Semi Permanent Lashes Best Practises

Lash Hygiene, Health & Safety

The secret to a long lasting career within the lash industry, is having a good understanding of the importance of hygiene, health and safety. Within this course we will discuss these 3 areas and the importance of them in order for you to achieve the best and safest results possible from your lash applications. From the second your client walks through your doors, these 3 different factors are crucial.

Will Eyelash Extensions Ruin My Eyelashes?

Although lash extensions are safe, and a great alternative to strip lashes and the use of mascara, like everything, there are some forms of risk involved. This is why one of the most common questions within lashes is ‘will eyelash extensions ruin my eyelashes?’.

When applied safely and correctly by a fully trained lash technician, your natural lashes should not be damaged by lash extensions and following some basic and easy guidelines will help you prevent this from ever occurring.

The Importance of Patch Testing

Firstly, the client should always be offered a patch test at least 48 hrs before their lash appointment. Although recent studies ( have shown that patch tests aren't as accurate as experts initially thought, the decision should be down to the client and their personal preference. To complete a safe and standard patch test, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a thin layer of lash extension adhesive behind your client’s ear - this is an effective area to test as the skin there is sensitive but the area is fairly hidden.
  2. Allow the adhesive to dry before your client leaves.
  3. Alternatively, you can apply a couple of eyelash extensions to the outer edge of your client’s eye to test the adhesive.
  4. Once either of the above steps have been taken, you then need to ensure your client doesn’t suffer from any redness, swelling or itching as this is classed as a reaction and will mean the treatment is unable to go ahead.
Consent and Consultation Forms

Once this is completed, it is important that the client completes a consent form and consultation form. These forms are extremely important as they require vital information from your client that will determine if they are suitable for eyelash extensions.

For example, a standard consultation form will ask questions about allergies, skin conditions, pregnancy, and hay fever, along with any other conditions the lash artist needs to be made aware of. This is standard procedure for any eyelash appointment, whether it be classic lash extensions, hybrids or russians.

Some lash artists like to make their own consultation forms, whilst others prefer to purchase these forms from their chosen lash brands. Most brands will sell these, along with treatment records forms. These files allow you to keep a record of the lashes used, the length, thickness and curl, as well as any notes you require.

Finally you can also purchase patch test consultation forms. These forms give your clients the option to opt out of a patch test if they wish, and also provide relevant information about the science and reasoning behind patch tests.

Since the patch test consultation forms have been an option, more clients have opted out due to ( that states a patch test will NOT give the full exposure the same way a full set of eyelashes would, therefore indicating that patch tests aren't as accurate as they initially thought.

As well as this, new studies have shown that sensitivity to eyelash extensions is built up over time, this is because you are exposed to the lash glue more and more, each time you have your eyelashes done, so reactions are more likely to occur over a longer period of time.

We always recommend double checking with your insurance company and their guidelines regarding patch tests, and following their instructions accordingly.

Tool Sanitising and Cleanliness

It is extremely important to keep your tools fully sanitised at all times, there are a number of different methods you can use in order to maintain clean and safe tweezers, which only require a few different items, at a small cost. Before you begin your eyelash appointment, you will need to fully disinfect your tweezers/tools.

  • Firstly we recommend wiping away any visible dirt from your tweezers with a clean cloth and water (you will be surprised at what a damp cloth and a little elbow grease will remove)
  • Then you will then need to soak your tweezers for a minimum of 10 minutes in the barbicide, any less that this won't fully sanitise your tweezers. The measurements that are recommended to follow are 2oz of barbicide with 32oz cold water. Remember to be gentle when placing your tweezers in the jar as they have to go tips facing down in order to have them fully sanitised.
  • The next step is down to your personal preference. Some lash artists prefer to remove their tweezers after the 10 minutes, letting them air dry and then putting them in a safe and contained space, whilst other lash artists prefer to keep their tweezers in the jar of barbicide in between clients. Either option is fine, as it’s down to personal preference.
Preparing For Your Lash Appointment

Preparing for your client is an important element when it comes to hygiene, health and safety. Below are some key factors in making sure you and your surroundings are fully prepped and ready for your clients.

Firstly, it’s essential to keep your treatment bed clean and suitable for each and every client. To do this we recommend to:

  • Layer the bed with towels, followed by a clean couch roll, which will be replaced for each client. The towels don’t need to be replaced for each client.
  • Secondly it’s important to be able to dispose of your waste without touching the bin itself during the procedure, a non hand operated bin is best. These are very cost effective and are also more visually appealing.
  • Whilst you are preparing for your client, your tweezers should be in the process of being sanitised. We recommend preparing the micro wands ready for priming the eyelashes at this point and then arranging the under eye gel pads or micro tape, and not before to ensure no dirt/bacteria gets into them.
  • These are all one use items only, and should be disposed of after they have been on your clients eyes. The same goes for the use of the disposable lash wands, after you're done with them, they should be given to your client to use to brush their lashes morning and night.
How to minimise irritation and sensitivity for your client

Reducing the irritation after the eyelash application is just as important as the previous steps, you want to ensure you have done everything possible to reduce the sensitivity within your clients eyes, by following a few simple steps regarding their health and safety.


Firstly it’s important your client continues to keep their eyes closed until you are happy for them to open. Once you have completed applying the eyelashes, and they under eye pads are removed its best to keep your client updated, reminding them to keep their eyes closed until further instructed.

If your client opens their eyes, they are exposed to the fumes making it highly likely that their eyes will water causing the glue to weaken and causing the clients eyes to sting and become uncomfortable. We recommended dimming the lights and turning any ring lights off to help with the sensitivity.


Secondly it’s necessary to create ventilation! This can be done in a number of ways, opening a door, a window, turning a fan on, alternatively you can use a ‘blower’ These come in both a manual form and an electronic form, they simply blow on the lashes and create better air circulation, these range in price from anything between £5-£100.

A tip is to trial a cheaper one first as some lash techs prefer to use other options. Once you feel the room is suitable for your client to open their eyes, a key factor is to brush through their lashes, making sure all eyelash fans are open and not mended together from any watery eyes (if the lashes are hybrids or Russians).

After your client has seen their lashes and is satisfied, it's necessary to give your clients a card stating on how to properly care and maintain their eyelash extensions. It is a great idea rather than just informing them, as most clients forget!

These cards can be purchased, alternately below is one made by that is printable! Giving your clients everything they need to know in order to have long lasting, full falsies!