Strip lashes versus individual lashes


Strip lashes versus individual lashes. What's the difference? There are many different pros and cons to strip and individual lashes and they all depend on what you want and how you want to wear them. Are you preparing for an important meeting at work, or even an interview? Or even going out to town? In this instance if you want something that's easy to apply then strip lashes are probably the better option.

There are so many different options out there to help you achieve the look you want: Long, short, brown or black, full or natural looking; strip lashes will enhance your eye make-up enormously. There are currently human and synthetic hair fibres strip lashes available - both of which give a natural look and feel.


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Individual Lashes

Individual lashes, many claim, are harder to apply; some even get them applied by technicians as they find it too hard to do at home. Individual lashes are great for those with a bit of experience applying false lashes, and those who want a subtle look. They are ideal if you have naturally sparse or thin lashes if you're trying to make them look a bit fuller. However, individual lashes are also brilliant for those with quite full natural lashes who want to add a feline flick at the outer corners with one or two long individual lashes.

In terms of which is better, the individual lashes do give a more natural look compared to the strip lashes, however if the look you’re going for is not natural or subtle then strips are much better. For everyday use strip lashes are sometimes too thick and fake looking if not applied properly, or if you've picked heavy fluttery lashes that don't really suit you. The benefit of both is that they are reusable if taken care of and removed carefully after use.

In conclusion: For a beginner, strip lashes are probably the way forward, however you should choose carefully your lashes according to when and where you will be wearing them and how comfortable you feel in them. Individual lashes are in turn, cheap alternatives to expensive eyelash extensions, for a subtle daytime look to accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes.