Rainbow False Nails

From full on rainbow false nails, to rainbow tips, we've got them all! If you're looking for a colourful manicure without a visit to the salon, then you can't go wrong with a pack of false nails. We're super happy to stock rainbow false nails by Ardell, Elegant Touch, Nail HQ, W7 and many more big nail brands.

About Rainbow False Nails

Are you onboard with rainbow false nails?

When you can’t pick one colour for your hot new manicure, then it is time to pick them all! Thank goodness for rainbows… your new favourite shade!

We’ve heard all the sayings. “Teardrops are tomorrow's rainbows” or “If you want to see the rainbow, you have to learn to see the rain”. Undoubtedly there is something very magical about rainbows, they are mysterious and often suggest a sense of hope.

Science defines rainbows very clearly. It is simply a result of light passing through water and therefore highlighting all the seven colours of white light. That sounds a bit boring, and it is not the full story.

In England, rain falls more often than we would like, but how often do you actually see a rainbow? Even when the conditions are perfect, the rainbow does not always show up. It’s mystical, it’s magic, and that is probably why we are all a little obsessed with rainbows.

A rainbow has been used as a symbol of hope for many years. We saw this particularly during the pandemic. Across the world it is also a symbol of peace, new beginnings and for good luck. These days it is synonymous with the LGBTQ movement who use colours to reflect the diversity amongst the community.

How do you wear rainbows?

Wearing rainbow clothes or rainbow inspired clothes may seem a little crazy, but the look is popular to show support for Pride Week or even to be worn at festivals - remember that rainbow hair is still a real thing.

Here are some quick tips to get your rainbow on:

  1. The worry for many people looking to sport a sundress or top with a large amount of colour, is just how loud they may appear! The problem is real, however if you mute each colour of the rainbow into a pastel shade, the look becomes all the more wearable for Pride and indeed throughout the summer.
  2. Go for a slogan. Many fashion brands have great sweatshirts with slogans such as Empathy, Acceptance or Love spelt out in the colours of the rainbow. This is a fabulous way to wear the rainbow, show support for Pride, and it won’t break the bank.
  3. The rainbow as a graphic is pictured with harsh lines, defining where one colour stops and a new one starts. In clothing, this can look stark and not very appealing. Ombré prints or even tie-dye soften the look.
  4. Don’t go head to toe. Pick maybe just one item which goes with the rainbow theme, and keep everything else simple.
  5. If you are really enjoying the rainbow trend and want to extend the look into winter, simply opt for items of colours which have deeper hues of each shade.

If you are not convinced that you want full on rainbows on your jumpers, then just nod towards the trend with rainbow false nails.

How to wear a rainbow manicure

Mix It Up

Wearing each nail in a different colour has been popular for quite some time. If you have not yet had the guts to try it, wear it for festival fun or during Pride. Go the full on spectrum or choose to work with just your favourite shades. The decision is all yours.

Rainbow Tipped

If you like a nude nail, this is the look for you. Paint your favourite shades of the rainbow along the tips of the nail for a truly striking finish. And if your artistic skills need a little brushing up, then why not opt for rainbow false nails instead.

Look Fierce

Animal print flecked with all the colours of the rainbow. Could this be the fiercest mash up to date? If you dare to wear, you are guaranteed to be seen.

Glitter Rainbow

Festivals present a time of the year to get silly with styling. Anything goes, and there is no such thing as too much. A glittery rainbow manicure at any other time of the year may seem questionable, but for your chosen summer festival… why would you not?

Which rainbow false nail product will you buy?

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Oval Medium Length - Tip Top

Do you have younger girls in your household who are just starting to have fun with makeup and fashion? If so, these playful nails from Elegant Touch are a great way to kickstart their style choices. The nails are basically a twisted French manicure, with a nude base finished with tips in blue, pink, and yellow. Great for parties and festivals, the medium length looks grown up without being too long. Easy to apply and easy to wear.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict French False Nails - Rainbow French

This is a really clever product and an increasingly popular choice. The statistics read like many other rainbow false nail products on the market. Short in length, French manicure twisted with colour, square shaped and long-lasting. However, it is the shade of the colours which really makes this a stand-out product for 2022. It takes inspiration from the most modern hues we have been seeing on the catwalk, from zesty yellow, hot pinks and cobalt blue. This shows you have your fingers on the pulse of fashion.

Nail HQ False Nails Long Coffin

The rainbow was adopted by the LGBT movement because it promotes diversity and highlights our individuality. And these long coffin shaped nails allow you to create a mash-up of rainbow colours to suit your individual style. Style one hand with just green and yellow, and the other with pink and blue. The decision is all yours.

However, you choose to wear your rainbow false nails this summer, have a great time. And remember, if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow… why oh why can’t you?