Lashes & Lenses: How to Wear False Eyelashes with Glasses


How to Wear False Eyelashes with Glasses. Applying false eyelashes can be a battle at the best of times, but if you are a fellow glasses wearer you will understand the daily dilemma faced between wanting to feel glamorous with falsies on, versus the struggle to find the perfect pair that will not look squashed or out of place behind your frames. This post is to tell you that there is a false lash life after glasses and you no longer have to live in fear of the prospect!

lashes and lenses

lashes with lenses

Applying false eyelashes with glasses can be done

Let us begin by saying the majority of our lashes are deemed to be contact lens friendly so if you are a glasses wearer with a penchant for contacts lenses don’t feel that wearing lashes will irritate your eyes.

Top Tips for Glasses Wearers

  • Apply one coat of mascara to your natural lashes before applying your falsies. This will minimise the risk of creating pesky mascara stains on your lenses and will also help your falsies to last longer. If you do feel the urge to apply mascara to your false lashes wait until completely dry before wearing your glasses.
  • If you need to wear your glasses whilst applying the glue to your lashes, perch them on the end of your nose. This way you can easily look down through them when applying your adhesive and they are still out of your way when applying the lashes.
  • If you have chosen lashes that are a little too long and they are hitting your lenses, gently curl the lashes to naturally help them move back from your glasses.

Sit back and be enlightened by five varieties of false eyelashes and some top tips to make your life a little easier. 

  1. Pre- Glued Lashes

Do you struggle to navigate between sizing up your lashes, applying the glue, the awkward attempt to apply your lashes and wearing your glasses at the same time? If you answered yes, pre-glued are for you. This style of lash allows you the joy of cutting out the messiest part of falsie application and means if you don’t get the fit right the first time, there is no hassle of cleaning the glue from your lids and trying to rescue your lashes for another attempt. Pre-glued also minimises the time you hold the lashes to your lid because let’s face it hovering around the eye with a pair of tweezers has never been our favourite idea! Did you know… Some of the most popular styles of strip lashes now come in pre-glued. 

  1. Accent Lashes

The accent lash has long been a firm favourite among the community and they are perfect additions to any make-up bag. Applied to just the outer corners of your lashes, you can make your lash look as natural or dramatic as you choose without being restricted by your lenses. Your eyes will look flawless throughout the day and long after you’re enjoying a well-earned catch up with the girls. Did you know…Ardell stock a fantastic range of accent lashes in different thicknesses and styles or for a super easy life try Eylure’s pre-glued corner lashes.

  1. Short Individual Lashes

If you are looking for lashes that will help you achieve a fuller lash look whilst avoiding the commitment and hassle of a strip lash, why not try out some individual lashes? The thought of applying individuals may seem a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be. We aren’t suggesting a full set of individuals every morning but they do allow you the freedom of filling in the spaces in your natural lashes and the ability to create your own style. The shorter style of individual lash will also minimise the tell-tale sign of wearing falsies by avoiding the squashed effect of the lashes behind your lenses. Did you know… We stock different styles and colours of individual lashes as well as individual and multipacks.

  1. Strip Lashes

If you are new to the world of false eyelashes or just not too savvy with the styles on offer, you may not be aware that a lot of the leading brands create different lengths of strip lashes. We regularly see different thicknesses and styles but it is less obvious that the choice of different lengths is readily available to you. The shorter style of strip lashes, just like the individuals, will allow you to wear them comfortably behind glasses whether it’s for work or pleasure. Did you know… Red Cherry 747S Primrose is a popular choice for shorter strip lashes.

  1. Fine Blend Lashes

There are lots of finer blend strip lashes available to you in a variety of styles to suit your creativity and personality. If you want to wear lashes whilst creating a “no false lashes, lash look” these are for you. You can find a variety of finer blend lashes to help with length, volume and style without restricting your creativity. Did you know… We stock Eylure’s popular Ultra Natural strip lash fine blended lashes.


There are lots of gorgeous lashes available to suit everyone’s needs and we hope you have enjoyed our top tips and information as well as discovering some new options open to you. If you're still struggling on applying false eyelashes, read our handy guide hereThere IS a lash life after glasses and now you have the knowledge and power to live it! 

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