Best Eyelash Extension Cleansers for Your False Eyelashes

Why spend a fortune on your false eyelashes if you're not going to look after them? Eyelash extension cleansers are specially formulated to clean and protect your eyelash extensions, ensuring they look fabulous for longer.

We've got a great selection of eyelash extension shampoos, cleansers, and brushes to suit all budgets - so you can keep your lashes looking fabulous.

You might ask - what's so special about eyelash extension cleanser or shampoo instead of plain old makeup remover?

Well, eyelash extension cleansers are designed to break down the build-up of oils and makeup that can accumulate on your eyelash extensions without damaging the delicate bond between your natural and false lashes.

Eyelash shampoos are a little stronger and shouldn't be used every day, but they are helpful if your extensions have been partyfied and are full of heavy makeup or makeup residue.

Cleansers and shampoos usually come in two forms: a liquid eyelash extension cleanser or a foaming one. We like both but slightly prefer the foaming as they are slightly gentler on your eyelashes and less likely to irritate, especially if you have sensitive skin or easily irritated eyes.

What's the difference between eyelash cleanser and eyelash shampoo?

Well, eyelash shampoos are generally more intense cleansers you should use only a couple of times a week. Use them to deep clean your eyelash extensions and remove any build-up of products or oils.

It also depends on whether your lashes have been applied at home or the salon. If at the salon, the glue they use is more potent and requires a stronger cleanser, especially if you're going for a home in-fill session.

We recommend using an eyelash extension cleanser every day and an eyelash shampoo 2-3 times a week, depending on how much makeup you wear and how often you touch your face throughout the day.

If you're looking for an everyday eyelash extension cleanser, we love the Eylure Lash Foam Cleanser. This gentle foaming cleanser is designed to break down oils and makeup without damaging your eyelashes. Check out our selection of great eyelash cleaning kits.

How should I use my eyelash extension cleanser?

Take off all your makeup with a good makeup remover, then pump a small amount of cleanser onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your eyelashes from root to tip. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth (without lint or fluff) or cool air from your hairdryer.

We love the following cleansers and would love you to try them.

The best false eyelash extension cleanser

  1. Eylure Lash Foam Cleanser
  2. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser
  3. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water
  4. Eyelash Emporium Off-Camera Lash Set
  5. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

How should I use the eyelash shampoo?

Eyelash shampoo is different from eyelash extension cleanser in that it's designed to be more thorough. False eyelash shampoo is used several times weekly to clean your eyelashes and remove product or oil build-up thoroughly.

Wet a cotton pad with warm water and pump a small amount of shampoo onto the pad. Gently wipe your eyelashes from root to tip, ensuring you don't get any into your eyes.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth (again, no lint or fluff). You can also use a fan or your hair dryer.

Here are our top picks for false eyelash shampoo that we want you to try.

The best eyelash shampoo for false eyelashes

  1. Expert lashes Foam and Face Shampoo
  2. Stacey Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo
  3. Melao Lash Shampoo
  4. We Love Eyes Shampoo
  5. Lyon Lash Extension Shampoo

Best Cleansers for Your Magnetic Lashes

Eyelash Shampoo

It's not just your false eyelash extensions that need love. It's all your falsies, especially if you're a fan of magnetic false eyelashes. The magnetic liner is so good at keeping the strip lash in place, but when it comes to removing the liner, you will need to choose an excellent eyelash cleanser or shampoo.

We love the Eyelash Emporium Retake Studio Cleanser for this, as it's gentle enough to use every day and will remove all traces of eyeliner without damaging your falsies.

If you're looking for an eyelash extension cleanser that doubles as an eyelash shampoo, try the Aurelia Conditioning Lash and Eye Cleanser. This cult classic is made with a blend of five different skin conditioners (including rose otto) and can be used on your face and eyelashes. It's also safe to use on sensitive skin.

Now you know what false eyelash cleansers or shampoo to use, let's look at a detailed blog about how to clean your false lashes, then check out what else you need.

Tricks and tools of the fake eyelash trade

So you're standing in your bedroom, looking in your mirror, ready to get your glam on. Much like a surgeon prepared to operate, you need all your tools laid out and ready. So what tools do you need?

Set these out before you try and grab some paper kitchen towel or a clean cloth. Make sure you wash your hands, and you're ready to rumble.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for false eyelashes - starting with wet look lashes and moving to hybrid ones and then to classic ones.

  1. Ardell Wet Look Lashes Black 114
  2. House of Lashes Iconic Lite
  3. Eylure Fluttery Lite 117
  4. Eyelash Heaven Luxe Faux Mink Lashes in style Bambi
  5. Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lash in Miami
  6. Ardell Professional Natural Multipack Demi Wispies
  7. KISS Looks So Natural Lashes in style Accent 004
  8. House of Lashes Boudoir Lash
  9. Sephora Collection False Eyelashes in Glamour Punks
  10. Ardell Dura Lash Flare Individual

If you're going down the magnetic strip lash route, here are our top five liners that get the job done.

  1. Ardell Magnetic Gel Liner
  2. Eylure Magnetise Magnetic Eyeliner
  3. Lash Bloom Naturals Magnetic Eyeliner
  4. Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Eyeliner
  5. Lola’s Lashes Magnetic liner

And if you're a fan of individual lashes, then you need the best lash glue to keep them in place all day and night. Here are our top four favourites:

  1. Duo Striplash Adhesive
  2. House of Lashes Bondage Clear Eyelash Adhesive
  3. Ardell Professional Brush-On Striplash Adhesive
  4. Blinkbar Premium Lash Glue

Lash applicators are vital - here are our favourite top three:

  1. Eylure The Eyelash Applicator
  2. Ardell Lash Delux Applicator Tool
  3. Eyelash Applicator

Next on the list are our top five recommendations for tweezers and scissors:

  1. Marvel X Eyelash Tweezers
  2. Eyelash Emporium Professional Eyelash Tweezers
  3. KISS I Envy Eyelash Tweezers
  4. Lola’s Lashes Three-Step Bundle
  5. Rubis Switzerland Precision Eyelash Scissors

And last but not least, you need a good eyelash curler to really make your lashes pop. We love these five:

  1. House of Lashes Aid Curler
  2. Surratt Beauty Relevée Eyelash Curler
  3. Shiseido Eyelash Curler
  4. Sephora Collection Classic Eyelash Curler
  5. Lilly Lashes Matt Black Eyelash Curler

And to finish off your look, don't forget mascara! Here are our top five picks:

  1. Rimmel Volume Shake
  2. Ardell Beauty - Top and Bottom Precision
  3. Lilly Lashes XXX Mascara
  4. Max Factor Rise and Shine

Our team has tried and tested every product, but we always love to know what you think. Read this blog if you’re a Lilly Lash Fan for more info on Lilly’s best lashes.

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