White False Nails

Elegant, chic and ice cool to look at - somehow, white false nails are real head turners. We're pleased to stock a curated range of white nails by some of the very biggest nail brands in the business - including Invogue, Nail HQ and W7. Scroll down now and choose from the best white false nails.

About White False Nails

Should I wear white? White false nails are what your summer manicure should be all about!

Wearing white is usually a big decision. The problem is that your carefully curated all white ensembles can easily be ruined by so many day to day normalities such as tea, coffee, red wine… strawberries! However, when the sun is shining and your tan is really starting to progress, the temptation is real. And now you can add white false nails into your mix.

Is white ever out of fashion?

As a colour, white evokes the idea of simplicity, purity, and freshness. It is the most truthful colour and can illuminate our lives. Perhaps that is why so many gravitate towards white, especially in the warmer months. And whilst white is seemingly always in fashion, for summer 2022 there are a few key ways to wear it.

  1. Are you ready to sport a new look? This year, Wimbledon whites are trending. That’s right, pair a basic tennis skirt with sleeveless knits, layered with additional jumpers or jackets for cooler days. Complete with basic white trainers and socks, accessorise with gold.
  2. Milk maid blouses are on the hottest Instagram pages this year. Pair with tailored and high-waisted trousers to ensure the look is not too flouncy.
  3. When wearing an all white ensemble, you automatically emit a sense of affluence and prosperity. So you can afford to keep it really simple with a white shirt and white jeans. Accessorise with tan or bold blue hues to elevate the look further.
  4. Are you heading to the beach? White is an obvious poolside perennial and for 2022, bikinis and swimsuits are partnered with oversized white shirts.
  5. And finally, if you are not ready to wear any of the above trends, why not try out a white false nail.

How should I style my white false nails?

Like most false nails available on the market, white false nails come in many different shapes and sizes. Shade is possibly the biggest consideration when you are opting for a new manicure. So here are a few tips.

  1. Crisp white, dazzling white, pure white… call it what you will, the shade is a universal look. It is obviously a winner during summer months, but also works well during winter to brighten those greyer days.
  2. Creamy white. Less stark than other shades, creamy white nails soften your overall appearance and can be striking, whilst sophisticated. This shade lends itself perfectly to chromatic nail art, specifically in gold.
  3. Frosty white. Ideal for the Christmas season, shimmery white nails are the perfect way to add sparkle without going full on festive. Some brands offer frosty white shades twisted with pastels, great for those who like to be a little extra.

Product Focus For White False Nails

Nail HQ False Nails Square White

A massive benefit of white false nails is the elimination of streaks. Depending on your chosen nail polish brand, getting a completely opaque finish can prove challenging. However, these false nails from nail HQ eliminate that issue and ensure your look is professionally flawless. This product provides you with 24 nails in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Vegan friendly.

Invoke False Nails Square Medium Length Classic White

So here is the classic one, square, and medium in length, perfect holiday nails for poolside appeal. The finish is glossy, and the overall appearance is natural.

Elegant Touch False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - White Out

Are you the type of person who fully commits to a trend, if so, these are the white false nails for you? They are stiletto shaped and with a glossy finish. The product is long-lasting and can be worn for up to ten days, making them perfect for holidays in the sun. Your purchase includes 24 false nails and glue.

Do white false nails look good on brides?

White wedding dresses are still very much the go-to colour for brides, after all, it is tradition. So why not colour coordinate your nails? Your hands and therefore your nails play a big part in your big day, so make sure your nails are looking tip-top. See a few inspirational ideas below.

Christmas Bride

Are you having a wonderfully white wedding at Christmas? Christmas brides can afford to be extra sparkly when it comes to their nail choices. White false nail products can be a great base to start with and enable you to overlay decals such as flowers and lace. Take care not to over style each nail, less is more type approach works perfectly.

Boho Bride

Barefoot, Bohemian brides, so free, so beautiful. Boho type weddings have a massive focus on celebrating what nature gives us, wild flowers, warming fires and beautiful sunsets. And speaking of the sun, why not twist your white manicure with a little gold glitter for a look which is dramatic but completely in tune with the vibe of your wedding. Opt for a reverse French manicure or perhaps go completely golden on alternate nails.

Black and White

Black and white wedding nails can be a bold choice for those seeking out some drama, however you can really use this combination to suit your own style choices. For those who dare, choose a premium white false nail product and consider mixing it up with intermittent black false nails. If you require a more demure styling, then white false nails overlayed with discreet black embellishments will nod towards the trend, without overpowering your look.