, anything less than perfect can simply not be accepted. We need to bring our beauty and fashion A Game every day. And remember, the camera never lies. OK, not true! The cameras of Instagram frequently lie, with filtered feeds elevating the everyday to an unachievable level. On Instagram, everybody is apparently living their best lives, but the reality is usually a little different.

All that said, people are becoming more and more conscious of the way they look. From hairstyles to hat and sweaters to socks, we are paying more attention to our style choices. And the same can be said for false nails. Did you know that the sales of false nails are at an all-time high? Instagram is a massive deal for nail inspiration and seemingly women are no longer happy to settle for an average French manicure. So if you are looking to add something extra to your appearance, why not try medium false nails?

Rewind the decades and false nail products were limited, with a one size fits all type approach. However, as the appetite for more creative and inclusive false nail products increased, manufacturers have got better at providing more varied nail shapes and sizes, including medium false nails.

The demand for better and more creative nail products has really driven supply. Life is fast, perhaps a little fickle, and people want the opportunity to change their style with the click of a manicured finger. Square nails, oval nails, squoval nails, ballerina nails and medium false nails, whatever your desired style, there is a false nail product to suit.

What are the trends driving the sales of false nail products?

Gold Nails

Lavish and luxurious, gold nails are perfect for evening wear. They add sparkle to your outfit and will match with a range of outfit choices. Whilst gold nails created by a salon technician can be expensive, false nail manufacturers have created a wide range of products featuring gold glitter and flakes. Available in many different sizes, including medium false nails.

Glossy Nails

You have tried and tested all the advice, added zinc into your diet and even tried taking vitamin supplements, but your nails still aren’t up to scratch. Whilst pretty nails could be seen as a frivolous accessory, broken and brittle nails can affect confidence and become a source of anxiety. Thankfully, medium false nails in a glossy finish will save your day and increase self-esteem.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are long, really long. They are the preferred shape of nail for celebs such as Rihanna or Beyoncé. They are powerful, bold, daring… and sometimes really hard to wear day to day. That is why false stiletto nails were invented, so you can have the look you want, without the hassle of maintaining with costly manicures. These type of false nails are also best for adding in artistic designs and embellishments.

Matte Nails

Matte nails have been trending both on the catwalk and social media. Particularly popular in the autumn, matte nails add sophistication to an outfit without being over the top. The problem with matte false nails can be coverage. If you don’t invest in good polish, the look does not work and chips can happen very easily. False matte nails take away these issues, ensuring your look is long-lasting.

Product Focus

If you would like to get onboard with the false nails trend, but don’t want to supersize your fingernails, why not try medium false nails instead. We have listed some of the best brands below, so shop medium false nails today.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails Wake-Up Call

Medium false nails styled with a flat matte, chrome, and glitter finish. This is possibly the chicest false nail product on the market. The medium-sized nail ensures your look remains the right side of sophisticated, whilst the glittery overlay makes this a perfect choice for the party season. To ensure your look is very 2022, accessorise the manicure with a silver stack of rings and silver bracelet. A long-lasting look, wearable for up to seven days.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length Pastel Twist

The French Manicure has recently enjoyed a makeover, replacing white tips with colour or reversing the style with accent colours being created near the cuticle. If you love this look, but your artistic talent is challenged, these medium false nails offer you a little shortcut. The pastel tips work perfectly for parties, holidays, and festivals. The product contains 12 different sizes so the fit looks professional and salon standard.

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Very Cherry

Nail art design is seemingly always trending. On social media there is almost an endless number of posts showcasing branded nails, nails with emojis and nails with waves or swirls. Of course these type of looks take dedication, skill and time, something which we can all be a little short on. These beautiful nails from Elegant Touch solve all those problems, easily. The accent nail is offered with a cutesy cherry detail, ensuring your look is both fun and funky.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Goldfinger

The high gloss finish combined with subtle gold detail presents a demure manicure, easily wearable both day to day or into the evening. Proving less is more, the look is pretty and a unique take on the updated French manicure. The medium-sized false nails make this product easy to wear. Vegan free and cruelty-free, a product which really feels good.